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How Biotech Corporations and GMO Crops are Threatening the Environment and Humankind Alike

Anthony Gucciardi
November 4th, 2011
Updated 11/08/2012 at 10:14 pm
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dnachromosome 210x131 How Biotech Corporations and GMO Crops are Threatening the Environment and Humankind Alike

Through the mass genetic modification of nature via GMO crops, animals, biopesticides, and the mutated insects that are created as a result, mega biotechnology corporations are threatening the overall genetic integrity of the environment as well as all of humankind.

As the production and consumption of GMO crops continue to soar, it is becoming increasingly apparent that consumers worldwide are unknowingly participating as ‘test subjects’ in a massive experiment on the long-term effects of GMO crops and ingredients.

In fact, nearly 93% of US soybeans are genetically modified in order to resist powerful weed-killers that were found to be killing the actual soybeans as well as the weeds. So it turns out that the weedkiller was actually strong enough to kill the soybeans, yet it is considered safe for consumption. After the genetic alteration, these powerful weed-killers now simply drench the genetically modified soybeans.

The Dangers of GMO Crops, Biopesticides, and the Threat of Mutation

Besides the weed-killers, GMO crops themselves are also endangering your health even without pesticides. Shockingly, a review of 19 studies announced that consumption of GMO corn or soybeans may lead to significant organ disruptions in rats and mice – particularly in the liver and kidneys. The researchers also mentioned that GMO soybean and corn varieties contribute to “83% of the commercialized GMOs” that you may currently be consuming if you purchase conventional produce.

Following current trends, genetically modified food products will makeup the majority of the future food supply if a change is not made. Statistics show how GMO crops and ingredients have skyrocketed in even the past few years.

gmocropgrowthchart How Biotech Corporations and GMO Crops are Threatening the Environment and Humankind Alike

Of course organ disruption is not the only side effect of GMO consumption, or even the most startling.  The threat to nature, your body, and the entire ecosystem is what is the most concerning. Genetically modified mosquitoes, funded by the owner of 500,000 Monsanto shares Bill Gates, were recently unleashed into the environment to freely interact with regular insects. Of course the release was toted as an amazing method of combating the growth of the mosquito population and the subsequent spread of disease.

The study involved about 19,000 genetically modified mosquitoes which were released in the Grand Cayman Islands over a 25-acre area for four weeks.

In addition to the genetically modified mosquitoes, other insects have actually developed mutations in response to Bt exposure — a toxin used in GMO crops as a biopesticide. As many as 8 populations of insects have developed resistance as a result, with 2 populations resistant to Bt sprays and at least 6 species resistant to Bt crops as a whole. So not only are the crops causing mutations, but as a result biotech scientists are now even further modifying Bt to be even more potent. In tests, however, the insects still were able to mutate and resist the disease.

Just as the scientists did not expect the insects to mutate to the point of complete immunity, there may be many other consequences as a result of GMO crops and biopesticides. And for what?

The very same study also took time to mention how alternative and sustainable forms of organic farming should be utilized. The study concludes that:

Alternative organic, sustainable methods of farming provide a realistic alternative, independent of reliance on agrobiotech corporations.

This is why nations around the world are banning and uprooting GMO crop fields, thereby putting an end to the genetic manipulation of the planet before the proverbial roots of genetically modified creations dig too deep. Hungary has led the charge, destroying 1000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds. Peru has also passed a monumental 10-year ban on GMO foods.

Through spreading information and speaking out, GMO crops and biopesticides are being phased out and even banned in some countries. Even small amounts of activism can result in major geopolitical change.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail How Biotech Corporations and GMO Crops are Threatening the Environment and Humankind AlikeGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Ben Franklin

    You’re the man, Anthony!


    Hey! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room
    mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article
    to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sarah

    I've created a phrase to describe the events of these GMO's: "Genetic Genocide and Environmental Armageddon!"

  • TD

    Moses and Greg…. RIGHT ON!

