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Why You Should Avoid Fast Food at All Costs

Mike Barrett
March 24th, 2012
Updated 11/03/2012 at 12:34 am
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It is no secret that the average American diet is completely in the slumps. Consuming packaged foods, fast food, artificially enhanced products, and especially low quality cheap food is the norm, but is it any wonder that being overweight while also falling victim to a host of illnesses is also the norm. Being raised in this era of poor health makes it difficult to know what is truly healthful and unhealthful. Food has drastically changed since decades ago, and so parents often aren’t aware of the severe decline in food quality. Fast food in particular is one of the primary reasons for the drastic health decline seen today.

The Unknown (and Known) Dangers of Fast Food

If you haven’t already, take a couple of hours to watch the films Super Size Me or Fast Food Nation. After watching these films, you can see first hand how fast food causes severe damage to your body – even if you don’t consume it for every meal of every day like in one of the films. Fast food is nothing but a concoction of harmful and health-damaging chemicals which can easily be understood if you were to think for a moment how any restaurant could offer a double cheeseburger for only $1.

Most recently it was uncovered that these $1 cheeseburgers, along with the rest of McDonald’s’ beef and chicken, were actually harnessing ‘pink slime’ scrap meat covered with ammonium hydroxide. Not only does this fake meat provide no nutritional value at all, but it is chemically contaminated from ammonia, the toxic cleaning agent found under the sink. The meat is actually fat trimmings and connective tissue that are separated from the bone – scrap meat that is not fit for human consumption. The ammonia treatment is in response to the danger of contamination from salmonella or E. coli, but the scrap meats themselves are more likely to contain pathogens. Despite the chemical treatment, the meat is still in the line of fire for contamination.

Additionally, McDonald’s McNuggets contain 7 different ingredients making up the ‘meat’, many of which contain sub-ingredients. Instead of using real meat, the ingredient list utilizes sodium phosphate, safflower oil, wheat starch, dextrose, and autolyzed yeast extract – a particularly dangerous substance very similar to the toxic MSG. Along side with these ingredients comes the use of dimethylpolysiloxane, a silicon substance used as an anti-foaming agent and often found in breast implants and silly putty.

Of course the use of these ingredients is not limited only to McDonald’s. In fact, all of the fast food restaurants are guilty of using them. The worst part? They are aware of the destructive nature behind these ingredients, but truly couldn’t care any less. The truth behind such a statement can be exemplified by Taco Bell’s attempt to create a drive-thru diet where individuals would supposed to lose weight by eating fast food. It was only a few years ago when Taco Bell announced the “Drive-Thru Diet”, where they showcased their foods low in fat. But what they don’t tell you is that even if their food has 9 grams of fat, it is still made up of numerous ingredients contributing to the global health decline.

While the reasons for the influx of fast food consumption are many, one primary one is the usage of psychological advertising. Being one of the most powerful tools to reach both the conscious and subconscious, advertising plays a huge role in how society is ran today, and that includes which foods we eat. What’s more, children are much more influenced by what they see and hear, and research proves it. A study conduced late in 2011 showed that 71 percent of children will choose junk food like french fries over apple slices when given coupons for each of them. The number dropped only to 55 percent when parents encouraged children to choose the apple slices. But the desired reach does not stop at direct advertising and influence.

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A new children’s educational book has recently been launched by the Council for Biotechnology Information, educating young children on the ‘numerous benefits’ of genetically modified food. Of course genetically modified food has time and time again been shown to cause human and environmental harm, but still the attempt to brainwash young children is carelessly made. The advertising for such food is also heavily tied in with fast food, as virtually all fast food is constructed with genetically modified food and ingredients.

These are but only a few of the countless reasons to never ingest fast food.

About Mike Barrett:
2.thumbnail Why You Should Avoid Fast Food at All Costs Google Plus Profile |Mike is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health.

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  • Midori

    I haven’t eaten fast food in awhile, but I ate a Wendy’s cheeseburger yesterday. It tasted like manure – not that I have tasted manure before. I regret it, but we were hurrying and my dad got it for us cause it was late. Never again.

  • kitokid

    j’aime beaucoup ton approche et je te remercie pour les informations bon continuation…

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  • tauqeer

    Junk foods haven’t any benefits, junk food items give you fat, these have nothing for your body, avoid using junk food items like burger or fries etc. instead of these takes fruits and fresh salad.

  • BW

    Why even care what other people eat? We all know fast food is poison to the human body. Worry about what your family eats and not the rest of the world. People eat there by choice I would much rather go to the super market and by groceries than that crap they call food.

    • JBF

      Part of being a decent human bring is caring for your fellow man. We could all use a little more unselfishness.

