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Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off By Monsanto

Anthony Gucciardi
May 28th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 11:02 pm
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monsanto politicians paid 263x164 Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off By MonsantoDemocrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can help Monsanto slide its icy tentacles into the food chain, then there’s some financial tip available to you. Thankfully, many such ties can be exposed through some data digging, and thanks to diligent readers who send comprehensive news tips and other researchers out there, we now have an extensive list of politicians getting paid cold hard cash from GMO juggernaut Monsanto.

Keep in mind these are the figures we know, which means that behind the scenes expect these numbers to multiply extensively. But what is most amazing is that these politicians just don’t care that you know they’re receiving thousands of dollars from Monsanto! They sweep it under the carpet, but they are openly taking money from this corporation that has been caught running ‘slave-like’ rings and disregarding public health. We’re talking about a corporation that primarily aided in the creation of Agent Orange — the Vietnam-era chemical weapon that killed over 400,000 people and led to 500,000 plus birth defects.

Looking at these figures, over $260,000 was openly pumped into the House, and $122,000 was pumped into the Senate. And again, this is openly. I’m speculating, but I would imagine the real number to easily be in the millions. Can you imagine how much they must pay these politicians to shoot down GMO labeling bills that 90 plus percent of the entire country wants?

Or how about the nice chunk of cash that Monsanto paid Senator Roy Blunt to ‘help write’ the Monsanto Protection Act that grants Monsanto immunity from federal courts? Roy’s cash payment is not included in this list, however RT reports he received $64,250 towards his campaign from the company. Surely they expected nothing in return.

Politicians Paid By Monsanto

House of Representatives:

Total paid by Monsanto to Democrats: $72,000
Total paid by Monsanto to Republicans: $190,500

Barrow, John (D-GA) $2,500

Bishop, Sanford (D-GA) $5,000

Boehner, John (R-OH) $10,000

Braley, Bruce (D-IA) $5,000

Camp, Dave (R-MI) $5,000

Cantor, Eric (R-VA) $10,000

Clay, William L Jr (D-MO)$10,000

Cleaver, Emanuel (D-MO) $5,000

Conaway, Mike (R-TX) $2,000

Courtney, Joe (D-CT) $4,500

Crawford, Rick (R-AR) $2,500

Fincher, Steve (R-TN) $8,000

Gardner, Cory (R-CO) $7,500

Goodlatte, Bob (R-VA) $4,500

Graves, Sam (R-MO) $5,000

Griffin, Tim (R-AR) $1,000

Guthrie, Brett (R-KY) $1,000

Hanabusa, Colleen (D-HI)$5,000

Hannemann, Mufi (D-HI) $1,000

Hartzler, Vicky (R-MO) $3,000

Holden, Tim (D-PA) $1,000

Huelskamp, Tim (R-KS) $2,500

Hultgren, Randy (R-IL) $2,500

Jenkins, Lynn (R-KS) $2,500

Johnson, Timothy (R-IL) $3,000

King, Steven A (R-IA) $2,500

Kingston, Jack (R-GA) $7,000

Kinzinger, Adam (R-IL) $3,500

Kissell, Larry (D-NC) $5,000

Labrador, Raul (R-ID) $2,000

LaMalfa, Doug (R-CA) $1,000

Landry, Jeff (R-LA) $1,000

Latham, Tom (R-IA) $10,000

Loebsack, David (D-IA) $5,000

Long, Billy (R-MO) $2,500

Lucas, Frank D (R-OK) $10,000

Luetkemeyer, Blaine (R-MO)$5,000

Lungren, Dan (R-CA) $1,000

McIntyre, Mike (D-NC) $1,000

Neugebauer, Randy (R-TX)$1,000

Noem, Kristi (R-SD) $1,000

Nunes, Devin (R-CA) $3,500

Owens, Bill (D-NY) $2,000

Peterson, Collin (D-MN) $10,000

Rogers, Hal (R-KY) $7,500

Rokita, Todd (R-IN) $5,000

Roskam, Peter (R-IL) $1,000

Schilling, Bobby (R-IL) $3,000

Schock, Aaron (R-IL) $5,000

Shimkus, John M (R-IL) $5,000

Simpson, Mike (R-ID) $10,000

Smith, Adrian (R-NE) $5,000

Stutzman, Marlin (R-IN) $5,000

Thompson, Bennie G (D-MS)$10,000

Thompson, Glenn (R-PA) $1,000

Upton, Fred (R-MI) $5,000

Valadao, David (R-CA) $2,500

Wagner, Ann L (R-MO) $10,000

Walden, Greg (R-OR) $1,000

Walorski, Jackie (R-IN) $2,500

Womack, Steve (R-AR) $1,000


Total paid by Monsanto to Democrats: $37,500
Total  paid by Monsanto to Republicans: $85,000

