Sweating can Actually Fight off Infection and Illness, Researchers Find

man sweating
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man sweatingSome people like to sweat, and some people just hate it. Those who sometimes enjoy sweating seek out saunas and intense workouts that will help them “break” a sweat, encouraging the release of toxins and a simultaneous release of stress. Others, on the other hand, try to prevent perspiration at every turn by blasting the air conditioning in their vehicles on beautifully warm days and coating on the chemically produced anti-perspirants.

But, sweat-haters may want to take heed—recent research has shown that sweat can help us in more ways than one, actually working to keep us healthy while fighting bacteria and fungi.

Antibiotic in Sweat Found to Fend off Bacteria

According to researchers from across Europe, a protein found on human skin and activated when we sweat is able to kill harmful microbes and even fight those that are resistant to traditional antibiotics.

Known as Dermcidin, the protein becomes active when it encounters slightly acidic and salty environments—sweat being the perfect solution. Once activated, it funnels harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungus through its structure, destroying the cells in “fractions of a second,” according to Medical News Today.

Antibiotics are not only available on prescription. Our own bodies produce efficient substances to fend off bacteria, fungi and viruses,” said Dr. Ulrich Zachariae of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Physics.

This, the researchers say, could offer the key to more effective antibiotics in the future, if they can develop those that would mimic the structure and action of dermcidin.

The scramble for more effective bacteria-fighting agents is on as things like MRSA and other infections have become resistant to the traditional antibiotics over-prescribed by doctors today.

Luckily, more natural substances, such as garlic, cinnamon, and lavender, are gaining recognition for protecting against drug-resistant infections naturally.

With dermcidin, your body is able to protect itself. For instance, a cut or scrape that comes in contact with perspiration would be naturally protected from infection. Though these scientists could “hit it big” by developing a dermcidin imposter for Big Pharma, we know the best choice is usually the most natural.

So, if you abstain from sweat and head for the confines of your air-conditioned home when summer time comes, you may want to rethink your ways. Sweating can do far more good than harm, especially when you pair it with a natural deodorant.