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Busted: Biotech Leader ‘Syngenta’ Charged Over Covering Up Animal Deaths from GM Corn

Anthony Gucciardi
June 15th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 8:27 pm
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gmotomatocrop 235x147 Busted: Biotech Leader Syngenta Charged Over Covering Up Animal Deaths from GM Corn

In a riveting victory against genetically modified creations, a major biotech company known as Syngenta has been criminally charged for denying knowledge that its GM Bt corn actually kills livestock. What’s more is not only did the company deny this fact, but they did so in a civil court case that ended back in 2007. The charges were finally issued after a long legal struggle against the mega corp initiated by a German farmer named Gottfried Gloeckner whose dairy cattle died after eating the Bt toxin and coming down with a ‘mysterious’ illness.

Syngenta and Animal Deaths

Grown on his own farm from 1997 to 2002, the cows on the farm were all being fed exclusively on Syngenta’s Bt 176 corn by the year 2000. It was around this time that the mysterious illnesses began to emerge among the cattle population. Syngenta paid Gloeckner 40,000 euros in an effort to silence the farmer, however a civil lawsuit was brought upon the company. Amazingly, 2 cows ate genetically modified maize (now banned in Poland over serious concerns) and died. During the civil lawsuit, however, Syngenta refused to admit that its GM corn was responsible. In fact, they went as far as to claim having no knowledge whatsoever of harm.

The case was dismissed and Gloeckner, the farmer who launched the suit, was left thousands of euros in debt. And that’s not all; Gloeckner continued to lose many cows as a result of Syngenta’s modified Bt corn. After halting the use of GM feed in 2002, Gloeckner attempted a full investigation with the Robert Koch Institute and Syngenta involved. The data of this investigation is still unavailable to the public, and only examined one cow. In 2009, however, the Gloeckner teamed up with a German action group known as Bündnis Aktion Gen-Klage and to ultimately bring Syngenta to the criminal court.

Using the testimony of another farmer whose cows died after eating Syngenta product, Gloeckner and the team have charged the biotech giant for the death of over 65 cows, withholding knowledge of the death-link, and holding the corporation liable for not registering the cattle deaths. The team is even charging Hans-Theo Jahmann, the German head of Syngenta , personally over the withholding of knowledge.

The charges bring to light just how far large biotechnology companies will go to conceal evidence linking their genetically modified products to serious harm. Monsanto, for example, has even threatened to sue the entire state of Vermont if they attempt to label its genetically modified ingredients. Why are they so afraid of the consumer knowing what they are putting in their mouths?

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Institute of Science in Society

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  • Antoinette

    Anything I did want to know about the meeting among the
    Pope and the President that is not actually news either is how did the President greet
    the Pope?

  • Institute of Science

    Have a look at some of these articles on GM maize at the Institute of Science in Society website

    A lot more detail, and scientific evidence

  • Penelope

    About GM crops – they may have been modified to withstand mega quantities of herbicide, pesticide etc. but WE HAVE NOT BEEN SO MODIFIED, and will surely be badly affected by the plant's take-up of those poisons.

  • Carole

    Make a good flyer: quick to read, easy to read, highlight the essentials, give websites for further information.

    Then spend a couple of hours attaching to windshield wipers of cars in a parking lot. Truth must get out somehow. Our media is totally controlled by 5 corporations now.

    I had a great flyer on chemtrails that was attached under windshield wiper one day, and have copied and passed it on many times.

    • Joel

      Right on Carole, keep on, as will I.

      Read up on it then talk it down to take it down.

  • yankee phil

    I thought listing food ingredients was federal law brought about during the Clinton administration or has that law been modified by a following administration? Is monsanto a sister company of haliburton, I thought there was some kind of stock swap some years ago.

  • Jo Ann

    What I don't understand is, if they are so proud of their GMOs, theN why don't they want it to be labeled. You would think if the GM corn was so great….(or better than conventional corn, as they would like you believe) then you would think that they would want the public to know! Instead, they force feed livestock and us this crap and keep vital health risks from us. What do they know that we don't? Apparently PLENTY!

    But, that is business as usual in the USA. How many pharmacuticals have been recalled, rushed to market by Big-Pharm who cover up the side effects in order to make mega-bucks on our pain and fear? Disgraceful and CRIMINAL!

    • drmer

      It's not pride, it's the titilating smell of money, to heck with the consiquences and side effects to people. Oh I forgot, limiting population is their goal, but I think they forgot they need people to pay for and invent their garbage food.

    • Joel

      When labeling becomes mandatory in California, they will twist it so the label says "Genetically Enhanced!" ("Mmm…must be superior" -thought bubble appears in ignorant consumer's mind as she is scanning her choices.)

  • Hanan Basaly

    Please, U.S.A wake up. People have to care about themselves and their family. If many of people cut out fast and any products for fast food, it will be affect bad combany. Don't belive what you heard by media because combanies pay for it, so they lay to you.

    I try to be nture, so I cook for my family at home.

    Tell your friends and your family because many people don't know this facts

  • http://???????????? jim

    I would copy this news and send to the local papers, but they would never print it for fear of losing advertising dollars from Monsanto and other companies.

    • Healthy Solutions 4U

      I agree totally Jim! If enough people let the media know that they are aware of this situation and that they don't appreciate the media lying and treating us like idiots, surly the advertizing dollars would have to affected some how.

  • Carlos Willinais

    I've heard that this is happening in several other countries as well. Also something similar to farmers in Egypt, with a "mysterious illness with their livestock, when consuming the GM grains there".

    Yet, in certain esoteric circles, I have also heard that Monsanto's days are truly numbered. The small will be beautiful, & the once large, will be in pieces…

    Great article!! Thanks for sharing…:-):)