Cup of Green Tea Daily Shown to Reduce Risk of this Cancer Type by 24%

Cup of Green Tea Daily Shown to Reduce Risk of this Cancer Type by 24%
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green tea potIs there really anything green tea can’t do? It’s rich in catechins, or healthful flavonoids, and these compounds have truly amazing benefits. From weight loss to brain protection and disease prevention—green tea is truly a healing powerhouse. And the benefits go on—with research connecting the tea to ovarian cancer treatment and prevention.

Multiple studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of green tea in reducing cancer risk. According to one such study, one cup of green tea each day was able to reduce ovarian cancer risk by 24 percent. More than one cup provided even more dramatic results. Two cups per day reduced the risk by 46%, and those women who drank green tea for over 30 years saw the rate of ovarian cancer drop a whopping 75%.

How does it work? At the risk of boring you with unintelligible medical-speak, the components in green tea induce “apoptosis” or cell death. Rather than the cancer cells proliferating (growing in number quickly), they die out.

Green tea components also “downregulate the expression of proteins involved in inflammation, cell signalization, cell motility and angiogenesis,” one study published in Gynecologic Oncology reports. This means, the compounds in green tea regulate cell health in a variety of ways by fighting inflammation (a major contributor to disease in general) and the growth of cancerous cells.

Green tea may stop the growth of cancer cells but it also protects healthy cells, something that can’t be said for traditional cancer treatments. It does this by reducing inflammation and protecting cells from damage by free radicals.

Green tea is easy to come by and affordable. It’s a cinch to add into your daily routine, whether you have it in the mornings to get your day started, after meals to aid in digestion, or stirred into recipes. And with the green tea benefits becoming more well known, why wouldn’t you want to start now?

For added ovarian cancer prevention—add some ginger. Scientists have found ginger to annihilate ovarian cancer cells. One study from the University of Michigan found ginger to kill cancer cells at the same rate as chemotherapy, but without all of the side effects.

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