New Certified Organic Turmeric Formulation Announced, Proceeds to Fund GMO Labeling

New Certified Organic Turmeric Formulation Announced, Proceeds to Fund GMO Labeling

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We have been campaigning against GMOs for years, and we are now closer than ever to winning the fight against Monsanto and GMOs as a whole. During this movement against tumor-causing GMOs that have been woven into the very fabric of the food supply, we have also detailed many natural solutions and health-enhancing alternatives. One such superfood that I have been extremely passionate about is turmeric, a well-known nutritional powerhouse that is known to boost the immune system and even improve digestion*.

Now, the ‘best of both worlds’ have combined to create the world’s first certified organic product to ever benefit GMO labeling and the overall mission to end GMOs as a whole.

Known under the brand name of ‘Natural Attitude’ to signify a revolution in regards to the current twisted societal and political infrastructure that is infiltrated by Monsanto and other corporate food giants, Natural Attitude Organic Turmeric Extract is now available at the new NaturalNews Store. The NaturalNews Store, by the way, is crucial in making this happen through orchestrating the financial support of Prop 37, food freedom, and independent farms. Now through the third week of October all sales will contribute to a substantial donation made on the third week to Prop 37.

I personally helped to test and develop this formulation along with Dr. Edward Group of Global Healing Center and Mike Adams of NaturalNews. In essence, it is literally the first time that any such formulation has been unanimously approved, used, and promoted by all three of us. It is also the first time to my knowledge that any product launch has directly benefited GMO labeling and food freedom. It is also one of very few products that adheres to an extremely rigorous checklist set out by the three of us to ensure that it does not contain any problematic ingredients — no exceptions.
In fact, we were vehemently certain that the product was:

  • Completely 100% GMO free
  • Free of additives
  • Free of fillers
  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Free of alcohol (which can actually damage the nutrient content)
  • 100% Kosher
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in the USA
  • Contain only certified organic 

You can checkout the product and its ingredients for yourself here.

Enhancing Your Health While Ending GMOs

After brainstorming with leading activists in the industry, we determined that the absolute best way to generate funds to potentially put an end to GMOs would be first offer a seriously good product and then deliver a game-changing amount of proceeds to funding Prop 37 and similar campaigns. In case you’re not aware, Monsanto and other pro-GMO companies have donated over $23 million to censor GMO labeling. Meanwhile, those in favor have only accumulated $2.6 million.

Obviously, something needs to change.

It is essential that Prop 37 passes in California as it could potentially label Monsanto out of existence. This could be done through states passing similar legislation due to grassroots activism or other forms of political pressure. When a consumer goes shopping and they see a warning that states a product contains GMOs, they simply won’t purchase it in many instances. After all, nearly 90% of United States citizens have openly come out in support of GMO labeling.

The fact of the matter is that people want to know what’s in their food so that they can avoid eating the very same ingredients linked to organ damage, tumors, and now being banned by nations across the globe.

Supporting The Free Alternative Media

I have personally written well over one hundred articles just on Monsanto and GMOs alone, and have done an abundance of radio and TV appearances to discuss the dangers associated with their use. On our website as a whole, you can find thousands of stories for no charge. In addition, you won’t be bothered by annoying pop-up ads or boxes asking you to give us your personal information. That said, we believe this should be the standard within the alternative news community.

Natural Attitude Turmeric presents an opportunity to support the free flow of information throughout the alternative news community, supporting Natural Society, Global Healing Center, and NaturalNews. After all, you vote with your dollar. We are not funded by massive financial organizations with agendas, nor by major sponsors who determine our area of focus. You can click here to checkout the product for yourself.

I also encourage you to checkout the NaturalNews Store as a whole, where Natural Attitude turmeric is sold exclusively. It is by supporting key alternative media outlets that we can expand and continue to deliver a stronger message to a larger audience.