  • Moses

    Having been an agriculturalist for over 50 years: Whether you are for or against; All arguement aside…. why not "hedge to the safe-side"? Simply put – "do without GMO's in food production" and there would be no concern. Having produced food for a lifetime, I guarentee you that there are other ways to guarentee a safe food supply today and a safe world for our children and their children's children. Having read the majority of the above comments, this topic's emotionality comes from how it impacts the almighty pocketbook! Not from sensibility.

    • Wade

      HAVE A GLASS OF ROUNDUP® I have a very good friend that has worked his entire life in the fertilizer/ chemical retail biusiness. Have made a very comfortable living selling these products as have so many around the world. He once told me that Roundup® was one ofr the very safest chemicals…. that it was so safe that you could drink it".

      Well, have a Glass of Roundup.

      Thanks. (but I'll pass on the glass).

      Again I just feel compelled to comment ON Roundup Ready® and other GMO's: Do you know that by in large there are minimally 4 applications of Roundup applied on every field every year this day in age. I know, it's just incredible to me as a grower that with all the common sense in the world today(let alone science behind such articles) that people are still allowing the prolific use of GMO's and agricultural chemicals.

      Even if the chemicals are "labeled" products (by the FDA, USDA, and EPA) as safe to use for each specific crop…. just think about the "witches brew" that is accumulating as we rotate and grow different crops annually on the same agricultural soil (a specific pesticide may be "labeled" for wheat but not for barley, legumes, or other food crops, and visa-versa) & then ultimately run-off into our streams and river systems! These are the soils that feed our nation and much of the rest of the world. But these types of "conveniences" (GMO's and chemicals) for our farming practices are done & being encouraged to be utiled on a global basis. Who knows what happens when one mixes tons of Roundup®, 2-4D, Treflan, Sencor, Chiptox, Parathion, and about 40 other commonly used pesticides (an all inclusive term for herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides) on each farm and agriciultural land throughout the world. Each of them labeled as "safe" for use on a specific crop, and all of them broadcast applied (added to water and sprayed or as dry flowable forms) over the soil and plant matter that is incorporated annually into the land time, after time, after time.

      Even in my humble experience as a farmer, I just have to wonder what mixture is accumulating in the commercial Ag lands of our country today, but common-sense would say that "it simply cannot be good". I honestly feel like we're playing with fire. How many millions of tons of these pesticides will abound in our water systems and soils after another 60 years of use? With intense marketing and advocacy (from reputable people, I might add) we are on an exponential increase in the use of agricultural chemicals today, having only been used since circa 1940. I believe that we, as food producers, should have a moral(and legal) obligation to deliver safe food. Why not be cautious and assume the worst (and hope for the best) and start working toward reduced pesticides NOW and within 20 years discontinue their usage altogether?? How peoples have

      adopted new ways of producing food and other necessities of life has gone on for a long time. In the 21st Century, I think that we, as mankind, have the intellegence and expertise to find a better way than the use of chemicals. Over 10,000 years of tools and skills in cultivation can't be wrong.

      I'm still scratching my head but thanks for the article.

      • Anonymous

        You are wrong. I work with ag retail in Michigan and we usually see 1 application in corn and beans, and 2 in sugar beets. I am so amazed at how ill informed you are of the actual realities of how GMO's allow us to use less pesticides, water, and will help feed a global middle class of people that wll be twice the size it is today in less than 10 years.

  • Greg

    There's one over-riding concern no one is addressing and that is control of the food supply which is the ultimate goal of the biotech corporations. Genetic modification should really only be done by tried and true methods of creating hybrids through a natural selection process, otherwise it is a crapshoot as no one knows the long term effects of science-based genetic manipulation. Furthermore GMOs have never been proven safe for human consumption and last but certainly not least the "informed" folks who are advocating GMOs as a means of increasing yields forget that most commercial crops are not destined for the dining table, so your argument is moot. GMOs as implemented today are created only to increase the bottom-line of money-hungry individuals and corporations, thereby giving them even more control over the marketplace.

  • Jack Me Off

    Modified corn is for fuel not consumption.

    • Ben Dover

      Jack…. you're an idiot!

