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GMO Study Broadcast: Russian GMO Rat Experiment to be Broadcast 24/7

Lisa Garber
October 4th, 2012
Updated 10/31/2012 at 10:30 pm
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russianliveratexperiment 235x175 GMO Study Broadcast: Russian GMO Rat Experiment to be Broadcast 24/7

GMO rat experiment.
(Picture from RT)

Russian researchers will stream a live experiment to show the effects of GMO feed on rats. This comes after a French study found GMOs to have negative effects on rats, which lead to a provisional Russian suspension on imported Monsanto genetically modified corn.

Russian Scientists Condemn GMOs, Plan a Unique Experiment

French scientists at the University of Caen sounded the alarm on September 19 after publishing images from their study of tumors on rats fed American GM maize. The National Association for Genetic Safety (NAGS) researchers in Russia have publicly condemned genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and have declared plans to conduct an experiment which members of the public can see, allowing the latter to formulate well-informed opinions about GMOs themselves.

These researchers will install web cameras in the cages of four groups of rats.

  • Group 1 will be fed a diet high in GM soybeans and corn.
  • Group 2 will be fed a diet low in GM soybeans and corn.
  • Group 3 will be fed a diet with no GMOs.
  • Group 4 will be fed a diet with standard rat feed.

To ensure integrity in the experiment, individuals assigned to tend to the rats will not know what food they are feeding them.

“This is a unique experiment,” says project Elena Sharoykina, who is spearheading the project. “There hasn’t been anything like it before—open, public research by opponents and supporters of GMO.”

Project to Cost $1 Million

If the rats survive (those in the French study became infertile, just as many before them), the experiment will go on for five generations. The public will have to wait until March 2013, however, to see the effects of GMOs while the scientists work out the finer details, such as funding. The research is projected to cost $1 million, which the scientists hope to find in commercial sponsors, government grants, and even public funding.

Sharoykina thinks it’s money well spent. “We will have a chance to understand in what direction we should move,” she says. “If this research proves negative influence, and supporters of GMOs accept it, the next step should be a moratorium on products with GMOs in Russia.”

Obstacles to Natural Food and GMO Labeling

With Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in bed with Monsanto and Dow—as evidenced in a number of political and economic maneuvers, not least of all the removal of 1 million signatures for a GMO labeling campaign—it’s uncertain how easily the United States will end genetic modification practices. Researchers across the world have already provided ample evidence of GMO’s harmful effects, including weight gain, organ disruption, infertility, tumor development, and the development of resistant weeds and pests.  The push for change to natural, organic food and GMO labeling must come from the public.

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  • betty ballard

    Yes, it’s ok to feel sorry for the rats in the experiment, but do you feel sorry for your children also? You, your children are also in this experiment to increase the bottom-line of chemical companies and other officials. When enough of you die, or have devastating sickness; then, maybe there will be enough public outcry for the public and the government to stop destroying the food supply.

  • Ingrid

    It is so scary, to watch the IGNORANCE of people I talk to. I try to make them aware, show them Pictures, compare it to Contergan, they all admire European Fashion, but not understand, that the Europeans show them the way, for living WITHOUT GMO's!! They will ALL ban this Poisonous so called FOOD from their Countries! Everywhere you look, there are kids with living on/with Pills, having Troubles learning…where it comes from…GMO's! The Gov., Monsanto and Pharmacies working very well together to get their Greed-Share! They by themselfes are not eating their own Products! They have their own Bio-Gardens, like the White House!

    Start waking up, America!

  • P

    I hope they're not running Windows to stream this since Bill Gates now has a stake in Monsanto. ;P

  • Sheri Levy

    Thank you. Please get the link to work. We want to share this story in California to shut the naysayers down.


    Thank you to Natural Society for successfully blocking the offensive pro-GMO political ads. Thank you to all who share your concern for the survival of our species. Please vote yes for Proposition 37 in California for the Right to Know about GMOs in food, via labeling. Many of the people in the State of Washington are also now organizing for labeling of GMOs in food. We oppose deception, and we oppose lying by omission. Thank you.