    • Anonymous

      Wow if we didn’t try to spread knowledge about unhealthy lifestyle choices where the fuck would we be now.

    • Anonymous

      One reason why to care about what people eat is the more people you stop eating junk the less will get sick or die also here in the uk fat related illnesses are a burden on the health service.

  • Jake

    Definitely agree that we should eat less fast food as a country. I think the biggest reason most of us resort to fast food places like McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and the likes is that we don't have time to get food anywhere else. There is a solution, though! Food Trucks! Food trucks serve better food, serve MUCH healthier food, at a cheaper price, and are just as quick getting the food to you. For those of you who have negative preconceptions of food trucks, give them a try, I bet you're pleased. Oh, and for fellow New Yorkers, check out, NYC's new online ordering site that allows users to place orders for pick up from food trucks, saving even MORE time and saving you from standing on line! Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen, and stay away from all those nasty "burgers" and "fries."

  • jim boyle

    Next time you go thru the drivethru, tell them you want a Genetically Modified Organism Burger…

    • niles

      One of the benefits of moving to S. Korea is there isn't a fast food joint every 100 yards. In the past 2 years We have eaten fast food about 5 or 6 times and that's more than enough. I have lost over 30 pounds and feel 20 years younger on the Korean diet. I recommend it to everyone. Koreans have an obesity rate of 3 1/2% the worlds lowest. God bless

  • Christin

    Even though my weight only goes up by ten pounds in the fall and comes back off every spring, I'm still cutting back on eating at fast food restaurants because of bad food combinations. Most of the time, I eat at Subway, or have a salad at BK, McDonald's, or Papa Gino's – or just a side of mashed potatoes and cole slaw at KFC. I found out that we've always been taught to eat foods in combinations that would cause them to ferment in our stomachs and also to eat them in exactly the opposite order that we should be. Supposedly, we should eat our fruit first, because it digests most quickly, followed by our non-starchy vegetables, then starchy vegetables, grains, beans/legumes, nuts and other fats, and meats and hard cheeses last. If we eat the foods that take longer to digest before the foods that digest more quickly, the faster digesting ones will just sit on top of the slower ones and ferment in our stomachs. I also noticed that when I ate proteins and starches in separate meals as "food combining" proponents recommend, my stomach settled down.

  • Frank


    "It is no secret that the average American diet is in completely in the slumps."





    "Being raised in this era of poor health makes it difficult to know what is truly healthy and unhealthy."




    • Queenie8

      Your so busy looking for error you seem to have missed the message which in spite of all those errors you soooo kindly pointed out to everyone, hie discourse was very informative, and those of us who could see beyond the faults in his writing are grateful. So, get a life, be helpful and practice not pissing in people's cereal.

      • Queenie8

        His discourse, not hie(ooops)

        • Anonymous

          'You're' and not 'your' in this context.

      • Spirit1

        Amen, Queenie8! I was so glad to be learning about the food issues so that i could improve my health that I never even noticed any errors. Frank, get a life, dude and focus on what is actually important.

    • plm


    • Anonymous

      zip it fattie

    • sheifif

      Your only motivation in writing this comment is to flatter your ego for your excellent eye for grammar. You're a douche.

      • Matt

        Calling him a douche assumes he was actually in a vagina once. Which is doubtful.

    • Kim

      My my dear Frank!

      May the universe send you tranquility, acceptance and receptivity. Thank you for the unsolicited syntax lesson. Here is a new word for you, ETIQUETTE. Look it up, try it on, it might be hard to swallow at first, but like making healthful food choices it enhances longevity.

    • Martha

      I agree the article is not grammatically correct, but I don't think this means he is "illiterate". If he were, he couldn't have read or written the article.

    • Anonymous

      Your an idiot

      • Anonymous

        Should say yor an idiot Frank

      • Conan T B

        You're an idiot!

    • Crys

      hostile much? We all have our strenghts and weeknesesssss. Your is grammer, good for you.

      Why call names and bash someone you don't agree with? You are in a positionto pass your knowledge on in a helpul and positive way. Why not take another look at what motivates you to write something so hostile. Rather be thankful that you have the strengths and the education. We all have something to offer. What are you offering today?

      • Crys

        my errors were intentional. I hope they drive him nutz !!

    • Crazy Horse

      Frank, pull your head out of your butt & have a look at the left side of your keyboard between the 'tab' and 'shift' keys. You'll see a key designated as 'Caps Lock'. Use the damn thing, ok?