  • Steve

    We live in America. With that being said you have options. I choose to know my farmers and what they are growing. Sure I do think that labels should say if it's GMO or not. All of you that are ranting and raving need to focus your efforts on yourself. You can't save everyone, further more even after education the real work comes next. You can protect your kids but not your neighbors.

    • Alicia

      Steve I agreee with you that it is our responsiblity as stewards of the environment to be aware of our actions" focus on yourself". However, with our responsibility to "protect our kids" and in focusing "on ourselves" we half to protect our future selves. If GMOs are left unattended, as for the most part they are right now, how are we possibly going to be able to make these choices in the future? If GMOs are allowed to take over the world of crops. Regulations need to be set in place to ensure we ALL have a CHOICE in the future as well as now.

    • Jacob

      Nah dude, GMO's are being forced on people, farmers report seeing black vans zoom hurling GMO seed on their farms.

  • Terpsichore

    Why do I feel like some of these people are missing half the point?

    The reason soybeans were GMed to resist high amounts of pesticide (RoundUp) was so that farmers could, and would, use high amounts of pesticide…

    The farmer CANNOT harvest his own GMO seeds. They must be purchased every year.

    Round Up sales go up.

    Lots of organisms that don't need to be harmed… dead because of all the pesticide.

    Giant dead zones in the oceans are not "opinion".

    So while yes, there may be benefit, there is also great disadvantage and irreparable harm. You cannot have your cake and eat it, too.

    • George

      That is absolutely correct. "Roundup-Ready®" means "Roundup-resistant"…. so the way it works is a grower buys Roundup-Ready® wheat seed from Monsanto, then after planting (before harvest) he uses the Monsanto produced Roundup® herbicide to kill "everything" in the field other than the Roundup-Ready®" Wheat. Wall La! Presto…. The only thing that lives in the field is the wheat. A beautiful, clean field of wheat! The only concern is that not only is the resultant food genetically modified, a plant breathes (just as the most absorbant part of the human body is the skin) and metabolizes anything sprayed on it leaves. Similar to a person's feet, the plant ingests harmful chemicals throughout it's structure, right down to the berry, seed, or germ that we consume. In fact Monsanto makes it very convenient for growers by recomending on the Roundup® label for them to add an additional surfactant (adds leave permiability and sticker) and they also highly encourage adding a fertilizer (generally ammonium sulfate) to “fool” the weeds (and crop) to ingest more of the pesticide. (PS. They sell them all.) Once again Wall-La…. it works. Just like magic! As promised an impeccable beautiful weed-free field. Just send the check Mr. Farmer and don’t be late. By the way, if you’re concerned about Round-up restiant weeds….. don’t worry – Monsanto already has some new concoctions ready to introduce. They host, offer (and train) the farmers each winter with conventions, steak dinners, and a whole smorgusboard of new herbicides to use the following season. They also highly encourage and give financial support to "no-till" associations as no-till and minimal tillage farming is governed by chemical usage. (A grower uses 4x the chemical with no-tillage pracitices vs. conventional tillage.) It is catching on like wild-fire globally. It's just part of their (Monsanto) service and the convenient world that they offer…. for a price.



  • Anonymous

    Articles along these lines are making this biologist tired. GM crops are the most studied on the planet and the massive, solid base of peer-reviewed research deems those approved and in commerce safe. Multitudes of generational studies on mammals, birds (and other poor research critters) have shown they are as safe for consumption as any other crops. The French "organ failure" study is poor research (if it can be called research) that flatly ignores other multigenerational studies on GMOs done by top researchers worldwide. The "study" is politically driven; European farmers have a problem with the socioeconomic aspects of GM crops and want to create distrust in them. As far as "mutated insects", all insects, or diseases for that matter, adapt and become resistant to pesticides, herbicides, environmental stresses and so on. That's how they survive. This is basic biology and nothing to freak out about. Evolution happens.

    Another point, many new GMOs use native DNA. That means they do not contain DNA from other organisms but instead house variants of beneficial genes from a given plant group's own gene pool. This makes many new GMOs like traditional hybrids with more streamlined genetic profiles.

