5 Things You Should Know About Fluoride Found in Your Drinking Water

Toxins and Chemicals

Though fluoride remains in the drinking water served to millions of people around the world, many communities and even entire countries have removed fluoride from their water as a way to protect public health.

Fluoride is continuously being removed from water nationally and globally as more people start to question practices that were once accepted without a true safety assessment. These bans are a great example of how consciousness is raising on the planet and people are more cognizant of what can harm or help their overall health.

Here are a 5 things you should know about fluoride.

1. Many Municipal Water Systems are Polluted with Hydrofluorosilicic Acid

Our governments have allowed this toxic industrial waste by-product to be in our water systems for more than 60 years. But why would anyone want to add a substance that is the byproduct of the aluminum, fertilizer, steel, and nuclear industries to the water? Hydrofluorosilicic acid comes primarily from the Phosphate Mining & Production Industry, a byproduct of strip-mined rock that is placed in large vats of sulfuric acid to get rid of contaminates in the rock.

This practice resulted in not only polluting our drinking water, but also harming the environment and harming many habitats and the animals that lived in them. Industrial toxic waste was placed into our drinking water as a sneaky way for mega-corporations to get rid of pollutants they didn’t know what to do with (like arsenic, lead, mercury, and silicofluoride, among others) When the aluminum, fertilizer, steel and nuclear industries couldn’t meet certain environmental regulations imposed upon them, they looked for a creative way to get rid of this waste – and guess where it ended up?

As more people learn what fluoride is, and that it is not the ‘naturally occurring fluoride’ that fluoridation supporters try to promote, then they realize it has no business in our drinking water.

2. Fluoride has Been Banned in Numerous Countries for Good Reason

The U.S. Center for Disease Control once propagandized fluoridation of the water supply as ‘one of the top ten public health achievements of the twentieth century.” The U.S. has more fluoridated water than any other country in the world due to this deceptive campaign.

Most industrialized nations do not fluoridate their water. This includes Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, many communities in Australia, Iceland, 90 percent of the UK, Spain, Scotland, Norway, Switzerland, Windsor, Canada, and numerous others who know that fluoridation is toxic to human health.

3. Fluoride is a Pollutant to the Air You Breathe – Not Just the Water You Drink

The Former VP and Senior Chemist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters, Dr. William Hirzy, has called fluoride a pollutant. “If this stuff gets out into the air; it’s a pollutant; if it gets into a river it’s a pollutant: if it gets into a lake it’s a pollutant, but it goes right straight into your drinking water system, it’s not a pollutant. That’s amazing.”

One of the most prestigious peer reviewed medical journals has admitted that fluoride is a neurotoxin. This substance can cause all sort of developmental delays in children and dementia in older adults. The publication abstract reads:

“Neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia and other cognitive impairments, affect millions of children worldwide, and some diagnoses seem to be increasing in frequency. Industrial chemicals that injure the developing brain are among the known causes for this rise in prevalence.

In 2006, we did a systematic review and identified five industrial chemicals as developmental neurotoxicants: lead, methyl mercury (common in vaccines), polychlorinated biphenyls, arsenic and toluene. Since 2006, epidemiological studies have documented six additional developmental neurotoxicants – manganese, fluoride, chlorpyrifos, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, tetrachloroethylene, and the polybrominated dihenyl ethers. We postulate that even more neurotoxicants remain undiscovered.

To control the pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity, we propose a global prevention strategy. Untested chemicals should not be presumed to be safe to brain development, and chemicals in existing use and all new chemicals must therefore be tested for developmental neurotoxicity. To coordinate these efforts and to accelerate translation of science into prevention, we propose the urgent formation of a new international clearinghouse.”

In addition to this, a major Harvard study has confirmed that fluoride lowers IQ.

4. Fluoride Impedes Presence of Important Compounds

A famous American biochemist, Dr. Dean Burk, discovered that a chemical necessary for proper cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids (cellular respiration) – biotin – is impeded by the presence of fluoride and other toxins. Dr. Burk was the head chief chemist at the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institute of health under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

He was also chief of cytochemistry at the institute’s laboratory. He even won a Hilderbrand Prize in 1952 for his work on photosynthesis, and the Gerhard Domagk Prize in 1965 for his development of procedures for distinguishing the difference between a normal cell and one damaged by cancer. He was no scientific slouch.

In a paper he wrote on the subject of enzyme dissociation, he commented:

“In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer deaths than any other chemical.When you have power you don’t have to tell the truth. That’s a rule that’s been working in this world for generations. And there are a great many people who don’t tell the truth when they are in power in administrative positions. Fluoride amounts to public murder on a grand scale. It is some of the most conclusive scientific and biological evidence that I have come across in my 50 years in the field of cancer research.”

5. Fluoride is Already in Your Toothpaste, Mouthwash, and Other Products

I personally choose fluoride-free toothpaste, but why in the world does it need to be added to the water supply if millions of Americans still brush their teeth with fluoridated products? Fluoride also naturally occurs in water, but at a much lower rate.

One of the best ways to get this nasty substance out of your drinking water is through a process called ‘reverse osmosis.’ There are multiple home-filtration systems that purify water in multiple stages, taking fluoride and other toxins out of it before you drink it. You can also purchase bottled water at many health food stores that has been filtered to get rid of fluoride.

Going fluoride-free is easier than you think!