    • Anonymous

      Gee thanks "Professor English" for making me aware of these heinous, outstanding misnomers the writer of this article breached — and here I was reading the article to glean some further understanding of the toxic, pus ridden, shit that gets plamed-off to us as "food" that's been marketed to us by corporate, whore-bag stooges and their executive shills as well as the pus-peddling scumbag suppliers of their toxic ingredients.

      There I was reading away ignorently with my thumb up my ass, not realizing the writer had made the outrages mistake of using the word "healthy" instead of "healthful" in his informative writing — E – fucking – GAD!!! …….you pedantic, petulant, anal-retentive drop-kick !!!

      You call that illiterate???

      How about a dead-shit, possible fast-food corporate shill who has his panties in a twist and is so angry that some truth about his fucked-up poisonous crap he makes a living from peddling is out there starts to write a criticism about "illiteracy" BUT

      — hasn't figured out in his cretinous stooge brain where the CAPS LOCK button is on his keyboard is — and just how ridiculously dumb-ass ILLITERATE his writing comes across because he is such a WANKER he doesn't realize the grammatical effect writing entirely in UPPER-case (that there word means BIG LETTERS LIKE THESE ARE in case your dipshit ass doesn't know) — you are a freaking hypocrite ……

      It's more illiterate to write with your caps lock button engaged entirely for the entire piece of what you're writing than to use healthy instead of healthful (and only a true pretentious wanker would spout "healthful" as a participle it's actually redundant English — just like words such as swum (yes we don't use it anymore is wha I'm trying to say) its acceptable to simply just go with healthy…

      You're a fuck-wad — now there's a word for you to slam the caps lock on and go hard you anal stooge!!

  • greg

    never ever liked the KFC, McDonalds fast foods, l guess this article puts my doubts to rest cause the first time l had a burger from MacDonalds, it had this artificial obnoxious taste for a burger (patty) that made me throw it away there and that was it…

  • just Troy

    Fast food isn't healthy for anyone and its really there for people like myself that are to lazy to wake up and pack a lunch but if you look at most foods you buy at the grocery store they are no better for you than the steamed beef bi product burgers you get from anywhere what you eat is your choice so eat a burger from a fast food chain or a salad you made at home full of pesticides because society had made it to expensive to maintain a truly diet

    And there's nothing we can do about it but eat what we as individuals choose to eat ourselves

  • Jack

    Fast food is disgusting, it should never be eaten by humans… or animals for that matter.

    • Ryan Jung

      So don't eat it…. but telling lies to get people to support your beliefs does not make our society a better place to live. Don't hate, educate. If we keep telling people what to do, rather than helping them make informed decisions– we are not going anywhere.

      • Theodore R. Smith

        Mr. Jung, what, exactly, are the lies? Everything in this article is very easily verifiable far beyond a reasonable doubt.

        • Ryan Jung

          The entire "article" is opinion, and my previous comment section detailed quotes from the "article" with responses of factual evidence.

          • :)

            Actually, food has drastically changed since now over 90% of the wheat consumed internationally is no longer the original form of wheat – which is now called Einkorn. The USDA are not gods and there is a growing number of allergies that have been developed to this new form of wheat as well as other side effects and the fact that this new form of wheat contains little/no nutritional value. Add to that the fact that due to the hormones we put into our beef, girls in the US are maturing 3 years faster than anywhere else in the world and your initial argument that food has not changed is invalid. Do what you've asked him to do and make sure you give a full and complete unbiased picture.

      • tintrach

        A fool and his health are soon parted.

  • Ryan Jung

    "Food has drastically changed since decades ago, and so parents often aren’t aware of the severe decline in food quality."

    "Fast food is nothing but a concoction of harmful and health-damaging chemicals which can easily be understood if you were to think for a moment how any restaurant could offer a double cheeseburger for only $1."

    First of all, the USDA would NEVER knowingly allow harmful chemicals to be a part of the food system. Their purpose is to ensure the safety of our food supply, BPI's beef that sensationalists have termed "pink slime" is still 100% beef. BPI has been processing trimmings for over 30 years; if there had been an issue with the process, we would have known long ago.

    Second, the stringent testing program that BPI has in place makes it IMPOSSIBLE for beef with e.coli or any pathogens to make it into a consumer's meal.

    Finally, the process of extracting fat from beef trimmings is revolutionary and hard for outsiders to conceptualize. Because of the difficulty of this process, the trimmings used to go to waste- but BPI's ability to utilize all beef from cattle has allowed civilization to be more resourceful. The process does not modify the meat- its simply a extraction and security enhancement method. If you are really encouraging people to think, provide the real facts not just entertainment to keep readers.

