Busy Schedule? How to Exercise in 15 Minutes Without Cutting the Benefits

Busy Schedule? How to Exercise in 15 Minutes Without Cutting the Benefits

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In our society, the need for physical labor is diminished due to a more psychologically and emotionally demanding lifestyle. This increases your risk for adverse health risks, as your busy schedule may leave little room for exercise. The good news is that quality exercise can be performed in as little as 15 minutes, and it can actually be much more effective than slaving away at the gym for hours.

The Powerful Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has become universally known for its beneficial properties and speedy completion. While at first scrutinized by health professionals, HIIT is now recommended by a large number of fitness experts across the globe. A number of peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of HIIT, which health advocates are now beginning to realize. The largest perk? It can save you hours in the gym.

If the time saving characteristics aren’t enough, studies have shown that HIIT continues to burn fat for roughly 24 hours afterwards. HIIT is a great option if you are seeking an exercise routine that is the most effective and least time consuming. In fact, a lack of exercise could be upping your risk of serious disease.

Try the following beginner’s HIIT cardio workout and see how it works for you:

  • Walk at a slow and steady pace for 1 minute
  • Run for 1 minute
  • Walk at a slow and steady pace for 2 minutes
  • Run for 1 minute
  • Repeat
For more detailed instructions, check out the HIIT infographic with all of the specifics.

Lack of exercise contributes to all forms of unwellness. Those who move less, do less, and walk less are all more likely to have significant health difficulties in their lifetime. The high time constraints of our daily routines, along with a lack of physical exertion within them, actually combine to create a greater need for regular exercise. In addition, the stress that builds up as a result of the daily grind is also damaging to your health. Luckily, exercise is a great method of melting away this stress.

A CDC report conducted in 2009 stated that from their results, 50% of men, and 60% of women did not engage in vigorous leisure-time physical activity lasting for more than 10 minutes. The percentages of inactive adults increased with the subsequent increase in the frequency of exercise, meaning even less people conducted exercise multiple times on a consistent weekly basis.

Regular exercise habits have been found promote healthy joints, lower blood pressure, reduce risk your for a host of diseases, strengthen bones and relieve chronic pain. The health benefits of consistent and varied exercise alone can weed out a number of growing health concerns, and serve as a preventative measure against all forms of affliction. In fact, just 10-15 minutes of exercise per day can make a real difference and boost your lifespan.

Once you begin to actively change your behaviors, you can expect to not only enter into a regular exercise routine, but to thoroughly enjoy your new fitness regimen. You may say that your schedule is too demanding, but in just 15 minutes you can still gain the benefits of a full-length exercise routine. Before you know it, you will be looking for extra time to devote to the practice. Take the initiative by creating a healthy exercise environment and embracing the responsibility of maintaining your physical health.