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Monsanto Threatens Lawsuit Over GMO Labeling Bill

Mike Barrett
April 6th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 11:49 pm
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Even though the state of Vermont is trying desperately to pass a bill which would require GMO foods to be labeled, the state’s efforts are being threatened by biotech giant Monsanto. In retaliation of the GMO labeling bill, Monsanto has threatened to sue Vermont if any such bill is passed. Sadly, Vermont elected public officials may surrender to the threats and intimidation brought about by the GMO creator.

Vermont Threatened with Lawsuit over GMO Labeling Bill

The bill, known as the ‘VT Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act’, or H-722, was introduced to the Vermont House of Representatives by Representative Kate Webb of Shelburne on February 1st, 2012. The bill would require the labeling of not only products filled entirely with GMOs, but also for those partially created using GM ingredients. What’s more, GMO food manufacturers using promotional labels such as “natural,” “naturally made,” “naturally grown,” “all natural,” and other similar statements, would be prohibited.

Despite a majority (6 to 5) of Agriculture Committee members supporting passage of the bill, and thousands of people voicing their support for the bill, legislators of Vermont are putting the labeling bill on hold and refusing to take a vote. Legislators are calling for more public hearings on April 12, while only four weeks remain until legislature is postponed.

Of course Monsanto’s tactics are far less than surprising. The GMO giant has been using lawsuits and threats of lawsuits for over 20 years in order to force their unlabeled genetically modified creations on the population. In 1994, Vermont became the first state to require milk and dairy products derived from cows injected with the controversial genetically engineered Bovine Growth Hormone to be labeled. In response to such an action, Monsanto sued in Federal Court. The corporation won on the note that dairy corporations have the first amendment “right” to hide rBGH injection even though the synthetic hormone, now banned in 27 countries, has been shown to increase risks for both breast and gastrointestinal cancer in peer-reviewed research (while also causing severe health damage in cows).

Monsanto has also been using their scare tactics — intimidation and tactical lawsuits on small farmers — in order to force their genetically modified seeds and growth hormones onto these individuals. In fact, between 1997 and 2010, Monsanto actually filed 144 lawsuits against American family farmers. In addition, another 700 were settled out of court for unknown amounts. Monsanto wants more than anything to take out American family farms and dominate the agricultural industry with their own mutant seeds. This is the same kind of practice that Monsanto operates outside of the United States as well, driving thousands of poor farmers to suicide by ruining their family farming practices. Monsanto’s actions have even helped to lead to a farmer suicide occurring every 30 minutes.

So will Monsanto’s bullying actions put a stop to Vermont’s Right to Know Bill? Tens of thousands of people want nothing more than for the bill to pass, but time will tell.

About Mike Barrett:
2.thumbnail Monsanto Threatens Lawsuit Over GMO Labeling Bill Google Plus Profile |Mike is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health.

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  • Sophia

    People have a right to know what is in their foods.

    • Zanne

      I agree. All we want as consumers is disclosure. The very idea that Monsanto is willing to file suit clearly says that there is something to hide.

      No corporation should have the same rights as people. Monsanto fights using the First Amendment which should be reserved for People Only. SCOTUS screwed us.

      I joined my local Move To Amend movement to overturn Citizens United and end Corporate Personhood with an amendment to the Constitution. We can't let Monsanto take over the EPA, FDA or OCA.

    • Anonymous

      Enough with the lying of what's in our food. Enough with the lying of what's being sprayed into our air and atmosphere. With the army getting ready for civil unrest, due to "strategic shock tactics" such as, economic decline, food shortage etc ; Civilians need to arm up, and get ready as well. This is a domestic war. You can try to cover it up and lobby it as whatever you want. When elected officials do not voice the cries of the people, that is when new government should be implemented….

      Sometimes action is called upon by force; since we are being targeted, tested on, and given mutated foods, can they really stop all 250 million of us like this?

      • @KimKacer

        You know if you JUST count 5% of gun owners we STILL out number ALL the police forces/sheriff's/state police by … LOTS?

  • standing_bear

    So now that this suit has been threatened, are the Vermont lawmakers going to stand up to the "Evil Empire?" Or will they fold. I hope they stand up, because this company has no right to tell us what we can and cannot do.

  • SkepticalVegan

    It should also be noted that Monsanto never threatened to sue Vermont (they didnt even testify) and this article offers no evidence of it. If you have the quote and name of the Monsanto rep then post it, otherwise this is just rumor mongering.

