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World Leaders Denounce Monsanto Exec Winning World Food Prize

Elizabeth Renter
July 3rd, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 8:04 pm
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trophy prize 263x164 World Leaders Denounce Monsanto Exec Winning World Food PrizeLast month, Monsanto executive Robert Fraley received the World Food Prize. This highly esteemed prize, considered among many to be the “Nobel Prize” of food, was given to the chief technology officer of the chemical company who is ironically working to diabolically destroy agriculture as we know it. As Anthony Gucciardi puts it, the “blatant act of transgression” isn’t only obvious to those of us in the natural health world, but to scientists, and food and agricultural advocates around the world as well.

In response to the award (and two other highly questionable World Food Prize awards), 81 Councillors of the World Future Council penned a statement blasting the World Food Prize. These dignitaries are described as “a network of global luminaries who ‘form a voice for the rights of future generations’.” The statement also included names of Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award, or the “Alternative Nobel”. In other words, the statement was written by some esteemed and globally recognized folks—people you don’t necessarily want on your bad side.

In their statement, published in its entirety on Huffington Post, the Council says this year’s World Food Prize recipient “betrays the award’s own mandate to emphasize ‘the importance of a nutritious and sustainable food supply for all people’.” They call out Monsanto Exec Fraley and say he and the other two award recipients played crucial parts in the development of genetically modified organisms which threaten the global food system.

“Almost twenty years after commercialization of the first GMO seeds, by far the most widely used are not engineered to enhance nutrient content, but to produce a specific pesticide or to resist a proprietary herbicide, or a combination of these traits. Even in reducing weeds, the technology is failing, for it has led to herbicide-resistant “super weeds” now appearing on nearly half of American farms,” the Huffington Post reports.

The statement goes on to blast GMOs for perpetuating an unhealthy dependence on fossil fuels and minerals as well as water waste. They point out that although the award is designed to commend those behind nutritious and sustainable food practices, Monsanto’s GMOs actually do the opposite, taxing the environment far more than organically grown crops.

The claims by Monsanto and others who support GMOs are that these franken-seeds can help solve world hunger. But, as the Council points out, these seeds are largely used to produce crops for livestock feed, processed foods, and fuel, not to feed the hungry.

In addition, they write that the practices by these companies in getting farmers to subscribe to their devastating philosophy is making it even more difficult for such farmers to make a living. In India, for example, 270,000 farmers committed suicide between 1995 and 2012 to get out from under debt accumulated by purchasing these high-dollar seeds and chemicals.

In closing, they write:

The choice of the 2013 World Food Prize is an affront to the growing international consensus on safe, ecological farming practices that have been scientifically proven to promote nutrition and sustainability. Many governments have rejected GMOs, and as many as two million citizens in 52 countries recently marched in opposition to GMOs and Monsanto. In living democracies, discounting this knowledge and these many voices is not acceptable.

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  • john649

    HaHa!!! Wouldn’t be surprised, its work for the USDA!

  • john649

    yes, I read that too. Bribes by Monsanto seem to be working. Thats and aggressive intimidation by others that are bribed!

  • David Miller

    If President Obama can be awarded an ‘undeserved’ Nobel Peace Prize, then surely Robert Fraley qualifies for an ‘undeserved’ World Food Prize.

    • john649

      uggghhhh, I hate it when people can’t write an intelligent comment so they post their own hatred instead.

      • David Miller

        Seems that’s exactly what you’ve done, and I stand by my comment.
        Tell me what Pres Obama has done to deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

        • john649

          still posted arrogant hatred.

  • clyde scalf

    Being proactive is the primary first defense in not allowing Monsanto to get a foot hold. The farmers who grow these GMO seeds sell them to a manufactures such as General Mills. Writing to Monsanto will back fire on you.
    On all boxes or bags of cereals is a telephone number to call with questions or comments. Write these down and on a nice day while your relaxing call each and everyone of these numbers and ask the question. Do you use GMO seeds or grains in the product I am consuming? Be very polite as the individual answering the phone is just like you and I. Ask to leave your address and phone number so that management can respond.
    A million phone calls to Monsanto will get you nowhere but a single call to the manufacture of your food and the threat of not buying these products in the future will give them call to reflect on how they conduct business.