    Genetic modification is just like any other technology, if well-managed it can do good things for us. GMOs are not going anywhere and they can help us. As the world population explodes and the climate changes, we will need better, healthier, more resilient crops more and more. I encourage GMO activists to REALLY learn the science behind the technology and work with it rather than against it. Help in defining safety standards and get involved!

    • Jerott

      A logical, well-thought out post that will more than likely be ignored in favor of an irrational tirade. This is probably the only post that hasn't given me a headache.

    • sooty

      Anonymous biologist, I would like some citations on the research you quote as having determined the safety of GMOs, especially since the USDA allows the biotech companies themselves to research toxicity and other issues.

      Also, who funds you? From my experience trying to get a big-10 university to limit pesticide use on campus, even highly respected scientists with tenure apologized to me off the record that they supported my efforts but I couldn't use their names because their funding was at risk. A search through the database showed significant long-term funding by both the ag branches of biotech and chemical companies and the pharm divisions.

      "As the population explodes" doesn't have to be a given. There are highly effective ways to encourage family planning and better health, as the Population Media Center has proven in dozens of countries. Meanwhile, which GMO crops have provided superior yields? The multi-million-dollar Kenyan GMO sweet potato venture, for example, was a bust. Much higher yields, at far greater expense, not to mention health and environmentl risk, were achieved through traditionally produced hybrids.

    • Andrew

      Wow, a lot of interesting comments and discussion. I'm surprised this thread hasn't descended into a ping pong name game but nevertheless.

      The evidence is quite clear that GMO is harmful. Harmul to the human body as per damage in other animals (, harmful to pollinators (, and with a small leap in reasoning, harmful to the environment.

      The FDA and USDA are not in the business of protecting the American people. Look at the approval of aspartame. After years of studies proving it to be toxic and poisonous, it gets approved. Why? Money!

      We the people are not here to contribute, we are here to be drained, used up, and experimented on. If you don't know that by now than you just moved here from some other galaxy!

      WE need fundamental change in the way our society deals with big government and corporations. We need to mobilize and deal with the threat of mass annihilation. We need to protect ourselves! The government is not the answer to our problems and will not help us! In fact the fascist system we live under is the problem. Lets wake up! Death by 1000 cuts. Incrementalism!

      • David

        Obviously, what you fail to recognize is the science behind what a genetically modified organism even is. You're attacking the wrong issue with your argument. Yes, I agree that our nation is terrifyingly fascist, and something should absolutely be done about it as soon as possible. It would be reasonable to attack the companies that produce GMOs only for capital gain, but GMOs themselves are nothing to be afraid of. You read one study that says GMOs are dangerous, and because it is the ONE study that happens to coincide with your opinion, you take it as absolute truth. This is a very close-minded and irrational way to expand your knowledge on an issue. You need to approach both sides of the argument with an open mind. Perhaps try learning how a GMO is genetically modified and what exactly being genetically modified means. I'll make it easy for you. To create a GMO, one of a variety of methods is used to either insert, delete, or alter a specific gene within an organism. Genes code for proteins. In short, one gene out of millions within an organism is altered. You are essentially dealing with the same exact organism except that it has one different gene. This one gene codes for one protein…perhaps a protein that enables resistance to a certain disease. So unless that one protein that differentiates a GMO from its organic counterpart is directly responsible for all of these "dangers" you speak of (ie. liver damage) then you're argument and all others about GMOs being unhealthy have no foundation. And unfortunately for you, that one protein does no damage to humans. There are hundreds of published studies much more reliable than the one you sited that prove this! Look on PubMed! Please do a little research before you go spewing you're unfounded opinion all over place. It only serves as a detriment to the progress of humankind.

        • El

          Where did you learn this nonsense? A Monsanto infomercial?

