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Farmers Issue Lawsuit Against Monsanto for Widespread Genetic Manipulation

Anthony Gucciardi
February 1st, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 12:38 pm
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gmofruit 210x131 Farmers Issue Lawsuit Against Monsanto for Widespread Genetic Manipulation

Farmers are taking a stand against Monsanto, launching a landmark lawsuit against the mega corporation for widespread genetic contamination. The farmers are concerned that Monsanto’s aggressive agenda to genetically alter the planet will ultimately result in a severe threat to the organic integrity of farms worldwide. It is not hard to believe that many ‘organic’ farms have already been contaminated with GMO crops, as nearly 93% of soybeans are now admittedly genetically modified.

The Public Patent Foundation originally filed the lawsuit in March of 2011  in a case known as Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) et al v. Monsanto. The organization launched the suit in the name of the very individuals and organizations threatened by Monsanto’s widespread GMO crops: family farmers, farming organizations, and seed businesses. The intent of the case is to dispute Monsanto’s patents on GMO seeds and ultimately safeguard farmers from Monsanto’s own vicious lawsuits.

In fact, between 1997 and 2010, Monsanto actually filed 144 lawsuits against American family farmers. In addition, another 700 were settled out of court for unknown amounts. Monsanto has an agenda to take out American family farms and dominate the agricultural industry with their own mutant seeds. This is the same kind of practice that Monsanto operates outside of the United States as well, driving thousands of poor farmers to suicide by ruining their family farming practices.

The first phase of the case began yesterday on January 31, 2012.  More than 50 farmers and plaintiffs have gone to Manhattan to listen to verbal debates surrounding Monsanto’s attempts to dismiss the lawsuit.

You can take action now by voicing your opposition to Monsanto and their corrupt practices. Your submissions are reportedly to be shared with farmers around the globe who will ultimately play a vital role in the determination of whether or not Monsanto will be able to continue its mass manipulation of the food supply.

takeaction Farmers Issue Lawsuit Against Monsanto for Widespread Genetic Manipulation

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Debbie

    What about home garders? Can we join the farmers as well with this lawsuit? It affects us all who grow gardens no matter how big or small.

  • stephen webster

    my father had nongmo soybeans that were contaimated by monsanto gene . he took monsanto to small claims court. It was very clear in court today that monsanto would spend any amount of money nessacry to win the case on lawyers and experts. farmers like my father can not afford to spend those amounts of money, so he is out the extra money those soybeans should have brought in.We asked monsanto for a promise that monsanto would not sue us for a period of 10 years in writeing if monsanto genes shoewd up again in our up to 200 acres pewr year on soybeans not grown to replant, monsanto would not put that in writeing so not only did father lose over $15,000 this year but if we grow soybeans again monsanto can sue us for genes we did not want. We do not trust monsanto any more. I never had a problem with monsanto untill this happened

  • jla

    Who owns Monsanto??????

    • Guest Mouse

      Monsanto is one of those company's that has taken on a life of it's own. Sort of like the IRS. There is no evil CZAR sitting some place saying lets kill people,,,,it's just that their annual take of about 8 billion dollars a year is spread out among executives, share holders and work force. Yes there is a CEO and a board of directors but the company is such a complex mega deal that it;s very hard to stop. Maybe we need someone like T Boone Pickens to bust it up like he did some of the big oil giants.

  • Anonymous

    ya those commy pigs….they can all burn

    • Ragnar

      That would be Fascist pigs in this case.

  • Mark C. Loeffler

    I currently have a Lawsuit Pending against 9 defendants which were responsible, either directly, or implicitly, in 'Killing Our Mom'. The treachery, deceit and coverups of corporations or their employees-doctors or nurses- knows No Bounds. People will lie, cheat and steal to excuse their behavior-Just like Corporations-All to allow their behavior and practices to go uncensored or continue illegally, so they are never truly found guilty-which they are-of their acts. It's about time some judges "Stood Up" for the Truth and Stopped Cold these perpetrators of Murder and Mayhem-which they Literally Are-and either execute them-which they did-immediately or slowly-to the innocent victims of their acts-or imprison them for life and shut down their Pathetic Companies for Good. Let's get this country back to Square 1-like it used to be,"Right is right and Wrong is wrong"-Remember the Boston Tea Party!!!?, Did that take a judge to write an order-I don't think so. What it took was honest thinking people who were fed up with all the wrongs they continually suffered to finally have enough guts to act-to stop the wrongs, period! Thanks for reading this, Mark-Born in New York, and fed up with accepting wrong ways of living from sooo many people!

  • Anonymous

    If Monsanto would eat its own corn it would be dead

  • Anonymous

    Alright! This company is evil.

  • Anonymous

    About time a lawsuit was launched against Monsanto

  • Anonymous

    Signed — thanks so much