    "Most recently it was uncovered that these $1 cheeseburgers, along with the rest of McDonald’s’ beef and chicken, were actually harnessing ‘pink slime’ scrap meat covered with ammonium hydroxide. Not only does this fake meat provide no nutritional value at all, but it is chemically contaminated from ammonia, the toxic cleaning agent found under the sink. The meat is actually fat trimmings and connective tissue that are separated from the bone – scrap meat that is not fit for human consumption. The ammonia treatment is in response to the danger of contamination from salmonella or E. coli, but the scrap meats themselves are more likely to contain pathogens. Despite the chemical treatment, the meat is still in the line of fire for contamination."

    1. This article was written March 24, 2012. McDonalds has not purchased BPI's product in nearly a year- so it is certainly not "most recently".

    2. "fake meat" = is it meat or what is it? I have never heard of fake meat. BPI is simply extracting the meat, not adding any artificial elements.

    3. "chemically contaminated from ammonia, the toxic cleaning agent found under the sink"…. In reality- Ammonium hydroxide is ammonia and water; it's not the kind of ammonia used to make fertilizers and household cleaners, according to the American Meat Institute. Additionally, the International Food Information Council Foundation has informed consumers that ammonium hydroxide is used as an antimicrobial food additive in baked goods, cheeses, puddings, chocolates and other confectionery such as caramels. Other forms of ammonia are used in condiments, relishes, snack foods, jams and jellies and nonalcoholic beverages.

    4. "scrap meat that is not fit for human consumption", to the contrary- LFTB (Lean finely textured beef) is not scraps destined for pet food but is, rather, a federally USDA inspected and approved beef product.

    5. "The ammonia treatment is in response to the danger of contamination from salmonella or E. coli, but the scrap meats themselves are more likely to contain pathogens. Despite the chemical treatment, the meat is still in the line of fire for contamination." I have already discussed BPI's test and hold procedures, but I will recap- BPI tests every block of beef that is produced for numerous strains of e.coli, bacteria and pathogens. Visit they have a video available detailing the test and hold procedures.

    • Jack

      Hey look someone working for the pink slime industry. Get out of here you moron. The USDA doesn't care about our health.

      • Ryan Jung

        I do not think someone who has done real research is the moron….. CHECK IT OUT!

        • Theodore R. Smith

          Mr. Jung, please do not raise your voice at us.

          You've outed yourself as a definite propagandist and shill for The Establishment. It is very reasonable to conclude that everything you say and every website you promote is possibly of circumspect value and dubious truthfulness.

      • Martha

        I was thinking the same thing Jack LOL.

    • Anonymous

      You go right ahead and eat it, Mr. Jung. You aren't swaying anyone else to think otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, looks like someone has a bad case of denial,

      how can our government not have our best interests in mind!

      Yeah, you know that if it makes money and they can get away with it it will be done. And mindless sheep like you just give them a market for their bull. The USDA picked up 7 million pounds of pink slime to put in our meats for the school lunch programs. Yum, something that even McDonald's now refuses to sell is gonna be served to our kids by the government.

      Is it coincidence that so many of our families and friends are perishing from cancer and other diseases? Children getting cancers previously only found in people decades older than them? Maybe, but I know my grandparents and their grandparents lived cleaner lives before the government took over the family table. You knew what went into your food when you produced it yourself. I would rather not put my family in the governments hands if I can help it.

      Open your eyes before the way of living our government promotes closes them forever.

    • Mathias

      "First of all, the USDA would NEVER knowingly allow harmful chemicals to be a part of the food system. Their purpose is to ensure the safety of our food supply"


    • Anonymous

      So you go ahead and eat your dollar burger- no matter which way I look at it, I'm choosing healthful alternatives….

    • bliness

      You and me are just a motion picture. Guinea pigs. We are born into death to die. Unless you're lucky enough to know life

    • Kim

      I'd be willing to bet you don't eat that crap!

  • Saige

    For the past 3 months I have been on a health kick. My diet consists of NO fast food, no processed food (except some cheeses and pita bread.) I eat tons of vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans, lentils, fish and lean chicken and I have never felt better.

    Three months ago, it was very typical of me to get an egg McMuffin for breakfast, a frozen “diet” meal for lunch and then for dinner I would often eat another fast food meal. It was killing me. I am in my mid-20’s and I am pretty. FAT, but pretty. I also have a lot of personal goals and I love doing outdoor activities, but my weight was keeping me from hiking, swimming, kayaking… all things that I used to love.

    When I started my new eating habits (I refuse to call this a diet, because I have failed every other diet), I weighed 330 pounds. In only 3 months of green juicing, raw veggies and fruit, bowls and bowls of homemade lentil soup, water and green tea and the occasional oatmeal (the real stuff) and ZERO fast food, I have dropped almost 40 pounds.

