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Baby Toxicity: Nursery Water for Babies “with added Fluoride!”

Elizabeth Renter
October 21st, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 5:22 pm
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baby toxic 263x165 Baby Toxicity: Nursery Water for Babies “with added Fluoride!”We are all concerned about what we put in our bodies. For parents, that concern extends to our children. Honestly, as parents we are often more concerned about what our children are ingesting than what we are. But I digress. When something is made specifically for the better health of your child (or at least is marketed that way), it would be great to be able to assume the company creating that product had your child’s best interest in mind. But, at least in the case of Nursery Water, water specifically marketed to parents of infants, the company is either completely misguided or just doesn’t care.

Proudly on every label of Nursery Water is the notification that it has “added fluoride”. This is added directly under their logo, not hidden on the back or in small print under the content measurement. The company wants you to know they’ve added fluoride, and we’re truly grateful for that.

The dangers of fluoride among young children are well-recognized. Contrary to several decades ago, children under the age of 12 months are cautioned against drinking fluoridated water, and those under 6 months should not get any fluoride at all—not in the drops or pills that were once commonly recommended.

So why are we concerned about babies receiving fluoride?

Dental fluorosis is one reason. Associated with early-life exposure to fluoride, dental fluorosis causes permanent damage to the tooth enamel, leaving its victims with discolored and damaged smiles. But this isn’t the only reason.

A review released in The Lancet revealed fluoride could damage a developing brain, calling it an “emerging neurotoxic substance.” Also, as reported by, the National Research Council has identified fluoride as a hormone disruptor that could damage thyroid function.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dangers of sodium fluoride, classified as a “severe poison” on its material data safety sheet. Actually, fluoride has been shown to contribute to numerous health issues, including cancer and reduced IQ. This is why most nations don’t fluoridate their water, and why nations like Israel are halting water fluoridation.

By giving infants this poison, we are truly putting them at risk.

“A baby drinking fluoridated formula receives the highest dosage of fluoride among all age groups in the population (0.1-0.2+ mg/kg/day), whereas a breast-fed infant receives the lowest.”

It isn’t clear how Nursery Water maintains a place on store shelves with added fluoride. What’s troubling is we know someone must be using it for them to stay afloat. If you know someone giving their infant fluoridated water, you have a duty to speak up and tactfully inform them of the dangers.

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  • schmoepooh

    I’m unsubscribing. If u can’t trust this forum to respect scientific truth you are no better than Monsanto etc.

  • schmoepooh

    Continuation ….
    the final version circulates in the blogosphere and the gawping classes start twittering.

  • schmoepooh

    Here’s where the misinformation starts. Phyllis J Mullinex Et al publishes a paper on the neurotoxic effects of Sodium Fluoride on rats at concentrations 100 time the concentrations in fluoridated water. The paper is heavily criticised by experts in the field. Mullinex and her friends play the anti women card, Richard Bryson fudges the concentration issues with woffle about equivalent plasma levels to make it look like we are comparing apples with apples, Dr. Russell Blaycock makes a video which doesn’t mention concentrations at all, the final message circulated in the

  • schmoepooh

    Animals including human animals have been ingesting fluoride since life began on this planet. Fluoridation simply standardises the exposure for healthy teeth. In the meantime human brains have been getting bigger and smarter.
    But! Never let inconvenient facts get in the way of an idiot theory.

    • Buisibody

      lick your arce you fluoridated idiot….

      There’s a BIG differance between
      CALCIUM Fluoride …and
      SODIUM Fluoride ……..
      Calcium fluoride is absorbed by consuming fresh vegetables
      and isn’t soluble…it’s good for both your teeth and eyes….whereas
      Sodium Fluoride is a salt that is soluble
      and is a poison ….causes flurosis , arthritis , joint pains , and concentrates around the pitulary gland , numbs the brain and it’s a major contributer to neural degenerative diseases such as MS

      • buisibody

        erratum … i said eyes … i meant to say bones … speaking of eyes , EAT carrots … I’ll will improuve your night vision …

      • schmoepooh

        Just what I expected. Read Wikipedia dummy. In aqueous solution (water dummy), the compound seperates into ions. F- settles on teeth and incorporated into enamel hardens it. The F- that is ingested is processed by the kidneys and that was documented by one of your mates whose now an anti (because the speaking fees are lucrative). If your a homeopath of course you will think the fluoride remembers where it came from. Tell us one person you know who became sick or died from fluoridated water or tooth paste! Just one! Even the poison centres will laugh at you. Go back to aliens and UFOs. Oh! And read some high school and university text books.

      • schmoepooh

        And being soluble it seperates ionicly. That’s what solubility means dummy!

    • fist of truth

      holy cow, ive read alot of crap online before but i think you just stole it you poor state media infiltrated soul… you have my pity

      • schmoepooh

        When people don’t understand the science, they opt for avoidance. Others are on the speaking circuit or selling books and articles and some just have Irish genes! For your information states leave it to local communities but the usually encourage a constituted body to advise the science to communities.

      • schmoepooh

        Why would the state want to indoctrinate on this issue?

  • Alan D Smith

    For over a year I’ve been telling folks online that Wal-Mart sells baby water “with added fluoride.” I take my red Sharpie Marker with me to shop and use it to mark “RAT POISON” on the bottles’ labels. If they ever catch me I wonder what will happen. It is, after all, the only active ingredient in rat poison.

    • schmoepooh

      If I cought you I’d kick your arse!

    • jayar

      no its not the only active ingredient in rat poison , you should really look this stuff up before you spit it out online