    • Kate Webb

      Attorney Rachel Lattimore of Arent Fox LLP, representing the biotech industry stated to the Vermont House Agricultural Committee that they would start litigation once the bill was passed in the law. Arent Fox Law can be reached at 202 857-8935. Address 1050 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20036-5339

    • @KimKacer

      Lack of evidence does not mean it did not occur. I hope it didn't, but just because it did not give specifics, does not mean anything, really. It's difficult to prove a negative… but decent point. Do you have a certified list of individuals, (and who they receive their $$ from) who did testify? Do you have transcripts of the session(s)? I'm not saying you are wrong, only that your 'evidence' is as dubious as the articles….

  • SkepticalVegan

    I don’t think labeling of genetically engineered foods is the right way to go. It is arbitrarily focusing on only one form of genetic modification, ignoring herbicide resistant hybrid crops, crops produced through radiation induced mutation, and other forms of breeding with can move entire chromosomes between plants, not just a few genes. There is no scientific reason to label GE crops. The proposed labels are also uninformative, they do not say the specific modification made, are we to assume all modifications are equally as bad? Labeling must be based on actual knowledge of harm. GMOs should not be held to a lower standard than other labellings issues such as allergens.

    In the end labeling is just a ploy by anti-GMO activists similar to the labels warning against evolution placed in biology books in Georgia by intelligent design proponents to create fear, uncertainty and doubt about evolution. Anti-Gmo activists want to create undue create fear, uncertainty and doubt about GE food among the public. Many of these activists have stated that the goal of labeling is actually to force GE crops off the market, so for these activists at least the GMO labeling campaign as presented to the public is disingenuous.

    • Vegans Lie

      You speak like a garden variety corporate whore and GMO propagandist. We're not fooled. We can smell the deceit miles away. Nice try scum.

      • Linda

        Right on! I don't know how he/she sleeps at night, but I guess SCUM has no conscious!

    • LP

      My take on this is: If YOU don't care about GE/GMO food, FINE. Eat it, and may you live a long and happy life. But I do care, and I should be able to know if my food contains or is GE/GMO. It should simply be up to the person, just like putting gas mileage stickers on cars and letting people decide whether to trade mileage for other features. Contrary to what the government thinks, many Americans are fully literate and can make decisions without their interference, if only the information is there to work with.

      And, I'm pretty sure that GE/GMO were all so innocuous and full of butterflies and rainbows, Monsanto and the other big food tramps wouldn't be screaming so loudly about labeling it. They'd have big stickers on the boxes–NOW with more GMOs.

    • @KimKacer

      The ONLY time I've EVER seen a tile w/ Skeptic in the name is when some HUGE corporation or corporate 'grouping' has hired semi-experts who have NO morals beyond their check they cash for spreading lies upon lies to do JUST what you are accusing the Anti-GMOers of doing…. sewing fear. According to Sigmund Freud, projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one "projects" one's own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else. 'Emotions or excitations which the ego tries to ward off are "split out" and then felt as being outside the ego… perceived in another person'.[4] It is a common process.[5] The related defense of 'projective identification' differs from projection in that the impulse projected onto an external object does not appear as something alien and distant from the ego because the connection of the self with that projected impulse continues.

  • Andy

    Vermont can definately counter sue! Why should politicians control forceful feeding of GMO to its own poeople?

    GMO is poison to kill the general population slowly.

    Time to end all GMO in America.

  • Len Aldis

    Delighted to read the many comments opposed to Monsanto's threat to sue the State of Vermont, and hope on the day the court is surrounded by the people with their posters and banners.

    I live in London, UK and you have my full support. Boycott all Monsanto's products, remember the victims of Agent Orange made by Monsanto.


  • Doug Eberspacher

    Let me see we have companies suing because they want to be able to hide this from the consumers and make them sick. WOuld burning down their buildings and shooting the ones that ran out be to barbaric punishment for people that would even consider doing this?

    • @KimKacer

      Nah, sounds like "survival of the fittest" to me… evolution…

  • Bill Jones

    We are talking having armed confrotation with this government but can't even decide to not fly to protest being groped and now we are so weak we can't quit buying junk like pizzas in boxes. This would have been easy 50 years ago. We are weak pathetic bastards.

  • John

    When a product provider trespasses beyond client demand with their supply to interfering with their lives, are they not becoming an illegal state-like entity that conflicts with D.C. within the bounds of the USA? This could be classified and treated as a foreign invasion.

  • windy

    Isn't it legal to label products 'GMO free' ?

    That's all we'd need if people were not quite so brain dead.

    • @KimKacer

      Well, the problem with that is if "GMO Free" is NOT defined IN LAW then even GMOs could legally CLAIM to be GMO free and just lie… kinda like now… but worse…

  • Toni Reita ND

    The good news is that you can Vote With Your Dollars and say a loud NO to GMO! Tell them you're not buying their Frankenfood and pesticides.

    Even giants fall without customers buying their goods.