    Fast food is a killer. My body feels so wonderful. My husband and I hiked 3 miles the other day and felt so good. My house is cleaner because I have energy to clean even after a long day at work. ALSO, my period has come back. I am convinced that I was killing myself slowly. I am so excited to see my body transform even more.

    • Rachel

      Wow – well done. You are living proof of what anyone knows if they think logically. Natural foods, unprocessed, are what your body needs. Not this shit. In my opinion you might as well just chuck fast food down the toilet and cut out the middle man – or woman.

      • wayne

        Does any one out there grow a garden? I was raised by parents from the depression era who loved to garden and our family was raised on wonderful tasting fresh vegatables. My dad hunted ( sorry about that, animal rights activists). We had a deep freeze full of homemade Moose and deer sausage sausage. Our cold room was full of carrots, potatoes and our shelves were full of homemade dill pickles, canned green beans and homemade saurcraut made from the cabbage we grew. I had a wonderful childhood and never went hungry. We played outside till dark every night, scraped and bumped ourselves, played in the river that ran behind our house and slept like a log every night. I still grow a garden every year and the wonderful vegatables we eat taste – period – not like the cardboard crap you get from the supermarket. I detest the day our garden carrots finally run out and we have to buy the store ones. We eat fast food when we have to ( travelling, etc..) but it is a tasteless waste of good taste buds – you feel kind of full afterwards but you aren't really satisfied after the meal and you know something is wrong. how could someone screw up food that bad? Anyhow, the basic rule is this – the closer your food is to the source the better it is for you. Also, if you can buy your meat from a local store and you know the farmer who raised the cow and know it's not full of chemical shit like growth hormones, etc.., than buy it – you will definately notice right away that it tastes better too. It is sad to see how we have let our soils become contaminated and how the minerals have been leached out of it, but the main reason for this happening is because a farmer can't make a decent living gorwing food the healthy way because no one is willing to pay a fair price for his product so – voila – big agriculture is born. Just some comments – and – whatever side you are on – I would appreciate both sides trying to stick to the truth and not give biased information – negative or positive – to win their case.

    • tintrach

      Keep up the good work! Your results are your proof that you are on the right path~~

    • Anonymous

      You are very influential! Keep it up! The benefits are endless!

    • Spirit1

      Good story. You've inspired me!

  • Paul

    I went vegan in 1998 and will never go back. I feel healthier and have more energy. I drive by fast food restaurants and feel bad for the people that think they are getting any nourishment in those places.

  • Jeff Wise@BerkeyClea

    Fast food is absolutely disgusting and has no place in our bodies.

    I'm really upset with how they market directly to kids. Makes me sick.

  • Dtayls

    Once when I was too poor to afford real food 3X daily, I substituted $1-burgers for one real meal a day.

    Result: Weight gain, loss of initiative and general despondency. It just seemed like I had to work twice as hard to get anything accomplished. Sadly there are millions of people, especially kids, who are in this situation and who believe the lie that bad (fast food) is good (for you) even if they have the financial means to avoid it.

    • Anonymous

      Hi, many nutritionists even question the need to eat 3x a day. We Americans eat entirely too much. Try skipping a full lunch a few times a week. One banana will do. After a few months reduce your breakfast to an apple or banana and a cup of coffee. I tried this and it works for me.

      Another thing, I was reading the thoughts of a researcher who studies longevity – he

      has convinced himself that the sensation of hunger was a GOOD thing. Of course you need your nutrition, so eat some fruit to get the full feeling. Good Luck…

      • Anonymous2

        This statement is the hard truth right here. Your body in a machine, an engine, when you put food into it, its like putting your foot on the gas peddle, your body is forced to work to process it. The more food you eat, the more miles your putting on yourself.

        The key to longevity is to eat the absolute minimum required to sustain your body and lifestyle. The state of Hunger is our Natural condition, our ancestors were hunter gathers, eating small amounts, constantly on the move or working to eat. Hunger motivates you, small meals like a fruit, root or a palmfull of nuts or berries, 6x a day is old school eating right.

  • jodi S

    did anyone ever stop to think WHY you can have a full meal in a container that you can microwave in 1 minute and it has a shelf life of 1 year with NO refrigeration at all????? ummmm. wouldn't touch it if i were starving. no, for me and my home, we eat ONLY homemade, made from scratch meals. most of which come from the garden, our butchering and the making of our own corn meal and flour. both of which come from the garden.

    • T Bagg

      That is awesome of you. But now you have to worry about radioactive fallout from Japan.

      • Truthe Mcgee

        dude lolllllllll. I needed that so bad. Thank you I am dying… But of laughter.

