Monsanto Exec Gets ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ of Food

Monsanto Exec Gets ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ of Food
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monsanto-world-food-prizeIn a blatant act of transgression against the population of the world and real science, the agricultural equivalent to the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ known as the World Food Prize has been given to a Monsanto executive and two associates for their role in the development of genetically modified crops.

Robert Fraley, the chief technology officer at Monsanto, will be given $250,000 cash along with his prestigious award that was presented at the US State Department on Wednesday. It’s ironic, really, because the US State Department just so happens to also be using our tax dollars to market Monsanto internationally with promotional marketing DVDs and pamphlets. To put it simply, they quite literally act as a marketing wing for Monsanto — the corporation that might as well be a government entity.

It is rather fitting, then, that Monsanto’s executive be adorned with the World Food Prize along with a sack of cash at the headquarters of the Monsanto marketing wing that is the US State Department.

But of course there are also two other scientists being honored for their works against human and environmental health, so it’s important to also identify these corporate scientists as well. First up you have Mary-Dell Chilton, who founder of the rising star biotech company Syngenta, the same great company charged for covering up the fact they knew their own GM corn had been killing animals after consumption. An admission that would ultimately doom their bottom line profits and unveil the reality that Syngenta’s GM crops are indeed unfit for consumption.

As for the third scientist, Marc Van Montagu, he is a European cheerleader for GM crops who founded the Institute of Plant Technology Outreach at Ghent University in Belgium in order to help Monsanto get a stronger foothold in European nations that reject GM crops.

So why have these individuals been given a World Food Prize, especially when over 900 scientists working under the United Nations were forced to admit after extensive research that GMOs lead to decreased yields and are easily outperformed by traditional farming with ease? Probably the same reason that the US government continues to support Monsanto despite complete public disapproval and outcry.

The same conclusion that GM crops cannot feed the world was also reached in the report Failure to Yield following 20 years of research. Nevertheless, the World Food Prize has gone to these manipulators of the food supply in open opposition against human health and sustainability. As to why, the president of the World Food Prize Foundation stated:

“These three scientists are being recognized for their independent, individual breakthrough achievements in founding, developing and applying modern agricultural biotechnology,” said foundation head Kenneth Quinn.

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