    When purchasing fresh natural fruits and vegetables, those tiny labels on the fruit will help you avoid GMO like the poison it is!

    These labels are for US markets, if anyone has information for other markets, it would be helpful to other readers.

    Conventional Food Labels, grown with herbicides, pesticides and harmful fertilizers, have four digits on their label and start with the digit 4. Such as 4922.

    Organic Food Labels, are five digits and starts with number 9, such as 99222. You can feel safe to grab all foods with this label, it's organic and safe to eat or serve to your family and animals.

    Genetically Modified Labels, start with the digit 8, as in 89222. This is important to know as it clearly identifies the product as GMO. You can drop it and run!

    Don't forget to tell the supermarket manager why you won't buy GMO. I find managers are interested and more than concerned about what consumers want. They will not continue to stock their shelves with products that consumers reject. If we are to reclaim our health, we must reject GMO.

    There are currently seven food crops that have been genetically engineered and are available commercially:

    * Soy another dangerous food

    * Corn

    * Cottonseed

    * Canola

    * Hawaiian papaya

    * Zucchini

    * Crook neck squash

    This means avoiding anything with Soy or Soy lecithin found in many chocolate, teas, thousands of products.

    Corn Syrup, Corn Sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup found in thousands of everyday foods.

    Canola oil is used in many snack foods and in frying.

    Some Foods That May Have GM Engineered Poisons are found in common everyday foods such as:

    infant formula, salad dressing, bread, cereal, hamburgers and hotdogs, margarine, mayonnaise, cereals, crackers, cookies, chocolate, candy, fried food, chips, veggie burgers, meat substitutes, ice cream, frozen yogurt, tofu, tamari, soy sauce, soy cheese, tomato sauce, protein powder, baking powder, alcohol, vanilla, powdered sugar, peanut butter, enriched flour and pasta and hundreds of things that you would never suspect.

    Vote with your $$$$$

    Real people need real food for real health.

    • Doug Eberspacher

      If you got to buy at the grocery store buy fruit and veggies canned or frozen or fresh fruit. Don't buy any processed foods. If you can buy from local growers. If you quit buying food at the grocery store. I would not even think about going to the grocery store and trusting buying anything base don certain numbers. Just don't buy the junk. They never had grocery stores a couple hundred years ago. You had a general store but nothing processed. It's no problem to grow a garden.

  • chucky

    Why don't the American people execute all of these NWO bastards. That is the only way.

    • Spartacus

      Do you know their NAMES? WHERE they LIVE? —Lead the Way.

  • DDearborn


    What isn't being addressed is an analysis of the suit that Vermont is being threatened with. Some how I rather doubt that it has much merit. After all the only thing the state is mandating is that the contents of the product be disclosed. Since when is telling the truth a crime? Come on people this article is most likely paid for by Monsanto. It is a fluff piece attempting (rather feebly I might add) to suggest that the state has not choice. Bull No judge or jury is going to prohibt a state from demanding that products meant for consumption list the contents on the label. Get real people this is pure baloney. Monsanto has NO case what so ever. The only power it has is if the people start to believe the rhetoric spewing from articles like this one……

    • Sarah

      Not so! Monsanto did win the lawsuit to not have to lable milk with rBGH, saying it was discrimination. And they have won tons of law suits against small farmers for trademark infringement for having gm crops, when they didn't know they were there or even want them. Monsanto has teeth and claws and judges in their pockets.

    • Jump

      It comes down to first amendment rights, that is why a tax is better.

  • Jump

    What has to happen is the GMO must be taxed. If taxed the GMO will require a stamp as proof the tax was paid. This is called the Bailey Tax.

    Monsanto would be unable to sue because the state can levy taxes on products and they do like alcohol and cigarettes.

    Please spread the word. I sent notes to California and Vermont on this issue. We have to get this implemented.

  • JesseT

    It's really time to padlock Monsanto's door and dissolve this corporate entity. There is enough material in the public archives to show the consistent intent to damage our country and our food supply.

    The question is: How do we get such an enterprise launched?

    • FreedomNow

      The bigger picture is not Monsanto but the complete loss of control over our government (e.g. Enron, Goldman, Credit Default Swap problem, FASB, Worldcomm, etc.). We have NO power and the powers that be give us the illusion that we have a democracy that is moral and just. It's like we are living in the movie the Matrix. The whole system will have to be taken apart for us to get back our government. Little insignificant attacks will NOT work.

  • WillieG51

    At a time when countries in Europe,are starting to "get it", farmers in India are being bankrupted and driven to suicide, the corruption here in the US becomes even more evident.

    These "cowards" in the Vermont legislature, must be voted out. They have it in their power to prevent Monsanto from doing business in Vermont if they so choose. . It appears they have already chosen to cower without a fight!! Yet this is nothing new, I wrote to my state representative in Ohio, about GMO labeling and he had the audacity to tell me the stated didn't have the authority to make such demands. . I shot back a letter asking him why we should keep him in office?

