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Special Report: We Are Winning the Fight Against Monsanto & GMOs

Anthony Gucciardi
September 26th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 5:46 pm
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Thanks to the intellectual campaigns we have been launching on the front lines against the agricultural corruption brought upon by Monsanto and its GMOs, we are now winning the overall war against the corporate monopoly and genetically modified creations at large.

One such major victory, which occurred as a result of activism and overall outrage from the public, is the announcement by Senators that they are going to ‘kill’ the Monsanto Protection Act renewal legislation. The Monsanto Protection Act, as you are probably aware, was of course the legislative rider (a slippery way to including law into a bill that is oftentimes irrelevant) that granted Monsanto legal immunity for its crops up until September 30th of 2013.

A rider that some slimy senators were attempted to renew for additional months.

But even though Monsanto was surely willing to help sway the politicians financially, they simply could not go against the colossal amounts of public outrage over the support for Monsanto and GMOs. A powerful form of activism that we are seeing more and more often around the nation and worldwide. The same powerful activism that has Monsanto cowering in fear of the general public that is awakening the disease machine practices of the company.

It is no surprise, then, that Monsanto has been dishing out millions in attempts to squash GMO labeling initiatives in the state of Washington. And it is therefore no surprise that even grocery chains and other corporations have been caught laundering cash in order to defeat the profit-threatening GMO labeling campaigns that would let customers know if they were consuming genetically tainted food.

Monsanto may be winning a few battles thanks to deep pockets and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to squash opposition (such as paying its way into the Prop 37 GMO labeling campaign in California), but overall we are winning the war for our food supply. Monsanto may escape GMO labeling for some time, but now even politicians are not able to side with Monsanto as they know they would lose their positions and face extreme backlash. The public is waking up, and Monsanto’s time is limited.

Stay tuned to NaturalSociety and my other updates in the near future as we push forward the campaign to end Monsanto and restore the integrity of our food supply.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • i love people

    they should force them to close the company and file charges against all directors and key players

  • American Elephant

    LOL. Why do you people hate science? You envirowhackos are the most anti-science luddite reactionaries in history.

    • Jenelle

      We don’t hate science. We hate being used as guinea pigs. 90 days of the company who makes the product, testing it is not enough. Buying the FDA, and the government is not the way to prove you are a responsible company that cares about human health. Allow proper testing, long term, at this point due to lack of trust, by an independent body. Medication can’t be put on the market without rigorous testing. Food shouldn’t be either.

    • Grumblebum

      Why do YOU hate science? It’s all there proving they Monsanto are corrupt and misleading. They just pay truckloads of money to suppress it. You are the blind whacko!

  • Promising KissesXx

    put my heart to some rest

  • Marke N

    I sure hope this lasts. At least until next year, same time when monsanto tries again.