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Doctor Says Modern Wheat a “Perfect, Chronic Poison”

Lisa Garber
December 5th, 2012
Updated 12/06/2012 at 6:32 pm
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wheatblackbackground 260x162 Doctor Says Modern Wheat a “Perfect, Chronic Poison”Many of us are shunning wheat for lots of reasons, but we usually cite gluten as the culprit. Cardiologist and author Dr. William Davis, however, says it’s not gluten that makes modern wheat a “perfect, chronic poison.” It’s the fact that modern modified wheat has become the wheat we know today.

Davis spoke on “CBS This Morning” earlier this year about one of agribusiness’s biggest creations—the word “creation” not used lightly.

Modern Modified Wheat – Increased Appetite, Altered Genome

“[Modern wheat is] an 18-inch tall plant created by genetic research in the ‘60s and ‘70s  This thing has many new features nobody told you about, such as there’s a new protein in this thing called gliadin. It’s not gluten. I’m not addressing people with gluten sensitivities and celiac disease. I’m talking about everybody else because everybody else is susceptible to the gliadin protein that is an opiate. This thing binds into the opiate receptors in your brain and in most people stimulates appetite, such that we consume 440 more calories per day, 365 days per year.”

Increasing hankerings and padding on pounds aren’t all modified wheat is capable of doing. A new GM wheat in development by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CIRO), an Australian governmental research agency, may permanently alter the genes of the humans and animals that consume it.

“Through ingestion,” says Professor Jack Heinemann of the University of Canterbury Centre for Integrated Research in Biosafety, “these olecules can enter human beings and potentially silence our genes.” The double stranded RNAs present in this modified wheat would also survive cooking, digestion, and generations of life.

Modern Whole Grains Like Filtered Cigarettes

But what about all the hype over whole grains? Several health resources like the Mayo Clinic advocate ditching white wheat for less processed varieties, but Davis claims that is like replacing unfiltered with filtered cigarettes.

“That’s the logic of nutrition; it’s a deeply flawed logic.”

Instead of modern, Davis advocates eating “real foods” like avocados, olives, olive oil, eats, and vegetables. While Davis does tell consumers to favor food least likely to be changed by agribusiness, the CBS source, unfortunately, does not directly address variables like organic and small-scale farming versus conventionally raised and pesticide-drenched vegetables or pasture-raised versus factory-farmed meats.

Not the Answer to Feeding the Nation

Modified foods pose a threat to people (not just consumers), animals, and the planet  Pesticides for GM corn pollute our water and often contaminate organic products. Although the issue of feeding the world is a complex and emotional one, GM food—and the poisoning of entire populations of people—is not the answer.

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  • EddieRumpelstiltskin42

    transgenic dwarf wheat.

  • Ayan Rand

    I am a farmer. Wheat has changed.

  • Sunshine

    I am celiac and as a test — I bought a couple of pounds or 'certified organic wheat' from a local farm and ground it for bread.

    Didn't bother me at all. Yet, I do limit my intake of wheat just because of the severe sickness that occurs when I get glutamated.

    Just wondering if the GMO Wheat is the real issues for us celiacs.

  • Sue seward

    Correction: If someTHING makes us feel bad why keep on eating it!

  • Sue Seward

    All I know is that I almost died from eating wheat and that's a fact. If someone cannot tolerate wheat and they know that it's making them sick, causing chronic issues, debilitating pain, destroying their gut, causing auto immune disease, then stop eating it. Personally that's what I did five years ago and came back to life. I never eat wheat and grains make me feel bad too like corn and rice. I keep a food journal. Whenever I eat corn or rice I feel bad. Duh? Stop eating it! I'm eating more organic produce and grass fed beef, etc. and feel much better when I do. It's pretty simple. If someone makes us feel bad why keep eating it?

  • ScottM.

    Wheat may not have changed. What has changed is, we are eating so much MORE of it than before, in the past 30-50 years there has been a promotion of "heart healthy whole grains" and demonization of meat and dairy products. Take a look at this restaurant menu from Delmonico's in New York, from 1899:
    There's virtually no wheat or grains on there. The only things with sugar are the desserts, and even those are mostly ice creams or sorbets, NO GRAINS. Many people used to eat like this. The people that DID eat a ton of bread, potatoes, rice and/or pasta, were the Poor, who could afford cheap foodstuffs such as those. But those were almost universally recognized as SUBSTANDARD foodstuffs that were people who had no other choice, or were fed to food (i.e.: feed for livestock).

  • desertmoonwoman

    The bottom line, something has changed in wheat. Mankind has broken bread for centuries, now so many, me included can no longer tolerate wheat. Whatever the cause it needs to be found. Arguing the hows and why's is not moving us forward.

  • Marilyn {cassity] McCowan

    true .

    don’t doubt for a minute that what you say is

  • bluegum1

    If wheat is no good for you then there are plenty of other choices in the food chain.