          Inserting foreign genes into an organism is a very HAPHAZARD process. One method is to use a gene gun to fire tiny pellets coated with a foreign gene at plant cells, hoping the foreign gene is taken up. A viral promoter is included to turn on the foreign gene, but it may unpredictably turn on other areas of a plant's DNA. An inserted foreign gene may end up anywhere along a plant's DNA strand with unexpected results. The very process of inserting genes may cause mutiple mutations (changes) along the DNA. Finally, a marker such as an antibiotic is added to identify which cells have taken up the foreign gene. The cells that survive treatment with antibiotics have the foreign gene. David, there is no way this highly erratic process can produce "the same exact organism except that it has one different gene." Testing of some GMOs have found mutations continuing to occur after a plant leaves the lab.

          A study by Arpad Pusztai in Great Britain found that it was the tinkering with the DNA itself, rather than a toxin he genetically added to potatoes, that caused immune system damage to rats. The animals had stunted growth and their hearts, livers, and brains were smaller. Are you actually willing to RISK such changes in your children and grandchildren? I'm not. There also have been numerous reports of fertility problems in animals exclusively fed GMOs.

          Over the objections of its own scientists, the political appointees at the FDA ruled that genetically engineered crops with their novel genes (so novel they could be patented) were "substantially equivalent" to real food and did not require testing. Thus, there's never been mandatory human trials of GM foods or long term testing for human health risks. This is unthinkable in a science as new and untried as genetic engineering.

          This brand new science transgressed species barriers to force foreign genes into food crops. Genetically novel plants were then rushed to market without long-term, independent testing and quietly slipped UNLABELED into the American food supply, with Americans forced into the role of guinea pigs. All so that giant chemical companies could monopolize the seed market and sell herbicides. Such action should be illegal in a free country. LABEL GMOs NOW!

          • Amanda

            Abslutely, we really don't know any "long-term" effects of agricultural chemicals and GMO's. They've only been used since circa 1940. The chemical manufacturers have 7B guinea pigs (us) to see how it works. I guess in a few hundred years we'll know some of the impact. ABSOLUTELY LABEL GMOs!

      • Shalew38


    • lebiolo

      I agree entirely. I study plant biology and the misunderstanding of GM foods by activists absolutely frustrates me!

    • minkxy

      Population explodes? If monsanto and the likes have ther way…"explosion" averted. Monsanto doesn't allow countries to make choices, hauls us to court if their frankenfood mixes with ours, and their own employee's won't eat it. We don't want people with God complexes running the world anymore. Got it? Really, really a creepy reponse ,anonymous. Par for the course.I think the farmers in India would disagree with you. But then, it helps with the "explosion" when they commit suicide at crop failure,right

    • Shalew38

      Yeah! Well, please explain how entire flocks of birds are falling dead from the sky; how the bee population is dying off; why fish are found floating in massive amounts in rivers and bays; why more and more animals in the wild are losing their numbers; how is it that diseases once thought to be rare are flourishing, like autism, pancreatic and brain cancers, high increases in the number of people suffering from high blood pressure,diabetes, and others. Which, incidentally, are showing up in the animal population, as well. Remember the canary in the coal mine? The substitutes for canaries are dropping dead all around us – would not it be wise to pay attention? Oh, I didn't mention endocrine disorders, fibro-myalgia, one in three people suffer from chronic pain; mutations in the plant and animal world. I could go on and on. What's your explanation? How long should we allow ourselves to be constantly bombarded with the poisons and genetic-manipulations that are making us and our world sick, before we declare "ENOUGH!"?

      Anyone in strong support of all of this must be those who are making money from it. Which I find more than disgusting.

    • Jo Ann

      Who are you? Bill Gates? The high price of the GM seeds and the pesticides are putting farmers in this country, and others, out of business, which, I beleive is the whole point! Then the Big-Ag companies get exactly what they want. I for one am not going to buy corn, corn products, OR soybeans (good-bye tofu) because I personally don't want to kill myself or my family just so that Big-Ag can get rich. Think about it…when Big-Ag sues local farmers because they have saved their seeds or do not plant their GM crops, then the farmer goes out of business, leaving farmland ajacent to their big-ag "farms". This serves two purposes: they have put their cometition out of business AND now can buy that farmer's farm for pennies on the dollar! AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES!

