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Study: Top Insecticide Is Devastating Aquatic Insects, Threatening Environmental Stability

Anthony Gucciardi
May 3rd, 2013
Updated 05/08/2014 at 11:11 am
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insecticide aquatic insects 263x164 Study: Top Insecticide Is Devastating Aquatic Insects, Threatening Environmental StabilityThe European Union recently announced that it was taking action against neonicotinoid pesticides after research linked the usage of the insecticides to bee deaths and subsequent environmental implications, but a newly released study says that the top insecticide is damaging more than just bees.

In addition to calling for swifter and greater action on behalf of the EU commission that has declared a 2 year restriction on neonicotinoids found in pesticides, which the new study authors actually allows for around 20,000 tons of bug repellent chemical to be used for livestock bug repellent, Dr Jeroen van der Sluijs of the Utrecht University says that allowing aquatic insects like snails and dragonflies to die at record numbers will ultimately challenge environmental stability at large through an assault on the food chain.

The research, published in the journal PLOS One and performed by Dutch researchers from Utrecht University, details the methods in which the dangerous insecticide can ravage the wildlife population by tracking its journey from farmland to stomach.

It all starts with the application of the insecticide onto crops, or in some cases use as a bug repellent for livestock and pets (which is a truly horrible idea). Even the ditch water found in fields treated with the insecticide was found to be an effective pesticide. In other words, the concerning insecticide is still powerful in eliminating insects even after a significant amount of dilution. As research head Dr Jeroen van der Sluijs explained:

“We are risking far too much to combat a few insect pests that might threaten agriculture. The pollution was so bad in some places that the ditch water in fields could have been used as an effective pesticide.”

He went on to call for immediate action, after explaining how the insecticide is simply not worth the environmental complications at large to fight off insects from crops and livestock. He said:

“This substance should be phased out internationally as soon as possible.”

The timing of the study is powerful in the sense that it could help drive further legislation to combat the usage of such insecticides amid the recently announced EU ban. That said, the findings of the research are truly concerning as it documents the journey of the insecticide from the field to an animal such as a bird. It’s important to understand that right now the insecticide is killing insects like snails and dragonflies, but when they are consumed by birds or other animals it ultimately affects them as well.

That is why the usage of dangerous chemical substances really compounds into a domino effect of sorts, one that will also lead back to humans in a very big way — even greater than the fact that humans are consuming crops drenched in this insecticide.

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  • sooshee1953

    We all know that the planet is being used and abused by humans, to the point that we are doing irreparable damage to our resources and environment. I am soooo tired of never seeing any suggestions for effective resolution to all these issues. I understand that awareness first has to occur but our government officials and the general public continue to be well-aware of what's happening….and they continue to allow it. I want to know what has to be done right now to stop it, to change the mindset of the people in control of this distruction. What are people waiting for? The moment when we all realize that we can't drink our water and we cough with every breath we take. Our planet is like a concert, every thing is an instrument and we are the musicians. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING, I WANT TO READ ABOUT SOLUTIONS. HOW DO WE GET THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO TAKE THESE ISSUES SERIOUSLY????? IF A "TERRORIST" FACTION WERE TO DUMP THESE CHEMICALS INTO OUR WATER AND FOOD SUPPLY THEY WOULD BE HUNTED AND JAILED…WHY DOES OUR OWN GOVERMENT ALLOW BIG BUSINESS TO GET AWAY WITH IT?

  • Visionaerie

    Amen! When I was very young, my brother and I (along with a friend) used to study honeybees by putting them in various jars — to judge which ones they liked best (minced onion or pickled beets). Now it is very rare if we see ANY kind of bee. Seems like we are stuck in a kind of feedback loop — through time we built up this giant productive beast that is now feeding on us instead of feeding us! Keep spreading the word and definitely grow everything you can to replenish the insects and all the other magnificent God's creations — including US!!

  • fee

    For YEARS now, I have noticed a huge decrease (or even total loss) of honeybees, bumblebees, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, lightning bugs and ladybugs in the areas where I have lived. (And it is NOT the cats doing it, as some would try to have us believe!)

    Do not forget that this water draining off the fields, also flows down into our drinking water, as well as naturally being in the food supply and the food supply of animals.

    But there are more than insecticides that need to be addressed. The poisons from the chemtrails must also be addressed, and the microwaves from the wireless technology, including all the cellphone transmissions. These things (all of them, and we might as well throw the GMOs in the mix, as they deserve to be there) are killing us, they're killing our plants and our animals and oceans, and they are killing us.

    And this has NOTHING to do with carbon emissions. These things are being done purposefully and with wild abandon and evil intent. All of these need to be addressed (Congress doesn't seem to care), and the free energy technology needs to be released.

    Everything has gone way too far, and it needs to be stopped before it's a total avalanche. Share information with others. Save our planet and save our children.