Why You Should Not Use a Laptop on Your Lap

Why You Should Not Use a Laptop on Your Lap
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While laptops are meant to be placed on your lap, the appropriateness of the name ‘laptop’ should actually not be considered when choosing where to place the device. The electromagnetic fields emitted by laptops are only one source of electromagnetic frequencies vastly present in today’s world. Unfortunately laptop usage, especially when used as intended, is enough to compromise your health.

Electromagnetic Frequencies | Why You Should Not Use a Laptop on Your Lap

Laptops are extremely convenient, and are much easier to carry around than a large desktop computer. This convenience, though, comes a price. Although laptops aren’t resting on your ear as a cell phone would, the electromagnetic frequencies could still be reaching your brain, and are causing other bodily issues as well. A Greek scientific study has demonstrated how frequency electromagnetic fields from devices such as cell phones and WiFi (used by laptops) alter important protein changes in the brains of animals. Researchers found that 143 proteins in the brain were negatively impacted by radio frequency radiation over a period of just 8 months. Although the study was conducted using cell phones, EMF emitted by laptops are still having a similar effect.

The electromagnetic fields produced by laptop computers likely induce currents within your body at unsafe levels. One study, the first of its kind, examined the relationship between human sperm health and internet-connected laptops utilizing Wi-Fi. What the researchers found was that after just 4 hours of using a Wi-Fi connected laptop, a siginificant decrease in the quality of sperm was observed. In addition, an increase in sperm DNA fragmentation accompanied the damage.

A similar study found that using your laptop on your lap, as the product is designed to be used, can lead to scrotal damage within 10 to 15 minutes. When testicles become overheated, sperm production suffers. Laptop use heats up testes at a rate of 2.5 Celsius per hour. This means that hours of daily use can really start causing damage to the testicles, and inhibit sperm production to a very large degree. EMF’s are a contributing reason for women being ‘unable’ to become pregnant.

Interestingly, not only should you not place a laptop on your lap, but you may not want to type on them either. EMF levels are often found to be higher than 100 milligauss on many laptop computers, while the safe ranges are less than 0.3. It is for these reasons you should never use a laptop on your lap, and should choose to use a desktop computer instead when possible. You may also purchase an external keyboard for your laptop to reduce EMF exposure.