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USDA to Give Monsanto’s New GMO Crops Special ‘Speed Approval’

Anthony Gucciardi
February 23rd, 2012
Updated 11/04/2012 at 8:50 pm
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controlstrings 210x131 USDA to Give Monsantos New GMO Crops Special Speed Approval

If you thought Monsanto’s lack of testing on their current GMO crops was bad before, prepare to now be blown away by the latest statement by the USDA. Despite links to organ damage and mutated insects, the USDA says that it is changing the rules so that genetically modified seed companies like Monsanto will get ‘speedier regulatory reviews’. With the faster reviews, there will be even less time spent on evaluating the potential dangers. Why? Because Monsanto is losing sales with longer approval terms.

The changes are expected to take full effect in March when they’re published in the Federal Register. The USDA’s goal is to cut the approval time for GMO crops in half in order to speedily implement them into the global food supply. The current USDA process takes longer than they would like due to ‘public interest, legal challenges, and the challenges associated with the advent of national organic food standardssays USDA deputy administrator Michael Gregoire.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, problems like public interest (activist groups attempting to bring the dangers of GMO crops to light), legal challenges (farmers suing Monsanto over genetic contamination), and national food standards are all getting in the way of their prime goal — to helpMonsanto unleash their latest untested GMO creation. In fact, the concern is that Monsanto may be losing cash flow as nations like Brazil speed genetically modified seeds through laughable approval processes.

Steve Censky, chief executive officer of the American Soybean Association, states it quite plainly. This is a move to help Monsanto and other biotechnology giants squash competition and make profits. After all, who cares about public health?

It is a concern from a competition standpoint,” Censky said in a telephone interview.

The same statements are re-iterated by analyst Jeff Windau in an interview with Bloomberg:

“If you can reduce the approval time, you get sales that much faster,” said Windau

If you can reduce the approval time, as in the time it takes to determine if these food products are safe, then you can get sales much faster. Is the USDA working for the United States consumer, or is it working for Monsanto?

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  • realEconomy

    Everyone in the USA is being dummed-down and poisoned by a federal mandate to add industrial waste products, refered to collectively as 'fluoride', to every municipal water distribution system.

  • elizabeth

    So now the USDA is going to loose there credibility along with the FDA well once you loose your good name good luck getting it back. Money bribes make people do evil…they may not do otherwise what don't they realize is the money does'nt last. And there signing there name to there children and children's deceases and illnesses not just there own.

  • Art

    larouchepac dot com —- can save you time.

  • Maggie Kaye

    The reason it takes forever with all the groups and people protesting them is because they are UNSAFE! If they were safe, this speedy approval would not be necessary.

  • Al

    Franken Food Good.

    Raw Milk Bad.

    Wonder Why Nation So Dumb

  • T Bagg

    The term "genetically modified organic" is an oxymoron. The people in the FDA and USDA are corrupt morons. Nuff said.

    Can you pass the poison peas please? Can I get some more biotoxic butter to spread on my mutated wheat roll please?

    "Mommy, my tummy doesn't feel good."

    "Shut up and eat your growth hormone chicken breast."

    "Mommy, why are all the bees dead outside?"

  • JamesRS

    The ballot box no longer works. Time to open the ammo box.

    • Naraya

      AMEN! Indeed it is time to open the ammo box…

  • The Party Is Just St

    Of course the USDA works for Monsanto! The USDA is paid by us and Monsanto gives the USDA wild sex orgies and drug parties! Just to say, "Thank You" for the speedy approval process! If you don't believe it, then you don't work at a large corporation or in the government.

    Do you think the USDA is doing this just to be nice to Monsanto? Hell no! There's a ton of money and screwing on the table for the boys at the USDA!

  • keren

    Tell Obama to Cease FDA Ties to Monsanto