      • The Dude Abides

        Putting farmers out of business?? Are you serious? Farmers producing GMO crops are raking it in all over the Midwest. $8/bushel corn mean anything to you? If you farm a section of land (640 acres) and you average 200 bushels of corn per acre of land, you're grossing over one million dollars. That's an average in Nebraska. Many farmers farm 1,000 – 3,000 acres or more. No farmers I know are going broke unless they're raising cattle. But hey, we call them ranchers.

        • Zane

          No doubt farmers are making millions today…. even the little guys. Ask a little farmer with a 100 bu ave (common in the PNW) and $24 wheat in 2007 is hard to beat (even $10 wheat today)when historically wheat has been $2/ bushel. But that's beside the point….. Monsanto (and the likes) make even more. Which I have no problem with people or companies making money, it's when the money is made at the expense and health of others (with chemicals and GMO's) that bother me.

        • Food Sovereignty

          The big-agri folks with their GMO technology have wreaked havoc in India. Check out Vendana Shiva for more information about India. Their product is expensive and although toted as the "technology that will save the world from starvation", is actually putting farmers out of business. These poor farmers cannot afford the costs of GMO seeds or the package deal – Roundup.

    • Anonymous

      There are tons of peer-reviewed studies saying that GM crops are extremely harmful to all forms of life. My husband is a biologist as well and he knows full well the horrific implications of GMOs. So how is it going, shilling for Monsanto? Real scientists are interested in the truth, not in spreading propaganda.

    • Jay

      Please watch "Food Inc." to see how the system is made up. No its not a conspiracy theory type film (if you haven't seen it) it's extremely informative. If you like this move on to "The Future of Food" yet another eye opener.

    • rebecca dalmas

      Thought science can help, it needs to work in tandem with life, meaning with micro organisms and the soil. Not kill it.

      The problem in a profit based system, is that what is created is patented, and thus forces economic slavery, which is often not the best practices. And we are not practicing what is good for this earth, as can be seen in the existent pollution and dies-ease. So, given this, Monsanto does not value life before profit, had it, there would be no starvation and no soil destruction, and no need to test on animals. Which means, that the profit motive is about dividing and conquering and not supporting, as support often leads to autonomy and understanding individually and collectively. This does not exist.

      Your argument about feeding mankind, is an old one, and has been a "hope" incessantly placed in front of men, yet never achieved.

      The fact is, that sustainable agriculture in tandem with science is creating less detrimental results.

      Monsanto, is all profit based science, not earth considerate science.

      The WW 2 chemists have not stopped abuse on this planet, only seeking profit/enslavement scenarios. Profit must be removed, as nothing can be owned that is freely given by this earth.

      This jaded argument has proven itself to not have fed the world.

      Your time is up, it is time to support life, to become what in fact ensures that life is supported.

      Monocultures are not working and lead to imbalances in nature, as nature operates in variation on earth, allowing many expressions to exist. Your approach is singular, for control, the nature of a profit before life entity.

      Even the human has lost touch with nature, and thus himself as nature, as life.

      The platform of earth allows all men to become aware of nature, thus, nature has not formed monocultures, as it understands that the value is life, and thus all can discover themselves and the natural world.

      Monocultures remove this gift in the name of profit.

      Disallowing is abuse, a starvation of self discovery. Thus, your system creates starvation as life being life, and , as manifest on this planet, starvation physically.

      What drives obeisance is the threat of death and starvation, this is needed to support profit for the few.

      You work against the bugs instead of with them. And now you cannot keep up with them, as nature is obviously smarter. So your argument only supports profit and not life.

  • Freedomtochoose

    I do not want my food supply altered in anyway by man. We are good at screwing things up for the sake of science. I don't trust science as their high level brains are not able to grasp the concept of consequences. All smart people are really ignorant people with computer brains. I think rationally and morally weather something should be done. They just want to do it so they can say they did and take credit for it. Such as cloning, GMO's, Nuclear testing on bikini island, Vaccinations, …. Lies and more lies to cover up their ignorance and now that we have the internet and can research for ourselves we find they are the very enemies of the U.S.