Akin, Todd (R-MO) $3,500

Baucus, Max (D-MT) $1,000

Berg, Rick (R-ND) $10,000

Blunt, Roy (R-MO) $10,000

Boozman, John (R-AR) $5,000

Casey, Bob (D-PA) $2,500

Chambliss, Saxby (R-GA) $5,000

Fischer, Deb (R-NE) $5,000

Gillibrand, Kirsten (D-NY)$1,000

Grassley, Chuck (R-IA) $2,000

Hirono, Mazie K (D-HI) $1,000

Johanns, Mike (R-NE) $1,000

Klobuchar, Amy (D-MN) $5,000

Landrieu, Mary L (D-LA) $1,000

McCaskill, Claire (D-MO)$5,000

McConnell, Mitch (R-KY) $10,000

Moran, Jerry (R-KS) $2,500

Nelson, Ben (D-NE) $13,000

Rehberg, Denny (R-MT) $2,000

Risch, James E (R-ID) $3,500

Roberts, Pat (R-KS) $9,000

Stabenow, Debbie (D-MI) $8,000

Thompson, Tommy G (R-WI)$5,000

Wicker, Roger (R-MS) $1,000

Wilson, Heather A (R-NM)$2,500

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off By MonsantoGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • heh

    lol santo is spanish for Saint, from the Latin sanctus which has various good or neutral definitions such as (saint, holy, sacred) among others.. but i agree monsanto can go to hell

  • sswam

    Here is a list of their facebook pages.
    Please post your feelings to a few of them.
    You can also send them this picture:

  • sswam

    Here are their facebook pages (or other main page). Please check before posting in case my script got some of them wrong!

  • sswam

    as I understand, this is a list of donations made to candidates for their election campaigns

  • sswam

    Most GM food is probably not dangerous to eat.

    I’m against GM because it pollutes the natural species. It could get to the point that we don’t have any truly natural corn left, for example, due to this “genetic pollution”. One a species is polluted like that, I fear it would be irreversible. I find that’s a horrific thought.

    I would like people to concentrate on this genetic pollution aspect, rather than heath risks, I think there are probably not any serious health risks.

  • Tiki Steve

    that is becuase there are more republicans in congress than democrats. They also paid off the losers of the elections as well.

  • roundthings

    Our government, our enemy

  • Jasper Noone

    This type of information has been known for some time now. Congress had deep financial ties to the war in Viet Nam. This came out during the Viet Nam war and the names were published back then only in the news paper, on the back page of course, in a burried article.
    Could it be that infrmation like this is the reason that Obama and certain members of the entire house and senate want an internet kill switch? Too much info for the masses you know. nto that many members of the masses really do think. But, like in the late sixties and early seventies, congress is for sale.

  • Jason

    those were pretty small amounts of money…I'm for labeling and stuff but this isn't really big news

  • Lulu

    What about Senators Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren? They both voted against GMO labeling.

  • Frank

    Please re-post all the names when election time rolls around

  • Bz

    How many people reading this have a company policy — the company that you work for — that doesn’t allow to accect gifts in excess of $25 from customers or venders? A lot of companies are like this. Then why & how is it legal for congress get get huge lobby dollars? What’s the difference? I find it very hypocritical.

  • Jacqueleen

    Bravo for the courage to write such an exposing article. We now know for sure that our elected officials are bought and paid for by our enemies……the greedy Corporatist billionaires.

  • guy rugby

    They buy them for Chump Change…$1,000; $5,000; $10,000…..that's friggin' peanuts to Monsanto!!!

  • America 1st

    i am getting tired of this itsand its long over do to see these corrpt P.O.S politicians on the street and give them some justice, ,beat downs etc!!!!,and the Corporate media should be watching their back as well for pushing all these agendas……. its long over due!!!!!!!! they have been selling us out for decades

  • yankee phil

    About time someone began to look at the real problem, our corrupt government and society's acceptance of it. Watch all this good investigative work get sweept under the rug by the justice department,also corrupt(scalise and his mob) . You poor bastards.

