Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically modified foods are made up of organisms (known as GMOs for ‘genetically modified organisms’) which have been genetically altered for ‘improvement’. Biotechnology giant Monsanto is the primary maker of genetically modified seeds, responsible for 90 percent of the genetically engineered seed on the United States market.

The touted reasons for genetically modifying foods vary from making a fruit larger and seedless to resisting pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. Millions of dollars are invested in this bioengineering process annually by many, with Bill Gates most notably investing into Monsanto with 500,000 shares. But are GMO foods really the solution to humanity’s problems, or are they negatively affecting virtually all life on planet earth?

Genetically modified foods have been proven not only to be unhealthy, but also deadly. One review of 19 studies showed that with the consumption of genetically modified foods comes significant organ disruptions, especially in the liver and kidneys. What’s more, however, is that the damage posed by Monsanto’s GMO creations extend even further than public health. In fact, they threaten the environment as a whole. This is perhaps the most concerning effect of GMOs.

Monsanto has created GMO crops that contain something known as Bt, which is a toxin incorporated into the crops with the intention of killing off insects. The usage of the Bt biopesticide within these GMO crops, however, has actually led to ‘mutant’ insect populations which are directly resistant to the biopesticide. Reports state that at least 8 insect populations have developed resistance, with 2 populations resistant to Bt sprays and at least 6 species resistant to Bt crops as a whole. As a result, farmers must spray even more pesticides!

Beyond GM seeds and the Bt pesticide, Monsanto is also the creator of the best-selling herbicide Roundup. The usage of Roundup has spawned over 120 million hectacres of herbicide-resistant superweeds that have destroyed the farmland in which they reside. In addition, much of the soil has also been damaged. Even in the face of these statistics, Monsanto continues to disregard any and all warning signs.

Genetically modified foods present a very real threat to the genetic integrity of both humankind and the environment, and require vigorous longterm research before being unleashed on the public. That is why nations like Peru, France, and Hungary are taking action against Monsanto and GMOs over legitimate health concerns.

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  1. Just because someone says something does not make it true. Much of what is written here has no basis in fact and is dangerous when this kind of information is used to make decisions. I don't believe this will do any good because the zealots do not want to be confused with fact.

    What we are talking about is our ability to feed the WORLD, not just wealthy North America.

  2. yes, this has been discovered recently by the biggest scientists, and specailly about gm food in animal transfering inot humans, not just the herbicide. all of this is true. just see mike adams at natural health website, its highly dangerous, but only at a very long term. So youre now beeing to guinea pig, until you get cancer.

  3. Tom,

    Are you not absorbing all the info out about gmos? Do you really believe when a corporation does its own testing and protects information from the public that it is a good thing. Doctors and scientists that have done research and have come out and issued warnings are losing their jobs. Money and power talk. Why is America the only country allowing milk to be sold that has rbgh in it?

  4. Hey i think that genetically Modified foods are unhealthy, as they are life threatening for everyone, but at the same time i like BAP!

  5. I think GMOS are perfectly safe, to some people anyways !!!!! you can use them to place additional nutrients into crops and are commonly used in developing countries where the population may not otherwide have acess to a balanced diet. such as southern africa .,

  6. PEOPLE CHOOSE WHAT THEY EAT , it aint anyones fault that they have some kind of disease . they choose to eat the food they eat. ! so whatever

  7. hahahaha, k so u guys are saying its not good. well yous are prob from the south or something if yous dont think GMOs are good. like omg , whats a matter with yous ? ahahahahah! So SUCK IT ..

  8. ; genetically modified foods are all okay ! Do you people eat only organic food or something ?? Really I think that it is all good , because the truth is everyone eats it . ahah , sooo waaaz all you choombay children (:

    1. ' waazz you ! this is why you wanted me on here !? to put that choom is my love ? lol , well its not truue !! and since were on here GMO's are actually pretty good . 🙂 like legit , everyone has them and most people probably don't know so .. it's all gee ..

  9. i am a vegitarian and i think that ni do not want stuff that are unknown in my body!! i liovew natuarlly grown food!! maybe you should be a GMO so you can look pretty, that what i feel!!! neven though i make no scence!! ;P

  10. all you people spazzing over FOOD ! what ever . ahahhahaha , eat what ever you want !!! we are all gonna die anyways . !!! most people EAT WHATEVER THE hell they want . lOL ! FFS. food it food , Just be happy that you aint from africa , becayse those AFRICANS would love t o be you !> FTW beotches >!:)

    1. Choombay – spoken like a true numbskull. Don't think, merely accept what the corporate governments give you. There's a good boy.

    2. Ey choombay dnt make comedy abt africans we r talking abt food ere nt people, so plz say wats beneficial to us rather than making a joke of africans

    3. Yeah, food is important you moron. We're all gonna die anyways……..oh really? Be happy that you aint from Africa….. People like you make the world the shit that it is. I'm trying real hard not to let your lack of intelligence bother me.

  11. My roommate's fiance won't eat bananas anymore because he says they taste weird from being genetically changed. He would rather get what's natural from South America. I don't know how true this is or not, but I love eating the Indian food that my friend brings over because it's all natural (at least it seems to be). Thanks for keeping us informed either way. I can't hurt to be careful.

  12. Monsanto is a chemical company. They use to produce DDT. They produced Agent Orange. They have connections to government. Monsanto & others are foisting GM foods onto you whether you like it or not. They are patenting seeds. Monsanto have filed lawsuits against farmers using these patented seeds, which blew onto their farms without their knowledge. Do you think all is this good then? A chemical company involved in agriculture, directly connected to what we eat?

    Please take a look at this anti-GM food song:

  13. GMO's probably could be good, but as long as they are being modded for dollars they are disgusting. Money is disgusting. I've grown for years with no pesticides. Try growing a tomato plant yourself.

  14. My suspicion is we will find in the future the gmos are designed for population control. I would venture to say the gmos will be put in cheap foods that are sent to poor countries and the acceptable foods that people on welfare are allowed to buy. While i can definately see that the cause of poverty is overpopulatin, which hurt us all, the poor will always be with us as long as hormones make people breed even when they can't take care of themselves. In some countries women have no choice or options. In america there are a lot of people who just want to be on the government gravy train. Still i think gmos are evil and so are irresponsible people.

  15. This is a serious matter. If we know that this harms us, might as well avoid this. If we know that this does not affect our health at all, then might as well take those delicious foods. In time, I think the truth will still be told, but I think there are still a lot of people that will still not be convinced at all if there is no hard evidence.

    – Andrei of SQF Audit Steritech

  16. To Tony who works @ Monsanto… even the most uninformed hillbilly in the lost wilds of Appalachia, the Louisanna Bayou, and the ghettos of NYC is able to immediately realize the DANGER, STUPIDITY, and GREED of Genetically Engeneered/Modified foods!!! How about “feeding the world” by 1. Teaching people how to raise THEIR OWN crops (NOT from GMO Monsanto seed) and have THEIR OWN aquaculture ponds 2. Deal with thieving, lying, murdering governments in Africa and Asia where PLENTY of food has already been sent but has been commandeered by said VILE governments 3. Improve the health of food-source animals in the wild and on the farm WITHOUT manipulating their genome!!!???!!!

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