Taking this Vitamin Reduces the Risk of Dementia

Taking this Vitamin Reduces the Risk of Dementia
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Whether it be during the younger years of your life or later down the road, no one wants to experience memory loss or dementia. But one of the main causes of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, is being experienced far and wide as people reach later years in their lives. In 2009 it was estimated that 24 million people globally were living with some form of dementia. But don’t turn to your doctor just yet with worries about the future, as natural solutions like vitamin B has been proven effective to protect your brain against cognitive decline.

Vitamin B Proven Effective Against Dementia

A study was recently conducted at Oxford University, where 250 participants were given vitamin B to see its effects on brain function. The researchers found that taking the food supplement helped in mental processes pertaining to organization, planning, memory recall. Earlier studies only compliment these findings, with vitamin B being found to actually halve the rate of brain shrinkage – a physical symptom connected with dementia and memory loss in older individuals. These earlier findings have been deemed potentially revolutionary when it comes to the treatment of disease.

Of course there a number of different natural and safe solutions for warding off dementia other than vitamin B consumption. Having relationships and being highly social is just one of the many solutions for dementia. An earlier study, which followed 1,138 people for an average of five years, found that highly social individuals actually had a 70% reduction in the rate of cognitive decline.

The truth is that an overall healthy lifestyle is the master key for keeping healthy and avoiding declining brain function. Being overweight or even having diabetes can increase your chance for dementia, proving that living an unhealthy lifestyle can trigger a domino effect leading to more unwanted problems. If you want to avoid dementia, increase physical activity levels, take B vitamins, and raise your health goals to the next level.