15 Minutes of Exercise can Increase Your Lifespan by 3 Years

15 Minutes of Exercise can Increase Your Lifespan by 3 Years

Natural Society

A new study including several hundred thousand participants has found that just 15 minutes per day of exercise can extend your lifespan by up to 3 years. The study, published in the journal Lancet, highlights the extreme benefits of a natural health lifestyle.

If only 15 minutes per day of physical exercise can add an extra 3 years to your life, imagine what a powerful fitness routine partnered with optimum nutrition can do. Well, the study gives us a little glimpse into the possibilities. Every additional 15 minutes of exercise beyond the original 15 minutes per day actually reduced mortality rates by 4 percent. That means an overall chance of death, not just from a specific disease. As for specific diseases, each additional 15 minutes reduces your chances of dying from cancer by 1 percent. Best of all, the benefits extended to all age groups and both sexes.

It’s really simple to add years to your lifespan and enhance your overall quality of life by implementing a quality fitness routine into your daily lifestyle. Taking it a step further and consuming a nutrient-dense diet alongside such a fitness routine, and you will be extending your life and feeling the benefits of optimum health.