  • phaz3

    Are all you people that are mad about the rats being in experiments trolling or just retarded? Would you rather we not know the dangerous GMO food so that it can further pollute the entire planet? Would you rather not find out and let GMOs kill off countless species? I think a few rats dying is worth proving how dangerous GMOs are. You can argue that animal life is equal to humans, but we certainly aren't below animals. If you hate humans so much, kill yourself, it's a good start. Anyone who disagrees with me is simply not following logic, or a troll.

  • Kerenne Raymond

    I'm so pleased that Monsanto's despicable practices are at last being exposed and that there is hope for our farmers and future food supplies. I am saddened that these poor innocent rats will suffer in these experiments. With so many paedophiles in prison, why are we still experimenting on animals?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with comment about our barbarous nature to experiment on animals as though they're born and bred for our experimentation, consumption and amusement. It is horrifying we live in a world where people are so much in denial over the truth as evidenced by research from around the world on the deleterious effects of GMO on any being…human or otherwise…even the weeds are rebelling that we need to do yet another study.

    What will it take for people to wake up and force change by boycotting these companies and directing unrelenting pressure on representatives to carry out their will in all areas, not just GMO? Humans are proving to be apathetic, lazy, ignorant and easily willing to be poisoned and give up their freedom and liberty just to be left alone to watch their televisions and eat their barbeque.

  • Angel

    I really feel SO sorry for the poor rats that will be fed that GMO garbage and essentially tortured. At least give them the choice of a full bowl of non gmo and a full bowl of GMO feed.

    Actually, why not experiment on the scientists who want to kill innocent rats? Let them eat GMO and another group Non-GMO food. People need to respect animals, there is no excuse.

    For anyone who cannot understand this, sadly you were not raised to be kind to all animals & I feel sorry for your cold heart. Rats have feelings too!

    • Anonymous

      So in an effort to preserve a rat and save it from what you likened to torture, you suggest instead throwing a human being in its place; yet you decry the evils of not respecting living beings with feelings. You're a conundrum of reasoning. Perhaps instead you'd like to volunteer? Or we can just never find out about the effects ofGMO and big Agriculture can just taint everything.


    The results of the experiments clearly show the dangers hidden in the long term ingestion of unfermented genetically modified grains. It will be useful to examine also the long term ingestion of unfermented grains e.g. maize, soya bean, wheat, etc. There are many stories in history on how the ingestion of large quantities of unfermented grains caused skin diseases and tumors. The outbreak of pellagra in the southern part of the USA during the early years of the 20th Century illustrates. The legend of St Jerome (340 t0 420 AD) is also an example.

    The unfermented grains (both GMO and Non-GMO) contain substantial quantities of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the source of prostaglandins in the body. Many studies have identified polyunsaturated fatty acids and prostaglandins as a major factor in the many diseases associated with tumors, neural diseases, pains, viral/fungal diseases and formation of plaques in the heart and penis. LDL cholesterol is made up of mainly polyunsaturated fatty acids and some cholesterol.

    We must be grateful that the French scientists have brought out these results of the studies on genetically modified grains to the public domain. The Americans will strain every sinew to punch holes in these lucid results. We expect the various national and international agencies will be firm, like the French and Russians, and ban these Genetically Modified grains.

    We are waiting for the suppressed scientific results on the harm being caused by the long term ingestion of processed unsaturated vegetable oils and unfermented grains to be brought to the public domain too. We also require an urgent attention and action on the processed unsaturated vegetable oils.

  • katrina

    Likely it will be on at some point if not on youtube. I will be watching for it. Thanxs

  • Meli

    I wonder if they'd accept public donations through something like I bet they'd get way more funding than they could've ever imagined.


      Yes, but we need a website,such as Natural Society, for public funding for research, to coordinate with the researchers. How about it, Natural Society?

  • Steve W.

    HAHAHAHA monsanto are pooping in their pants trying to pull all strings to try and stop this I guarantee you.

  • ann

    Where and when can we see this live stream. No details given in the article


  • vicki christina

    Excellent! I hope we get the live stream!