        • Truthe Mcgee

          Not because fukashima is funny, but because you are addressing the mindstate of most people who read these sites, including myself from time to time. Thanks again.

  • jc

    What's the good news about all of this? well, you see less and less of these articles don't you? it's because people are starting to actually think about where that $1 cheeseburger comes from. If you want to eat take out you are better off going to restaurants or mom and pop establishments that have been around 20+ years making hamburgers and such because anything else is pure garbage. Actually, if you take the right supplements, exercise, and eat fruits and vegetables for the sake of curiosity try a piece of the garbage you once ate and see how fast your body rejects it after say…a year of eating REAL food and you will be astonished.

    • anne

      I have noticed this too as I clean-up my diet and get rid of the toxic food. I can actually taste the chemicals if I eat something bad now. It is hard to get people to believe the stuff that looks like food is actually not food at all.

  • tom in CT

    Curious that the FDA has the time and energy to arrive in FLAC jackets with automatic weapons locked and loaded, ready to arrest their dangerous target….a seller of RAW MILK…selling ONLY to Co-Op members!!

    God forbid he was across the street from a school, where "pink slime" is part of a healthy meal under the stringent guidelines of a qualified, government approved dietician!!

    Ahh….Kafka anyone?

    • Truthe Mcgee

      What you just said makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    • Crys

      It makes sense, I get it. The FDA is passing crap food on us and telling us it's okay to eat. But when we try to choose raw milk for ourselves, they make it illegal. It's coorporate America !

  • CJ

    This is a lifestyle choice for many. If you want to eat healthy food, it is entirely possible to pack a lunch made of your choices and go to work. I am surprised the financial incentive to do so hasn't spurred the masses into doing this type of activity because if they stopped for a minute and calculated how much they are spending on this swill and gruel, things might look more appealing. I have concluded that in a large part, it is simply the laziness attitude adopted by so many that would rather poison themselves with MickeyD's crappola than take the time to fix a sandwich and a side dish for lunch. I know that in my case, the folks I work with are perfectly capable and have the resources to do exactly that, but instead choose to indulge in feeding the corporate monster, while the monster slowly kills them, one burger, one fry, one giant high fructose soft drink at a time. I try to be sympathetic sometimes, but can't.

    • Anonymous

      This is true, adults have a choice of what they consume and buy, but our kids sadly do not. A good example is a child on feb 14 or 15 went to school with a turkey and cheese sandwich. When he tried to eat it, however, the school said he couldn't because it wasn't heathy enough. So they made him throw their sandwich away,get in the lucnh line, and by chicken nuggets.

  • Jared

    I stipped eating fast food a couple of years ago (except for a tun sub from Subway) and if I didn't see a continuous stream of stupid ass commercials on TV I wouldn't miss it at all. And to think people in developing countries think they have become modern after the first golden arches goes up in their country is really sad.scary. The only thing I really miss is pizza….I will still order one every once in a while just because I love them…But Wendy's, Burger King, and Mc D's, are gone for good…….

  • Jeannon Kralj

    I also want to point out that processed dinners and foods in the frozen food section and the canned foods sections of supermarkets are just as bad for you probably as are fast food "restaurant" foods are. I spent several years mainly eating frozen dinners (Night Hawk, Souffers, Chicken Pot Pies etc) and eating Hormel canned chili. I did not often eat fast food.

    All of a sudden, literally, I started breaking out in hives after eating just about anything. At first I could see that natural yellow food dye, annato, as well as synthetic food dyes (Red # 40 etc)were the culprits, but soon it was clear that several other mystery ingredients were causing hives even when no dyes were listed on the label, as with Hormel Chili. The Hormel company would not tell me the full list of some of their composit ingredients and said that information was proprietary.

    Anyway, a health writer friend told me I had "leaky gut syndrome" and I read up on that. Most MDs will not even recognize that condition as being real.

    I got the condition from eating too much processed foods and almost no fresh fruits and vegetables.

    I just thought I would share this info as fast food is not the only bad, low quality food that will make you sick. Most of the processed / prepared foods in the grocery story are just as bad.

  • John Nada

    Anyone know about Robert Phoenix's work?

  • Annie Oakley

    Ten years ago when I was in Sicily I saw no fat people. None. In 2 weeks I had lost 10 pounds. I ate only healthy natural foods, no diet soda and lots of water. Plus I walked at least 7-8 miles a day.

    So I asked one of the chefs what they ate and how they kept healthy. He said it's simple, plenty of fish, fruits and vegetables, wine and water. Even their desserts were not that sweet. I found that when I ate the food in Sicily I stayed full and had a satiety value that I didn't have from eating American food.

