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Incredible Healing: Woman Uses Marijuana to Overcome Lyme Disease

Elizabeth Renter
November 4th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 2:01 pm
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marijuana green leaf 263x164 Incredible Healing: Woman Uses Marijuana to Overcome Lyme DiseaseWhat do you do when you’re sick and everything you’ve been told about proper treatment was wrong? What would you do if, in the interest of feeling “okay”, you let your doctor pump you full of medications, all for naught? Like most people who have been through fruitless medical treatments, Lyme disease sufferer Shelley M. White, got fed up and started researching for herself. What she found out about her Lyme disease and potential treatments changed her life.

Shelley found a tick behind her ear at the age of 14. Seven years later, after a variety of health problems, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Mycoplasma, Bartonella, Lupus, and Babesia. She had multiple seizures every single day and was put through the ringer with conventional medical treatments. It wasn’t until she tried treating her symptoms with marijuana that she found relief.

“Desperately searching for answers, I stumbled across what turned out to be one of the most profound facts I have ever learned,” Shelley writes. “Marijuana contains one of the most potent anticonvulstants in the world. Controversy over the subject was meaningless at that point, as the herb offered a possible solution to one of my most debilitating symptoms.”

She began with smoking, which didn’t only make her feel better, it actually eliminated her seizures completely. Now, she makes her own cannabis oil, which she takes throughout the day. Similar to how marijuana has helped children overcome ‘untreatable’ seizures and how one woman used cannabis juice to replace 40 medications, the effects have been nothing short of amazing.

“After only a month of taking it I was able to return to work and school, and began to drive and have a social life again. Now, I am finally planning to move out and be independent for the first time in years. Basically, I am returning to a lifestyle that I was once unsure I would ever see again thanks to the immense healing power of cannabis oil.”

As researchers with the University of Reading and GW Pharmaceuticals in the U.K. recently found, rats and mice treated with one of 100 non-psychoactive cannabinoids had fewer seizures, less severe seizures, and a lower mortality rate when compared with animals given a placebo. Because the compound was non-psychoactive, people who want the benefits without the “high” could reap similar benefits.

Cannabis has a wealth of healing compounds, some of which we are only beginning to understand. The many benefits of this plant should be reason enough to make it available to all who need it, without fear of jail time or arrest. Until that day comes, however, some are still willing to risk it all for relief and healing.

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  • Shelley M. White

    Thank you for sharing my story!

    • Tammy Lea

      Hi Shelley i would like to talk to you about your fight with this horriable disease that you and I are both fighting and i am desperate for someone to talk to as no one seems to want to help me….you can email….i am so happy to hear that you are doing better and on the road to recovery :)

      • Shelley White

        I keep getting a response that your email is not valid when I try to reach you. Please email me:

  • greysurfer

    Using these plants for medicinal purposes is fine…..what many people have concerns about is the random drug-peddling that gets it into schools and into the hands of children. There is a bunch of folk out there who want to legalise all drugs in some kind of brain-hash free-for-all.
    Used as proper medication, under doctor’s supervision, without the mind-altering effects is something I don’t have a problem with. But smoking anything is bad for the lungs; why does everything have to be “smoked”? Sounds like the oils format this lady is taking should be fine.
    We want a world of healthy people, but not one in which they are smashed out of their heads half the time…..we have enough idiots running the world as it is.

    • Armin

      I do agree with you on some points, but I don’t see it being a big problem. Smoking is bad – agreed. Cigarettes are bad for you and last time i checked they are pretty legal. Kids/Teens try this stuff. Alcohol is pretty legal too and teens will try it too. If you look at studies as to how many teens have also tried pot, you will quickly realize that most of them have too, it being legal or not.

      In countries where marijuana is tolerated, like the Netherlands, there is not a higher use of marijuana amongst young people. In fact I was always surprised that most dutch people don’t smoke pot – among younger people definitely less than in the UK.

      I also agree that there is a lot of idiots running the world. Do any of them smoke pot? Please tell me one person that is “running the world” in any sense that is a known potsmoker. There is plenty though that love their alcohol, cocain, you name it.

      Ïf you want a healthy world, get rid of those pharma and food industry lobbyists pushing their poison on us, with one trying to convince us to remedy what the other is actually causing, whilst both are laughing all the way to the bank. People will smoke pot if they really want to, but making marijuna – at least in its non-psychoactive form – legal, would provide benefits to many, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it.

      • Rudi Kelle

        I agree – Quacks prescribe toxins like ritalin for an excitable kiddie , cough syrups full of hoo noze , neurofen ? – an anti-inflammatory? for a growing heart muscle ? , anti psychotics to knock the life out of them to make them docile … Then there are our friends the ad-men … Dont forget all the lollies and junk-food and sodas and cordials and cereals and alcho-pops . Finally , there is the perennial favourite = BOOZE – the slow killer … unless you are prone to violence , then it is the perfect weapon cos eww dont give a fuck – ever seen a brawl between stoners? … I could go on … I have and probably will again .

    • Dawn Owens

      I’ve noticed that the idiots running the world are invariably regulars in the cigarette, caffeine and alcohol departments, not to mention the pharmaceutical goodies such as uppers and downers. Our presidents are regularly given sleeping pills; nothing like a zombie making big decisions at 3 in the morning on the Red Phone… I’m sure it makes them more compliant when their puppet masters make ‘suggestions’.

    • Lisa Kazmier

      Yet I doubt you can find a dope smoker dying of lung cancer — or anything else, unless you want to count that guy who died in jail over a dope charge who was fed something he’s allergic to and they refused to come to his aid when he asked for help.

    • Matt Fennell

      we want a world of freedom where people can chose what to think and what they can put into thier own bodies. You dont own my body and if I want to be hoped up on some mind altering substance espcially a natural plant than thats my business not yours! I also believe in being responsible for whatever actions occur good and bad in any given moment. education is key not an approach that you precieve. In portugal they legalized all drugs and help instead of incarcerate people. THey saw a huge drop in overdose deaths, murders, and thier prison populuation decreased a ton. EDUCATION is key not harsh laws and naive mindsets such as you displayed above. We didnt outlaw cigarettes eventho they are by far more harmful then pot and instead a huge education campaign has taken place and much less people smoke now and there is a healthier alternative with vaporizing both pot and tobacco. EDUCATION is key not fear and ignorance.