    • Anoka Shiva

      THE ONE PEOPLE is on its way. Check out and join in if you resonate to this path to fundamentally change "The System" – or lend your feet, hands and heart to one of the many other movements that are putting The System into legitimacy crisis, undermining the old paradigm, and beginning to construct a new viable, sustainable, more peaceful, sharing, caring, and cooperating ONE.

  • LAB

    They put warning on cigarettes…but let this stuff go on with our food! Something's very wrong people! W
    e have to wise up before they kill us!

  • @dshy2020

    GMO companies are nothing but a bunch of evil murderers. We have the RIGHT to clean healthy food

    • Sandy

      Agreed, we do have the RIGHT to clean, healthy food. We also have the duty to find it/grow it/source it for ourselves. What Monsanto is doing is indeed crimes against humanity and should be punished harshly. Nevertheless, don't just sit there and snivel about it; find local, healthy food sources for yourself and grow what you cannot source. Take action and know you have done all you can do. We all have the right to provide for ourselves; only children have the right to demand that others provide for them.

  • dogitydog

    My comment was deleted by the administrator. Actually, it was censored and then deleted.

  • william neu

    Please do not delay in reviewing this website –
    Seek messages: #347, #289
    If further interested go to homepage to browse selected messages.

    • dogitydog

      I am sorry that you are just another victim of the religious mind control machine that wants you to do nothing while you are waiting to be 'saved' rather than doing something to save yourself. Religion is just another tool used to manipulate the massess and start wars.

  • Jim Nelson

    Tommy Thompson is not a U.S. Senator. He lost the election to Tammy Baldwin.

  • Debbie

    This page should be viral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debbie

    Really you do not want a "facebook page" or anything like it. Try and voice a comment and big brother will be watching you. Done with it all…. just go back to the old ways. Canning

  • Debbie

    Really you do not want a "facebook page" or anything like it. Try and voice a comment and big brother will be watching you. Done with it all…. just go back to the old ways. Canning, land line phone, hot toddies and vicks vapo rub. All good. And plants everywhere that attract bees and the birds.
    "Just ask your Doctor"…. way too many commercials for that crap. And where does it come from…. Just ask "Monsanto and friends". Pharmaceuticals=Dow, Bayer, Syngenta, etc.
    Yes, Agent orange was ok for the public, DDT was ok for the public. Neonicitinoids have BEEN BANNED IN EUROPE. But it is safe in the USA. Round Up…
    Round up the dead.

  • johnpix61

    Just as I heard Gerald Celente say today "it is disgraceful how cheaply our politicions can be brought off." to the detriment of the people that they are supposed to "serve and protect" us from the likes of the satanic, psycopathic, and/or sociopathic Corporations like Mono (one) santo (satan).

  • Cindy

    Go to everyone of these traitors Facebook pages and make sure everybody knows that these people don't give a rat's a** about us and to vote them out. Have you checked out Debbie Stabenow's page? She is done!

  • jane2

    How long are we all going watch and see the entire world depleting

    • dogitydog

      Answer: As long as the majority of the population remains sleeping and in denial.

  • chuck14

    here'san idea! How about holding Nuremberg type trials for crimes against humanity….maybe using RICO satutes for organized crime against all the Corporate Criminals and the politicians who have sold their influence along with them! Biotech.Big pharma fast food. Fracking.Petroleum. And Wallstreet banksters. And while we are at it all of the Presstitutes of the Ministry of Truth Propaganda machine….it is a start! Any honest Prosecutors out there? Yeah right!

  • dogitydog

    FYI: I just happened to be flipping through the channels yesterday and playing on one of the channels was a movie from 1978 named "Damien, The Omen II" I have seen this movie before but did not see the hidden message in it until now. I just stood there with my jaw in my lap in shock at what I was seeing. I am sure that if you watch this movie now with Monsanto in mind you will see what I mean. Keep in mind that this movie was made in 1978.

  • lovingtheson

    Monsanto as a company lies, incredibly, about what they are doing. They bribe officials around the world and they seem to treat the world as their toilet. That’s not right for the rest of us.

    Produces roundup and now producing the nations food!

