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Above the Law: Supreme Court Sides with Monsanto over Farmers in Patent Case

Anthony Gucciardi
May 15th, 2013
Updated 05/08/2014 at 10:51 am
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In a concerning decision made by the United States Supreme Court that once again highlights the close connection between Monsanto and government, the court upheld Monsanto’s financial crusade against struggling farmers who attempt to replant the GMO juggernaut’s patented GM seeds.

The decision should come as no real surprise when considering that Monsanto even has strong ties within the Supreme Court itself through Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, who worked as a lawyer for Monsanto before obtaining the position. A connection that has been highlighted by a number of news outlets when it comes to the various Monsanto-related cases we have seen over the years. And one that is made even more blatant and concerning when considering that Clarence Thomas always fails to mention his connection.

But then again even greater events have taken place in the past that show how Monsanto really is above the law — especially when compared to the average citizen. If you or I committed the acts of the GMO giant over the past several decades, which of course is led by a group of executives who are likely beyond sociopathic and motivated purely be the almighty dollar, we’d be thrown in jail immediately.

Monsanto’s Repeated ‘Above The Law’ Status

Monsanto’s repeated acts of devastation against the people have generally ended in what amounts to a pesky settlement of X million dollars. This includes settlements over the Vietnam-era chemical warfare weapon Agent Orange, which killed hundreds of thousands and led to around 500,000 birth defects. It also includes a $93 million settlement with citizens of West Virginia’s Nitro, a town that was hit with dioxin as a result of Monsanto’s pollution from the creation of Agent Orange. As you may know, dioxin is one of the deadliest substances known to man.

The figures certainly are a lot to most people, but to Monsanto even 93 million is chump change. I personally believe, like many companies, they hide their true assets. But financials aside, the fact remains that they can pay their way out of jail. Instead of arresting the executives who made the decisions that led to deaths and other serious consequences, Monsanto is allowed to pay a settlement fee to the victims and avoid all criminal action.

And that’s key to being above the law itself.

Let’s also not forget the Monsanto-backed group that illegally used an FDA seal and fake quote to fight against the Prop 37 GMO labeling campaign. What happened to this group? Nothing. I was even on the press call line with the NY Times, LA Times, and others who were aggressively questioning why the Prop 37 campaign thought that the group was doing anything wrong. As it turns out, misuse of a United States government seal can lead to a $250,000 fine, twenty years in prison, and three years of supervised release — unless you’re sponsored by Monsanto.

Ultimately, Monsanto’s days are numbered. We see great movements like the March Against Monsanto and others that will come from it, and such forms of corruption will ultimately be peacefully rooted out from our government system.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Daniel Beck

    So how do we get the judge removed? Sounds like “the people” need to start removing the the key pawns from the chess board. It’s taken them years to build this up to the current level, putting men in powerfull positions. We need to start revoking their appointed positions. Obama is one of “them” as well, so was Bush. Romney is one of them, and so is Bill Gates. America is full of great men, we will remove these cowards from their evil perches.

  • Mable

    Corporations are using 'reverse psychology' in blaming humans for pollution and disease with their smoking cigarettes, tobacco use, to distract from them. Corporations like Monsanto pollute our air, our earth with chemicals you do not see.

  • Patti Jo Edwards

    Farmers must stop planting corn and soy. That way when GM corn and soy volunteer in their fields as super weeds the farmer can sue Monsanto to remove their property that is trespassing. Isn't that what Percy Shmeiser's wife did and won?

  • road.rep

    So the gyst of this article seems to be total outrage that the Surpreme Court would find in favor of an evil corporation instead of good, solid, reputable family farmers who are just trying to raise their families and pay their mortgages. And further that the Supreme Court is in bed with the truly evil corporation that has done nothing but damage to the world in the past and is conspiring to control the entire world food system. BULL SHIT! When the Supreme Court rules for a chemical corporation and against a group of corporate farmers, it is because the law was on the side of the chemical corporation. The farming corporation didn't want to pay the chemical corporation a royalty for the genitically engineered seeds that the farming corporation wants to plant. Nothing more. If you don't like that, then your fight is with the law and your legislators, not the Supreme Court or the corporation. Think back to your fifth grade civics class and try reformulating your argument. Maybe you will find the correct target next time.

    • Guest

      the complete ignorance and sheer naiveté in this comment is so ubiquitous as to be only worthy of this reply…

  • Health101

    Time for Monsanto to go down through peaceful activism like you are calling for Mr. Gucciardi. Keep it up!

  • Mike

    I don’t believe that Monsanto is ‘motivated purely by the almighty dollar’ anymore. They’ve got that. Now, it’s all about control. They’ve already got the power, as well. Their goal, I believe, is to completely dominate and control the food system. First, right here in North America. Then, once Monsanto (and the US government) has their cronies firmly in place amongst the WHO, World Bank, IMF, etc. Than, will they move their bio-terrorism upon the rest of the world.

    • cpmt

      I agree, it s power and control .. while they poison us. control our fertility and the population growth etc… (ARE they doing this to us as guinea pigs… so they can use it in ??? CHINA, INDIA???? POPULATION CONTROL… or what is the secret reason??? We know that for many years some companies -allowed by government had research and try 'treatments' in real people. they were their 'lab guinee pigs' on … mental ill, women, minorities, etc etc… and we findout many years later of what they were doing. studies with quintuples babies, with mental patients, women in child bearing, babies etc… (some of them died of cancer and everyone involved get away with it) etc etc… NO TO MONTSANTO AND THEIR FRANKINTESTING AND RESEARCH.