Risky Healing: Making Your Own Medicinal Cannabis/Hemp Oil


cannabisThe US government labels cannabis a ‘schedule one narcotic’ along with heroin and LSD; they also say it has no medicinal value. This is quite laughable considering the government itself holds US patents on cannabis constituents (namely marinol synthesized from THC), showing how it plans to capitalize on the plant’s known healing qualities just like pharmaceutical companies. In fact, one patent filed in February of 2001#6630507, is entitled “Cannabinoids as Antioxidands & Neuroprotectants.” Sounds pretty ‘medicinal’ to me. More than 77% of American agree.

Should the powers that be – being both the singular producer and supplier of this miracle “useless” plant – have complete control? It seems that everyone should know how to make their own healing medicinal hemp oil. Here are some tips if you’re legally allowed to use this healing plant.

Making Hemp Oil

Hemp oil made form hemp seed contains one of the most balanced and richest sources of essential nutrients for humans on the planet.

The E.F.A.’s not only help to restore wasting bodies, but also improve damaged immune systems, so it is not so surprising that modern researchers have studied them in relationship to the modern immune attacking AIDS virus. It has a balanced ratio of essential fatty acids of 3:1 that sustain good health and boost immunity. (Eidlman, M.D., Hamilton, ED.D, Ph.D 1992).”

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The seven-time Nobel Prize nominee, Dr. Johana Budwig, a pioneer of E.F.A (essential fatty acid) research, reported success in treating heart infraction, arthritis, cancer and other common diseases with massive doses of E.F.A.’s. Hemp. When mixing hemp oil with barley grass powder, the nutrients of each become more bio-available and boost immunity and overall health even more significantly.

Furthermore, cannabis was in over-the-counter medications for more than 100 years giving aid to people suffering from everything from pain to nausea to insomnia. It has proven medicinal benefits. If you want to know exactly why it went from being widely used to be criminalized, you can read more here.

As you may have guessed, one reason was the trillions of profits that pharmaceutical companies anticipated by regulating the ‘drug.’ It is just one of numerous natural treatments that Big Pharma has been trying to stonewall for hundreds of years. And, it can treat cancer since ingesting high levels of THC – via cannabis oil – attacks mutated cells. It works in all stages of cancer, no matter how far advanced. It has also been shown to stop super-bugs in their tracks, including MRSA.

The Difference Between Cannabis Oil and Hemp Oil

THC is soluble in only fats and alcohol. You can actually make cannabis butter or ghee and use it as a substitute for butter in any baking recipe.

Cannabis oil is made by smashing 100% raw Cannabis grain in alcohol and then straining it and cooking off the alcohol very slowly and carefully, so as not to burn the grain. What is left is the medicinal oil that is highly concentrated and full of THC to kill off cancer cells or just boost your overall immunity.

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Hemp oil is slightly different. It is used in a cold-pressing process. It can be used as a healthy oil, but it won’t cure cancer because it has no THC. This is why you can buy hemp oil at some retailers like Trader Joe’s without ending up with a warrant for your arrest.

Right now, the only place you can legally buy Cannabis oil is from dispensaries which have been given a government O.K. If you want to make your own, you are essentially taking a risk, both legally, and if you inhale the noxious alcohol fumes of the process. But there are videos available which explain exactly how to make it in a step-by-step process.

Of course you can go to another place where this is not illegal, like Amsterdam, and treat away. Even pets have been treated by using cannabis oil. It is just another solution the government wants to keep from us. It is up to you how seriously you take your own health.

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