    So the chef gave me a ton of recipes to cook at home.

    When I got back to the USA I said I was not eating out for 90 days. I was cooking everything at home.

    I lost 35 pounds and saved over $400. I was floored.

    I no longer kept chips or sweets in my house. It's more difficult now as my husband has a sweet tooth. Some of the chips like cheese puffs I swear are like crack. You cannot stop eating them. That's why I cannot keep them in the house.

    If we dine out both of us feel like crap for days. Now after reading this article we are definitely staying away from dining out. Both of us are committed to more of a raw diet. This article just convinced me that is the right idea.

  • Steve

    The thing with bad food is that it distorts the mind and creates a psychology of dumb downed- thats why its supported without question by Governments. People that have lost their mental and spiritual strength are easy to control.

  • spotweell jones

    A rich man was driving in the country, when he spotted several people eating weeds on the side of the road. He told his driver to pull over to see if he might be of help. Exiting his Rolls Royce he said, you poor people get into my car I detest seeing you in your poor conditions. They all piled in the Rolls. Thank you sir for your concern how could we ever repay you? Don't mention it, old boy, I've got a thousand acres of weeds you all can feast on till you are contented.

  • Xgi

    I eat this trash on a rare occasion, every time I eat it I don't feel well for several hours afterwards. I often thought about how could they profit from selling this shit at such a low price. Well, it's shit after all, now we know without a doubt!

    Eat at you're own risk, you have been warned!

    It seems that the useless eaters have been targeted for termination. Useless eaters are those who have found themselves under economic hardship and are no use to the corporate world because they have no money and are considered as a leach on society. May those who promote this poison upon a suffering world fall victim to their own folly.

    All agree say Amen.

    • Randall

      USDA approved shit.

      • Tish

        It cracks me up how people will mention the USDA and even the FDA like they really care about us. They are paid to approve whomever pays the most. Believe that!

        • Anonymous

          Include the EPA in there!

        • annonymous

          Has anyone else ever wondered why the Food and Drug Administration are bed partners anyway? Shouldn't they be working in opposition?

    • T.

      I agree..I too have felt ill from eating that crap from fast food.

      I don't buy ..and I do not go out of my way for it. I would rather go hungry.

      I have one thing to say..

      If cell phones, fluoride, chemtrails, HAARP, SCALAR, or nuclear.. don't kill food will.

  • james arthur

    The quality of the food is only the tip of the iceburger. What about the cleanliness of the preparers and servers. There is intentional defilement of the product by disgruntled employees as well as unintentional, brought on by STD carriers and women on their periods handling food.

    Eating out is as risky as Russian Roulette. All this before even considering that the average quick food is not as nourishing as the packaging it comes in.

    • Anonymous

      oh no women on their periods, oh the humanity! moron

  • stinky stew

    Yea, and there is NO enegry in this posion either, might as well gulp air and swallow. gag me with a spoon.

  • george

    yeah, but you cant beat the shelf life of fast food. 18 years and it still tastes like the day it was new

  • hereward

    I quit eating fast food during a period of time between the late '80s and early '90s. I must not be susceptible to advertising, because it just seemed to me that the stuff wasn't tasting very good anymore. I wasn't even very aware about it, it was more like "I feel like eating out—should I go to Hardee"s?"—and then I would think something like, "nah, that wasn't very good…" By the middle '90s, fast food was not a big part of my picture at all. Before I forget to mention it, I also must say that the service in those places got sloppier over time as well—I've never wanted to go somewhere where they would get my order wrong more than half the time, and some of those fast food places actually got it wrong that frequently.

    Years went by, and I became more aware of nutrition. I realized that the time during which I tapered off from fast food was right after they started using vegetable oil for cooking french fries instead of lard or tallow—I suspect that that was the same period in which they started to use more additives than they formerly had, so the situation described in the article above became the norm.

    This leaves me wondering what is wrong with most people that they can't sense that what they are eating is so bad for them, and allow advertising to dictate their diet…

    • Anonymous

  • Daniel Veazey

    Fast Food Nation was not a documentary.

  • non

    hey "we the people" Johnny – YOU'RE the people, what are YOU doing about it? i mean, other than jerking yourself off on the internet telling other people what THEY should do to make YOUR life better? yeah, that's what i figured: NOTHING. typical lazy amerikan idiot.

  • scroobius

    Fast food kills, it shouldn't even be called food. Probably more nutrition in wet cardboard.

    • Jferg

      yeah, and taco bell meat is part wood pulp – yikes

      • pazzums

        Hey ! Not only are they serving you wood,now you can get it on a super salty MSG laden Dorito's Ranch Dressing (chemically similar-ish tasting )Flavored Shell!