    They tried to kill us all by injecting bovine growth hormone your cows!
    Monsanto's development and marketing of genetically engineered seed and bovine growth hormone, as well as its aggressive litigation, political lobbying practices, seed commercialization practices and "strong-arming" of the seed industry have made the company controversial around the world and a primary target of the alter-globalization movement and environmental activists. As a result of its business strategies and licensing agreements, Monsanto came under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department in 2009…and look here they are going strong….some investigation…how much was the justice dept paid off to let them rule the food chain???? Somebody's getting fat ans it ain't us!

    • Sandy

      Monsanto is doing the bidding of the true Powers That Be, the puppet-masters who pull the strings and make politicians dance. The agenda, as published in publicly-available UN documents, includes eliminating 90%+ of the human population, and concentrating the survivors into a few densely-populated and easily-policed and -controlled cities. Said cities to be linked by high-speed mass transit from which it is impossible to exit in between cities. Read the papers on the UN web site for Agenda 21 (which are full of half-veiled truths and euphemisms), and then do your own internet research. Then watch the local news, because you will see that Agenda21 is being implemented right now, in your state, and most likely in the large city nearest to you. People in rural areas will notice that zoning laws, construction codes and environmental statutes are making it increasingly difficult to make a living on, and remain living on, rural agricultural lands. This is all by design. There are remedies to this evil cabal: get out of debt, become energy- and financially-independent (it's truly possible); eat only food you grow yourself or buy from trusted local sources; refuse to buy imported goods except second-hand; and help spread awareness of this evil plan to kill most of humanity and enslave the rest.

  • lovingtheson

    The way the government is running and ruining our country literally sickens me.They should all be ousted and replaced by men with good old fashioned morals and values…this will ensure respect and honesty in the White House …but first the idiots that put them there need to be informed and face reality…they are, our major problems….ignorance, defiance, and stupidity are killing us…AMEN…!

  • Judi

    Did you notice $10,000 a piece to Eric Cantor and to John Boehner! Yes, the Republicans do take more. And they are in control of Congress! What can be done through the legal process? Nothing apparently. But we better think of something! These people are pushing poison on we who pay their salaries! We are being robbed and poisened by the same people!!!! They should be publicly hung in the streets! Without delay! What ever happened to Citizens' Arrest?

    • lesley

      I think whoever is over Boehner, needs to get rid of him especially, because he is in CAHOOTS with OBAMA. There is something very STICKY, when it comes to them two!!!! And Bribery is illegal, it is a shame that the people up in the white house are allowed to do these things. When the smaller government areas, are suppose to hold up their end, in making things being corrected in a city, county, or state. But the white house, is not doing their jobs, for the ones that are VOTED IN, can also be VOTED OUT!!!! And everyone, that is a citizen and that can VOTE need to literally raise hell, about what they are doing, and Stop this Crap. Raise hell, with your politicians that you VOTED in. And some of them, are UP for RE-ELECTION soon or next year, so as American People we need to STEP UP, and get these BAD PEOPLE out of OFFICE!!!!!!

  • Hugo liebenberg

    What about The internasional meat Crisis (BSE Mad Cow Disease)?

  • Ann

    These politicians have sold us out to the DEVIL himself for a few thousand dollars!
    They have Absolutely NO Shame and should absolutely pay the Price!

  • Darlene

    I am very surprised that the number of Republicans are much higher than the number of Democrats!!!!

    • lovingtheson

      There was a time that this would have shocked me …but to my disappointment the Republican party has grown weak and wishy washy…did you see how much payoff Eric Cantor and to John Boehner took to appease monsanto. my gosh $10,000 each …that's more than I make a year on SS….they back stabbed us…and we didn't even feel it because we believed they had our back…yea they did …just so they could back stab us…shame on them…


    • Andrew

      I would think they'd pay the Republicans more bc it would require more money to make them sit on their hands and let it happen. The Dems would've been for it regardless, so it wouldn't have taken much money to persuade them.

    • jimmy kraktov

      This is one company with one payment. I hope you don't think this was an anomaly. The people elect bandits and send them to Washington. This sort of stuff has been happening for about as long as there has been a U.S. Congress. The Internet has made these facts available to the masses, and it's everyone's responsibility to circulate this info to as many people as possible. Let the crooks know you're on to them. Post to their Facebook and spread on Twitter. Make something happen, or nothing will!

