The Bill to Ban GMO Labeling Has Just Been Reintroduced

The Bill to Ban GMO Labeling Has Just Been Reintroduced

Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) just reintroduced another ridiculous bill, the so-called “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act” (H.R. 1599). If it passes, it will mean states can no longer pass GMO labeling bills. It would also prohibit states or counties from banning or regulating GMOs in any way.

This bill would essentially completely reverse all the progress made in Oregon, Maui, and Vermont to eradicate GMOs from our food supply. In a blatant power grab through another errand boy for biotech, Pompeo has introduced a bill which would completely undue democracy in regard to our food supply.

It would mean that you have NO CHOICE about eating foods doused with herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, tinkered with to contain Bt toxins, and ‘kill-switch’ genes, and whatever other dark, devilish designs on our food biotech decides to envision.

The only way you’d be able to knowingly avoid foods containing genetically modified ingredients is by purchasing foods from companies which choose to voluntarily label their food products. This is what the USDA and Pompeo are trying to push forward, so that mandatory GMO labeling is buried deep.

Mike Pompeo is aligned with biotech, and has gone on record stating that “we need biotech foods to feed the world.” He has the gall to state that “agricultural inventions” like GM seed have “saved billions from starvation.”

Countless studies prove we have MORE than enough food to feed the world already – without GM foods which potentially cause cancer, liver failure, and reproductive issues, just to name a few worries.

We already produce 17 percent more food per person than we did 30 years ago. The reason billions of people go hungry is due to poverty and greed, not the absence of poisoning biotech crops. Greed – just like Pompeo’s. You can be sure his views will hang out to dry if public tribunals over GM crops ever occur.

Sign the Food Democracy Now petition against Pompeo’s bill, here. And if you haven’t already, sign our very own petition which is meant to send a message to the USDA to hold the organization accountable for successfully and properly providing a GMO labeling seal food producers can use at a reasonable cost.