        How's that for pukey?

        A proud partnership of two poison pushers and the sheeple are glomming it up!

  • *****

    In America people are treated like commodities Government don't give a flying **** about you & me!

    • ********************

      do ya think its otherwise in "liberté, égalité, fraternité!"'s country???!!!

      yours truly … nicol ass arkozy

  • Chase

    The author needs to watch the movie "Fat Head" to gain better understanding that Super Size Me was a sham.

  • warbaby

    With the Advents of Fukishima, Chernobyl, and Hiroshima and Nagasake it's only a matter of time before what was, is no more. There will more to come.

  • Camp Stein

    The author needs to get a timely headline and story on PINK SLIME.

    Many of the Fast Food restraunts have switched from the Pink Slime (if they were using it).

    But it has RECENTLY been reported that the U.S. Department of Agriculture plans on purchasing millions of pounds of the Pink Slime Product for school lunch programs. I hope the book touted in the article will cover Synthetic foods at the school the child attends.

    The Obama Team knows nutrition!!


    WE THE PEOPLE need to file a class action lawsuit against these corporate terrorists that are intentionally attempting to sicken the population with poisoned products being passed off as "food". THEY NEED TO BE HARSHLY PUNISHED!

    • Camp Stein

      Right on Johnny



      Camp Stein out…

      • GreenLeaf

        I dis agree with the idea of bringing in attorneys into this mess. Then, you'll see letigation for years if not decades.

        If people would just organize and boycott these places then they would have to conform to the people's demands or go out of business.

        But please, keep the lawyers out of this. Great article Mike…..

    • aaron

      You must be a leech, oops I meant lawyer. The best way to punish them is to stop supporting them. I haven't eaten fast food in twelve years, and all it took was making the choice. Why delay action with litigation, when you can stop today? Focus your energy on a better outlet than lawsuits, like educating those around you that are still brainwashed. As for those who believe the industry has stopped using bad ingredients, well you are fools. These people openly admit they use the cheapest ingredients possible, and you CHOOSE to consume this. Stop trying to justify your poor decisions, and addiction to fast food.

      • MrB

        I had a friend some 20 years ago now, who was my swamper for me on my truck. Stopping for grub at less than savoury places is a norm…He swore up and down that "they" put something in the food to make it addictive. He never touched the stuff. I wouldn't ever even remotely call any fast food healthy, but I nievly (sp?) thought the govt would have rules in place already that wouldn't allow such nefarious practices. So wrong….

  • T

    Cooper also constantly accentuated the negative, offered no solutions, and talked down two true scholars of freedom – David Icke and Manly P Hall.

    • frodo

      Cooper blazed a trail and i'm thankfull for that. i don't see the point of denigrating him? like all people he had his flaws. when dealing with negative subject matter it is easy to become consumed in the way he did but he was a constant fighter and worked to expose villains, if he offered you no solutions i suspect you didn't pay attention? he was even a bully at times (ask aaron but both he and russo are no more, while fraternal members icke and maxwell (m.p.hall's protege) remain at large. i'm not saying their info is no good, but you can see where this is going..

    • Steve

      Are you kidding me? I not only listened to Cooper on SW radio, I spoke with him several times… while I couldn't call him a friend, we were on friendly terms.

      Cooper had a wonderful plan, much better than many out there. It is, perhaps, the best plan of action:

      Remain calm; become educated; get active in your community; and do not be an idiot.

      Anything more than that, at the time, was activist in nature and would more than likely be counter-productive.

      David Icke is interesting, to say the least. I like much of what he has to say; however, until I see a reptilian appear before my eyes, personally, I remain highly skeptical on that front.

      Manly P. Hall… really?

      • T

        Yes…Manly P hall… really. Perhaps you need to do a little more reading – or you can just listen to the man on Youtube.

        Cooper spread disinfo that he had been fed – by his own admission. As Frodo mentioned he was a bully and often hostile to other "truthers" – I'd say he had a discernment problem and a toxic worldview. He was a pioneer, no question, and woke a lot of people up. I tend to listen more to people who are able to put things in their proper metaphysical perspective.

      • PJ London

        Hi Steve,

        I can understand your scepticism, I actually have seen them, Brussels early morning, 4 walking in a park,changed back when they became aware of me.

        Try getting up around 05:30 and walking in forest or parks. Even if you don't see one, it can only do you good.

        If you do see them, no one will believe you.

  • Mitch

    We are Toxic Nation. Bill Cooper was sooooo right, they want to kill as many of us as they can, any way they can.

    • G

      Very true Mitch. Cooper was amazing, may he rest in peace.