  • Daniel Beck

    I don’t need Obama to pass a law to make it “legal” to lable the food that is made with poison in it. Seroiusly, have we all really lost our minds here? Let’s kick these pussies out of office and fuck them up!! Do I need Henry Waxmans permission to have a glass of freaking tastey clean Raw milk? Phuc no I don’t!! That guy should be asking me on his hands and knees to not punch his teeth out!!
    Print this response or your as tired and weak as Obama’s butt fucking habit. This is an outrage!!!!

    • ear

      are you on drugs?

    • America 1st

      Daniel well said,,,, its long over do to see these corrpt P.O.S politicians on the street and give them some justice,,, long over due!!!!!!!! they have been selling us out for decades

  • Ann

    The link does not work to share with people. This information should be plastered all over the place and every person that you speak with should be told about the Dishonest, Deceptive politicians that are NOT looking after the health of the people who voted them in.
    Of course, I am positive that they ONLY eat Organic!
    These people should be FORCED to Resign NOW!
    Bribery is ILLEGAL!

  • Daniel Beck

    Are you surprised? When will we get an article that explains what the phuc we are going to do about this? Voting people out of office will take entirely too long!! They are not playing by the rules, why is everyone else? There are obvious criminals and non Americans in the White House, congress, and senate. I’m not voting, the count is rigged and this is all BS!!! Forget a march against Monsanto, we need to take action immediately!!! These people are just destroying all of old school America. Let’s FIGHT people!!! Fight fight fight!!!

    • Valerie Ashton

      I'm with you Daniel – in Australia tho' – this has to be global!

    • jimmy kraktov

      You have to vote Daniel, to keep the lesser of two evils in charge. Staying home won't help.

  • Patti Jo nEdwards

    I notice our Representative from Oregon, Greg Walden is on this list and he is pro GMO, in spite of the FACT that organic produce and seed is a major source of employment and income here in Southern Oregon. Share and post on the Facebook pages of the people who are on this list what you think about them. Be sure to post a video or article explaining the scientific truth of GMOs. Letters get lost but posts are public and reach their followers.

    • Cheryl Bryson

      Doing it today!

  • pam davin

    Truely Monsanto is the antichrist. It means my saint like hell

  • Teri

    The Facebook Link does not function in order to "share"

  • guest

    Why is this bribery not illegal?

    Or is Canada, USA and Mexico the new Tri-Banana Republic?

  • Dionísio Dias

    Democracia? Onde? O Poder Econômico é que comanda. O povo é gado, nome bonito para não dizer plebe. A grande mídia está proibida de veicular matérias desse tipo, porque eles também pertencem ao mesmo esquema. E as guerras que eles produzem em todo mundo em nome da justiça? E os atos terroristas que eles conhecem e sabem o dia e a hora que será deflagrado, e então preparam o palco para potencializar o efeito criminoso e, com isso, justificar seus atos ilegais e nefastos? Graças a Deus que a esperança do discípulo de Jesus repousa sobre a sua Promessa e sua Palavra, que não falha!!

    • Dave

      Why don't you learn english

  • emeraldknighted89

    I say that the democrats and republicans on the list get removed from office immediately!

    • lovingtheson


  • MotherEarth

    So, I guess if we want them to represent us, we'll have to come up with $10,000 or more….oh, wait, we DO Pay them 10's of thousands of dollars per year and they still do not represent the people. NO taxation without representation! It's time to start voting these people out of office. Then the lobbyists will have to spend even more time and money buying politicians' votes! Also, I would be curious to find out just how many days per year they actually "work". They have just left Washington for their summer vacation. Does that mean they don't come back until September?

    • dogitydog

      Vote them out of office? That's funny! Who do you think is in control here? The American voters? lol.

    • Debbie

      Vote them out… Don't think so. This is not something that you vote out. Just like Europe…. it reguires eunification of people to retaliate or revolt and creat a new revolution against this. If our 'Freedom's" are truely not corrupted then perhaps we can gain the strength in numbers to do this. As our own Mr. President just recently signed that agenda 935… excuse me if I am wrong on that number, it appears that our OWN country does not listen anymore to the people.
      It is time that more people take action to seek a reacation from our own government… less we be like the lemmings and go off of the cliffs.

    • GKITTY

      YES YES YES!!!!

    • Jacqueleen


      • jimmy kraktov

        You can only set new term limits if you vote in new people, in numbers that could pass the term limit bill. You'll never have a problem finding people to agree that this needs to be done, and more. But the only way any of that will happen is if someone steps up and starts to organize and motivate the people. That's millions of people around the country. No small task, but nothing else would work.