Benefits of Fasting

Benefits of Fasting

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The mere mentioning of the word fasting may immediately trigger unpleasant ideas to cultivate. You may also think that fasting is no more than just depriving yourself of delicious food, however, if you discover the benefits of fasting then you may just realize how your overall health can be positively changed. Contrary to the common misconception that fasting equates to deprivation, fasting can actually be a treat for your mind and body.

Benefits of Fasting

Acting as an incredible way to detoxify your body, fasting can be seen as an overhaul for your system. As we perform day-to-day activities and engage in a ‘normal’, chemical-heavy diet, many unhealthy food additives and processed ingredients are attacking our internal systems. Over time, all these toxins accumulate and trigger various health issues. With fasting, you can cleanse your body and internal system of unwanted toxins, making the benefits of fasting potentially amazing.

On the first stage of fasting, some changes may occur concerning your body’s odor, usually emanating from the mouth. The first few days of fasting triggers waste to flow through the blood so that it is able to be expelled by the body. With proper cleansing, the excess body fat, diseased or sick cells, and even mucous can be flushed out of the body.

Detoxification through fasting will improve your digestive system so you can prevent gastrointestinal diseases and enhance overall wellness. After all, gut health has been repeatedly linked to a host of health ailments as well as disease prevention. Aside from that, fasting also heightens the health of the liver and kidneys. Once the toxins within the bloodstream are eliminated, blood circulation becomes much easier as well.

To add to the benefits of fasting, this practice can also be a great way to help those suffering from addiction, effectively putting an end to smoking, alcohol drinking, and other vices. The first few days of fasting may be difficult since the body has to adjust to the lack of alcohol or nicotine, but fighting cravings may become much easier once everything has been pushed out of your system.

To start off, try a juice fast for a 3-7 days (or even start with a single day). One man, Joe Cross, even made a film about his 60-day juice fasting journey – check out a Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead review. Through this journey, he shed fat, conquered his disease, and improved his total health. By day 49, Cross lost 67 pounds, his HDL cholesterol fell to 135 from 204, his LDL cholesterol fell to 86 from 132, and he was down to 3.5mg from 15mg of his Prednisone. This is one example of how the benefits of fasting can be intertwined with the powers of juicing.

Fasting could be the detoxification process you’re looking for!