    It's this kind of "selling out" we have to not only stop, but reverse. .

    • Sarah

      They are on monsanto's "pay roll."

  • Peter

    These elected officials will cave. You people will lose. Fascism has already won. Now unless the people are willing to remove this government as stated in the constitution when a corrupt government no longer does as the people tell them to, then expect and prepare for health problems and poor quality of life. Clearly a war has been declared.

    Read a book called, People as enemy.

    • Hayden

      err I think you meant the Declaration of Independence.

      • Peter


        Contrary to what is currently taught at most federal and state schools, Samuel Adams pointed out this strong lesson which is contradicted in courts today: "Before the formation of this Constitution…this Declaration of Independence was received and ratified by all the States in the Union and has NEVER been disannuled."

        The Declaration and the Constitution were viewed as inseparable and interdependent documents. The Declaration of Independence appeals to God no less than three times. The men who wrote it declared within it their undying faith towards God for all generations to see and follow.

        The Articles of Incorporation call the entity into existence and the By-laws then explain how it will be governed. Therefore the governing of the corporation under its by-laws must always be within the purposes and framework set forth in its Articles. The By-laws may neither nullify nor supersede the Articles. The Constitution neither abolished nor replaced what the Declaration had established; it only provided the specific details of how American government would operate under the principles set forth in the Declaration.

        PROOF of the Declaration being attached to the Constitution is found in Article VII. The Constitution attaches itself to the Declaration by dating itself as being signed in the twelfth year of the independence of the United States of America! Now that proves the founding fathers considered themselves to have been living in the USA for twelve years under the government document of the Declaration of Independence. Not only was the Constitution dated in recognition of the Declaration of Independence, also the later government acts were dated from the Independence of the United States of America.

        "The Jubilee of the Constitution" by John Quincy Adams explains the Constitution as dependent upon the virtues proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. That's why the Ten Commandments are inscribed in stone on the Supreme Court building. Those men saw the law of God as the basis of all law for all men always, never to be changed! How can we withhold God and His truth from our educational classrooms for children today? One Nation Under God. United we stand together with Christ.

        They erected a beacon to guide their children, and their children's children: for all men who would pursue life, liberty, and happiness…they pointed us to God and to His Son Jesus Christ. They desired that their posterity might look again to the Declaration of Independence and take courage to renew that battle which their fathers began, so that truth, justice, mercy, and all Christian virtue not be extinguished from the schools of this land.

        If anyone has taught you doctrines conflicting with the light shining through our Declaration of Independence, come back to the truths that were written then for you to see again now.

        President Abraham Lincoln reminded the nation of that great truth contained in the Declaration of Independence when he said, "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

        SUPREME COURT decision of 1897: Constitution is the body and letter of which the Declaration of Independence is the thought and the spirit, and it is always safe to read the letter of the Constitution in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

        H Our government exists to protect the Constitutional rights of the people. Those rights are protected by the Constitution and its Amendments as the law of the land. Only the people have the incontestable, unalienable, unencroachable right to change the laws which they have established. The elected and appointed officials may not change the law of the Constitution, neither can the courts change the law. Not even the Supreme Court can change any law. Courts only judge situations to which the law applies. Courts may not judge the law.

        Not the courts, not the officials, not even the Supreme Court, have the incontestable, unalienable, and unremoveable right to change the law of the land. Only the people. They do it through their elected officials of the many states. But for such power to make laws to exist in the hands of a few appointed men, untouchable by the people, that is the exact thing our Founders denied. They set up the Constitution so only Congress should have the power to make laws, and Congress is elected by the people. Therefore Congress reflects the will of the people. Judges should only apply the law of the people, not make law for the people to follow. Judges are to follow the law of the people.

  • Sky

    You mean "MONSATAN" !

  • ranny

    all how vot for file law sute on monsanto it cost them

  • Auntie Beth

    My name is Beth and I am spreading "aloha" around the world, to YOU! I have done many "In Pro Per Au Pauperus" lawsuits (and even WON some!) since I am a World Citizen, I would like to see GMOnsanto (Monsanto) BANNED! Now! I am willing to sue them in Court and I have a good chance of winning.

    My Motto will be:

    OMG! NO GMO! OK!

  • chris

    Go ahead and sue you NWO bastards. We will win and run you and your poison seeds and crops out of business!-FINALLY Notice the "elite" only eat organic-hypocrites!

    • @KimKacer

      WTH will they sue about? Being required to label their products? Then ANY company can sue for being required to label how many calories or WTF ever! OMG I didn't think I could despise these jerks more!