  • Lois

    This goes on and on and on, it will never end. All these organizations that want donations should be stopped they don't make an inch of progress. Why don't some very intelligent scientists or people really in the know about GMO's come up with a plan to takeover Monsanto? I live 1 mile from Monsanto. People work there, I don't know how they can hold their heads up, others work there finding more ways to poison our food. This should be enough to make us vehement. We need to go to Washington and revolt!! Hold up signs demonizing Obama!!, he lets this go on while he and his family enjoy only organic food. I read today that they are finding GM'O's in children's vitamins and baby formula .Let's get REALLY furious and REVOLT. I will go and I bet hundreds of people will join in.
    Thanks for letting me vent – I mean every word

  • avanti

    Sometimes quote(s) can emphasize to better actions and solutions. Erwin Chargaff, the master of molecular biology said: "As moral limit of science I demand, at least, that no disturb the nature; that no turn the man inhuman. However, I fear, on the way in which today is practiced, the science to be on the point to get exactly those two results."
    John Adams, 2nd USA Pres. said: "There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live."
    Daniel J. Boorstin quotes: "Technology is so much fun but we can drown in our technology. The fog of information can drive out knowledge."

  • Keenan

    I’m writing an 8-10 page research paper for an English course over Monsanto and this will definitely be going into it! It’s gonna be fun bashing on Monsatan for a GRADE.

  • Valerie Lloyd

    Did a little looking and I guess the following would explain the reason Monsanto is receiving this honor:
    n 2008, the World Food Prize Foundation accepted a $5 million contribution from Monsanto Company to ensure the continuation of the annual World Food Prize International Symposium “Borlaug Dialogue.”

  • Valerie Lloyd

    Well Monsanto is accustomed to buying things – Governments, court decisions……why not some nice awards and propaganda to go along with it? Be interesting to find out who would nominate Monsanto for this award. Also the names of the names of the people on the executive for the World Food Prize.

  • pippa earl

    who were the awarding bodies ??? board of directors at Monsanto ???

  • Anonymous

    The best show of defiance would be for ALL previous winners to formally return their awards and refuse to recognise its validity.
    Instigate change. Cause ripples. Make the world see (peacefully).

  • Joanna

    Creating infertility is not a problem for those GMO peddlers because they are part of a consortium that sees the need to reduce the world's population.
    They get away with because apathy and survival mode of living has stopped the collective human race from saying no more! Joanna van der Drift

  • Robin

    They must have paid someone some big moola to win the Prize, hoping it will improve their tarnished image. Too late.

  • Cristina

    those awarding these prizes are probably benefitting from the whole charade ,,I do not even know who these people are and how they got there ,,,logic has been turned upside down regardless of what we talk about ,,it is quite despairing and frustrating !!!


    As a student of Biochemistry, Psychology & Sociology (Clinical Sciences), the correct label for these deliberate genetic manipulations is GENETICALLY MUTATED ORGANISMS. "Modified" is an appealing word to the modern human mind. "Mutated" is repulsive. I have taken to adapting this correct terminology whenever I speak of GMOs. I suggest you all do too. The only difficulty is to keep a straight face when we do it but it is an important issue so please, make the effort to keep it serious.

    • Paul

      here in Germany the term used is “mabipulated”, a bit closer to the truth. “Modified” sound far too positive:-(

  • Suzanne

    Not to mention that many courts side with Monsanto on suits over organic farmers and nobody will listen to nutrition professionals about how deadly these GMOS are!!! The US gov't is made up of so many former Monsanto big whigs who continue to make laws in favor of their former company. According to Maria Rodale, organics could save the world for not much more money than conventional farming.

  • Patti Jo Edwards

    Make them give back their awards. Bravo to those brave enough to act by speaking out. Bravo to you for keeping us informed.