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Research: Gold and Tea Outperform Chemo in Fighting Cancer

Anthony Gucciardi
July 18th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 4:18 pm
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teadrinking 235x147 Research: Gold and Tea Outperform Chemo in Fighting Cancer

When examining the body of research on alternative cancer treatment methods and substances, it is quite easy to find a multitude of research highlighting the anti-cancer effects of many ‘super’ substances such as ginger and turmeric. The latest research on the subject shines a light on just how powerful the combination of gold and tea can be in conquering cancer, and even the mainstream media is reporting on the amazing results. While the process ignores countless other peer-reviewed alternatives and even adds a radioactive quality to gold nanoparticles, it still manages to heavily outperform chemotherapy.

Gold and Tea Combo Beats Chemo

Hailing from the University of Missouri, researchers have developed the new method to target cancer using a special compound found in tea leaves matched with a unique blend of gold nanoparticles. When compared to current chemotherapy ‘treatments’ in which patients receive mega doses of chemicals in order to kill their cancer cells, the gold and tea method is a clear winner for a number of reasons. For starters, chemotherapy doesn’t just ‘kill’ cancer cells. In fact, it can kill you as well.

The very same chemicals intended to eradicate cancer cell spread throughout the rest of your body, damaging your organs and leading to a wide variety of other significant health complications. One such complication can be death. The new gold and tea treatment however, while still having serious flaws (verses treatment options without any radioactive components), actually is confined to attacking only the tumor — and with using a dosage that is thousands of times smaller than traditional chemotherapy.

Simply by using this gold and tea process instead of harsh chemotherapy — which actually oftentimes kills the patient more so than even the cancer itself, scientists state that tumor size was able to be reduced by around 70 to 80%. Senior researcher and study leader Kattesh Katti from the  University of Missouri explains:

“These types of chemicals in tea have the properties capable of converting gold salt into nanoparticles… The new gold/tea treatment would require doses that are thousands of times smaller than typical chemotherapy. We were able to reduce the tumor size by 70 to 80 percent.”

In the past, research has found a number of highly promising chemo alternatives ranging from household spices to delicious superfoods. Research published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry in July showed that in 9 out of 11 studies, turmeric spice was effective in reducing tumor size by a shocking 81%. Similarly, Georgia State University has reported a riveting 56% decrease in tumor size simply by utilizing the natural anti-cancer properties of ginger — only one of many benefits of ginger.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Carol

    I was really happy to see this article. I have known about Gold being a healer for awhile now. After extensive reading over the past few years I came to the conclusion that Gold was valuable initially to people because of the fact that it can heal living things both people and animals as well as the atmosphere of Mother Earth. I read extensively on the uses of Gold, Copper and Silver and they are useful for technology
    yes, but also for healing!! Amazing stuff. By the way it is my understanding from extensive reading that Gold rehabs your DNA,( which in this time of cell phone towers, dirty electricity and food that is not really food thanx to the evil Monsanto) is a life saver!! That is the true value of Gold it heals and sustains us, that it why it became something a person would trade for. So if my child was ill, I would seek out someone with Gold
    and trade my donkey for instance. Over time the real reason Gold became valuable in the first place was lost and Gold became money, and at that time people began to seek gold to become rich not necessarily to heal. By the way I am a family genealogist which is how I began to find out so much about the past
    it really is a circle of learning one thing lead to another and well I can only say that it has been an amazing journey and I highly recommend it. Everything about life and the world and how the world really works as well what has been found and lost over the eons becomes part of your world, it changed my life in the most amazing ways!

  • eddie

    Gold is good for you?

  • Eugene Steele CTA

    Big Pharma should be tried for genocide

  • Anonymous

    Without proper documented proof, this article has no ground to stand on

    • Carol

      Do your research, talk about lazy, sheesh the information has just been handed to you and you have the library of the ages at your fingertip.

  • matthew


    homeopathy doesn't use particle of any size. It uses a zero dose. Ayurvedic has possibilities, homeopathy is just comedy medicine.

    • Carol

      Uh No sorry homeopathy works. Take a class and learn. There are lots of school of homeopathy around the world now and many of those are in both the US and Canada. One of the schools that is most available and financially within the reach of just about everyone is on the Susan Weed
      web site. Her site starts with being a herbalist, which is a good place to start your journey. Also the homeopathy school of Canada is a really good one and I highly recommend it! I would start with a book on homeopathy read it through and then consider a class.

      • Daniel, MD, PhC

        Actually, while studying pharmaceutical chemistry we did extensive studies on homeopathy. The conclusion: it does not work. There are no active chemical properties in these "compounds" other than sugar and often alcohol. These studies have been well documented. Also, Susan Weed is a (not so) well known quack. She and others like her are frauds. Some herbs & spices on the other hand contain powerful chemical compounds that are used as medicines. These plants are also well documented. I suggest reading medical journals about their effects.. not a book by someone with no credentials in science and/or medicine. No, I do not work for a pharmaceutical company.

  • Alex

    Prepare to hear nothing about this in the msn, or nothing more about it in any event.

    Expose it, bury it, desensitize to it.

    Nothing to see here folks, move along.


  • Anonymous

    I wish you'd reference these articles properly – it would be a huge help!

  • Nirupamaa

    Homeopathy treats using nanoparticles… its not the quantity but the quality that matters… Ayurveda and Homeopathy use the medicines discovered ages ago…. and are still using the same with utmost benefit..

  • Bonnie

    Especially, since the Controllers are the VERY one who give us the cancer, in the first place. And the mass media, hand in glove with the Feds, give out lies, half-truths, or make sure to censure news.

    • Anonymous

      In India the sages developed Ayurvedic Gold and Herbal combinations for the treatment

      of a host of diseases countless years ago.