  • Paul

    "GM foods currently available on the international market have passed risk assessments and are not likely to present risks for human health. In addition, no effects on human health have been shown as a result of the consumption of such foods by the general population in the countries where they have been approved. " –

    "In 2006, countries that grew 97% of the global transgenic crops were the United States (53%), Argentina (17%), Brazil (11%), Canada (6%), India (4%), China (3%), Paraguay (2%) and South Africa (1%). Although growth is expected to plateau in industrialized nations, it is increasing in developing countries" –

    "In 2010, crops modified by molecular methods were grown in 29 countries on more than 360 million acres. Of the 15.4 million farmers growing these crops, 90 percent are poor, with small operations. The reason farmers turn to genetically modified crops is simple: yields increase and costs decrease." –

    "Many U.S. farmers who grow genetically engineered (GE) crops are realizing substantial economic and environmental benefits — such as lower production costs, fewer pest problems, reduced use of pesticides, and better yields — compared with conventional crops" –

    • Freedomtochoose

      LOL… Love how you said "not likely to present risk to human health" Truth is you really don't know. This is another experiment for the science world. Have you not seen from the past how these fail miserably and us normal thinking individuals keep telling you this but you think you know it all.

      Remember the testing on Bikini Island and how they used our own enlisted men as test subjects and told them how safe they were.

      Lol… No one in the FDA, or the USDA can be trusted. You are all liars. Just a little research on the internet will bring up many reasons why you can't be trusted. LOL

    • Jo Ann

      Not the farmers that I personally know! How about the farmers in China that grew watermelons that burst in the fields right after they applied pesticides. Most of them committed suicide because they were so far in debt after having to buy GM seeds and the pesticides that go with it! AND their crops were ruined!

    • @geraldlangley

      Who paid U to talk

  • James Rogers

    Just one more thing

    research about Monsanto chemical and the things they have done to the small farmers.

    I know they have taken some of their farms and every thing else.


  • James Rogers

    I guess there are a lot of non believers out there. I remember back in the 60,s there was a lot of talk about this same info and every one thought it was great now the truth is slowly rising to the top only now it may be to late to recover. maybe every one should research before commenting on this. as far as I can see things are going to get really bad if this keeps going look at all the countries that are banning G M O's then make a decision on the so called smart folks

  • Darryl

    You're right, small amounts of activism can cause large-scale change. For that reason I ask you to please calm down and think these things through. We live on a planet of 7billion people – a planet is responding to our growing impact by flooding coastal communities and annihilating any regularity in water systems. Already, 6million children die every year from hunger (… ).

    Genetic modification is a tool to fight this. Yes, it needs more testing regulations; and no, I do not approve of Monsanto's continued existence on this planet. However, I do not like your fear-mongering, as science is not (inherently) evil.

    • Anonymous

      These people live in squalor due to the conflict between the West & Soviets to gain control of the countries, now that the West have won, their corporations loot the land and support oppressive governments.

      Any aid that goes to these countries goes to the oppressive governments.

      They don't need GM, they need us to get out of their countries and let them grow their own food.

      • Anonymous2

        Although a gross over-simplification, you are correct, Anonymous.

    • @geraldlangley

      your science + Zero :(

  • Osvaldo Lugo

    They (Monsanto) are in my country Puerto Rico and are taking over our land for seed production some people here are getting wise to them but our own goverment is helping and subsidizing them. What greed.

  • Amy Pearson

    American's are increasingly "going" organic. But the process of living organic isn't made easy by the system in place. In fact, much of the food labeled organic still contains non-organic by products. The majority of the plastics are made with GE crops, specifically corn.

  • Anonymous

    And to think nothing is done about this!

  • Anonymous

    Soon 100% of all crops with be GMO if we don't peacefully stop it soon.

    • Anonymous

      Keep spreading the info & when enough people know, activism will spread!

  • Martin

    The fact that 93% of US soybeans are genetically modified proves how insane agri business has become.