I recently spoke to the mother who was beyond shocked after the photos she posted of her children protesting Monsanto at the March Against Monsanto were labeled as ‘abusive’ and ultimately led to a ban on her ability to interact with other Facebook pages.

As it turns out, she was not alone, and soon the story began popping up on MSN and around the web after originally being reported on by Mike Adams over at NaturalNews. Apparently posting photos against Monsanto online is sometimes met with the ban hammer, specifically if they have to do with children. But what highly abusive photo did she post? As you can see below, Andrea posted a photo of her children holding up anti-Monsanto signs at the Houston March Against Monsanto rally:


As you can see, these signs promote organic food and the rejection of Monsanto’s GMO crops. But what’s actually the most important thing here is that, whether or not you agree with the signs to any degree, we need to understand it’s not okay for any ideas to be thrown down the memory hole of the internet — regardless of whether or not someone agrees with them. And by claiming that this picture constitutes abuse, or even some form of child abuse, we are getting into the area of thought crime.

Below you can see when Andrea was hit for posting and sharing ‘abusive’ content following the syndication of her photo:

I was at the March Against Monsanto while travelling in Philadelphia, and I was amazed at the utter lack of news coverage. There was a blackout from all of the ‘alphabet news’ agencies there, and I was the only one there with a camera crew documenting the movement. Since then, we have actually forced some new coverage through the alternative news, but hundreds of thousands protesting across the world should have garnered much more attention.

The last thing we need is for more March Against Monsanto photos and videos to disappear, setting a precedent for Facebook and beyond to go ahead and censor independent reporters who post live events through Facebook for their fans, friends, or family.

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