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Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Crops Leading to Mental Illness, Obesity

Mike Barrett
December 15th, 2011
Updated 11/08/2012 at 11:00 am
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It seems that the good bacteria found in your gut may actually be destroyed with every bite of food that you eat. While antibiotics typically hold first prize in depleting the body’s gut flora levels, there may be a new culprit looking to take the spotlight which you may know as genetically modified food.

Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Crops Leading to Decreased Gut Flora

A formula seems to have been made to not only ruin the agricultural system, but also compromise the health of millions of people worldwide. With the invent of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready crops, resistant superweeds are taking over farmland and public health is being attacked. These genetically engineered crops are created to withstand large amounts of Monsanto’s top-selling herbicide, Roundup. As it turns out, glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is actually leaving behind its residue on Roundup Ready crops, causing further potential concern for public health.

According to Dr. Don Huber, an expert in certain science fields relating to genetically modified foods, the amount of good bacteria in the gut decreases with the consumption of GMO foods. But this outcome is actually due to the residual glyphosate in animal feed and food. Dr. Huber states that glyphosate residues in genetically engineered plants are responsible for a significant reduction in mineral content, causing people to be highly susceptible to pathogens. Although studies have previously found that the beneficial bacteria in animals is destroyed thanks to glyphosate, a stronger connection will need to be made regarding human health for this kind of information to stick.

Poor Gut Flora Means Poor Health

As awareness grows, more and more people are realizing that poor gut flora often means poor health. Without the proper ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria, overall health suffers and you could be left feeling depressed. In fact, poor gut health has been directly tied to mental illness, which may explain the influx of people being diagnosed with a mental illness. Not only that, but obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome have all been tied to poor gut health.

About Mike Barrett:
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  • blueboy

    glyphosate it causes cancer obs. lower back pain all joints heart so bade you cant walk doctors cant find any thing wrong case thy will not check for glyphosate or fumonisin toxin

  • Kimberly Crail

    Unfermented soy products (made from soybeans), even when NOT GMO, are harmful to the body. They disrupt hormone and endocrine systems.

    I would like to know whether glyphosate occurs in organic soybeans as well, or if this is an additive to the Roundup chemical brew.

    • george

      Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, so organic soybeans shouldn't have any glyphosate in them. Glyphosate is now marketed by other companies as a generic replacement for Roundup. Much of it is manufactured in China. So another important question is whether there are other dangerous chemicals not on the label (like dioxins) and whether the EPA even checks for this.

  • yankee phil

    The FDA is responsible for the protection of the public health at large. If there are medical concerns over GMO's then get medical reports from the european countries that have banned the products and submit these reports to the FDA through as many congressmen and senators as possible, also petitioning the head of the FDA himself to render a decision on the validity of the european findings.

    • Joan Zimmerman

      WOW,…darned good idea to fight back! Who can we get to do this for us?


      You are aware that many of Monsanto's executives (Michael Taylor, for example) hold high-ranking positions within the FDA, right?

  • Randy

    The biggest problem, as I see it, is that the sheeple refuse to wake up and see the truth; no matter how much evidence is given! Of course, destroying the planet and its people is a big enough problem in itself.

    • Randy

      BTW: Most street people here in Vancouver are mentally ill and I can tell you why. They eat NOTHING but processed food…nothing but GMOs and chemicals!

      • Marc

        I'm from Vancouver too and the street people are on crack & heroine. It's not the processed food lmao.

        Even if you live in the farm and eat healthy food, when you start doing drugs, you'll be mentally ill after a while. Being addicted to something makes you dependent, thus making u mentally ill.

        So your reason why they are mentally ill is extremely flawed.

  • Jo Ann McNicholas

    I guess that is why they started marketing Activia and other yogurts to try to replenish that "gut bacteria" in order for people to be able to tolerate such GMO adverse effects. I am actually surprised that you mention the "M" word by name since they tend to go after people who disparage their products since they made it a law! Food, Inc. opened my eyes to the disgusting practices that have emerged from huge "con-agra" businesses. Once the water runs out in the mid-west where most of the HUGE "farms" are located, the dust storms will be even more severe than in the 1930's!

    • Anonymous

      "the future of food", another piece to the puzzle i found it more informative than food inc

    • Joan Zimmerman

      MONSANTO MONSANTO MONSANTO!!!!! How did it come to be a law to speak against them? Doesn't scare ME! It is quite obvious to me that, led by the Bilderberg group, the governments of the world, big corporations, pharmaceutical companies, etc. are working hard to kill us. A modern day solution for the over-population problem.