  • Kim

    So whats the verdict? Is wheat GMO or not and if it is would organic be considered safe? Any brands you suggest we buy/avoid? This article is missing key information and leaving readers hanging.

  • R. Rogers

    Zionist agenda? Are you some kind of nut?

    • Rachel

      Bigotry shows ignorance.

  • Jules

    Whomever wrote this need to fact check WHEAT IS NOT GMO. The modern hybridized wheat is an issue but it is not GMO stop spreading myths and lies please. It makes the Non-GMO movement an even harder fight when you have people rumoring things we have to debunk and argue against from our own side.
    "Wheat: There is not currently, nor has there ever been, any genetically engineered wheat on the market. Of all “low-risk” crops, this is the one most commonly (and incorrectly) assumed to be GMO. It is a key commodity crop, and the biotech industry is pushing hard to bring GMO varieties to market. The Non-GMO Project closely watches all development on this front."

    • M.T.

      They are referencing two different types of wheat in this article.

      The modern dwarf wheat which is not GM (3rd paragraph)

      And a GM wheat under development in Australia (4th paragraph).

    • vera cousins

      Jules, your first word should be "whoever." Vcousins

      • Imma Wright

        V, your first word should be "I'm".

        If you would like the rest of the sentence, may I suggest "a douche-bag grammar-nazi".

  • Jonathan

    Mark Sisson has a book called the Primal Blueprint which has tons of information about the problems with the human diet in its current form.

  • Reuben

    will the produces of the said wheat be faithful to us by putting a stop in producing or any thing to be done for Gmo becames good food for the body .

  • Michael

    type-o in 4th paragraph "olecules"

  • Lynn

    Read Dr. William Davis' book, Wheat Belly–it's fascinating and very informative!

  • david Neesley

    THis is like politic's, one guy makes a statement, everybody has an opinion and nothing happens. If this is such a hazard why isn't this all over the paper, internet and news? Is it like cyclamates, they may be harmful but you'd have to drink 9 million can of soda in a row for it to affect your body.

    • @jjjenkin

      That's like saying agent orange wasn't really all that bad until it was in the papers. Or mercury in use for treatment of the sick. Your argument is invalid.

      The United States and the world is on an upward progression in relation to ingesting wheat products and carbohydrate in general. If you eat a bunch everyday, you do the math.

  • MsLabradorGirl
    • margaret


    • Sandy W

      The Canadian Millers website link that you posted is outdated.

  • marvnp

    what about organic wheat?

    • @jjjenkin

      I believe Dr. Davis responded to Dr. Oz a few days ago regarding this very question. Essentially, he compared the "health benefits" of having a cigarette with a filter compared with that of an unfiltered cigarette.

      You may find organically grown wheat, but chances are it is GMO.

    • WILLIE

      Try organic sprouted grain bread if you must. Gave it up -don't miss it! Eat whole fresh,
      local food as much as possible. Costco is carrying more organics now1

  • C-Girl

    Ahh sh^##% so, how do i know if the wheat i use is GM? :S

    • Michael

      from my understanding almost all wheat today is GM

  • Steve

    Read Primal Body Primal Mind by Nora T. Gedgaudas, it is true folks. Wheat isn't good for you. Whole Wheat is the worst.

  • Saavin

    Say No To GMO….Need To Know….Need To Ban!

    • Jonathan

      While I agree that this stuff is unhealthy I don't think government bans are the solution. Government has created this problem by promoting high grain consumption and misleading consumers on the effects of meat and fat. Please don't rely on government policies to make good decisions in your life. Bans are no replacement for educating yourself and everyone you come into contact with on the real dangers of the food we eat.

      • @jjjenkin

        Amen. Educate and decide for yourself. Do not restrict free enterprise. When you make smart decisions, the market will tailor to those decisions.

      • Carole

        Hard to educate yourself when the mainstream media is pretty much totally controlled at this point. They thrive on dis-information.
        Interesting, as wheat farmers we were told that Monsanto is developing an ‘aluminum resistant’ wheat because there is so much aluminum in our soils now. Interestingly, aluminum is one of the main ingredients coming down from those chemtrail plains.
        Watch ‘Why in the world are they spraying’ free video on the net. Monsanto involved there. Please read the book ‘Seeds of Destruction’ it will blow your socks off and you wont be able to put it down. Gives you the history of how and why this is happening and how we duped Argentina to be our guinea pig and what it has done to there country. Educate yourself, buy several and share! United we stand!!

  • Steve

    I think this might be a bit misleading (as is the book which I've listened to) as the dwarf wheat was not created by gene splicing technology but was conventionally bred. Even if it's really unhealthy it won't tinker with your DNA and be a death sentence for future generations the way CSIRO GMO wheat could.

    • DrDougND

      Steve, you are correct in that gene-splicing technology, which involves splicing a known gene sequence from one species into another, was not used. However, modern wheat was HARDLY conventionally bred or hybridized. Thousands of recurrent blastings with ionizing gamma-radiation caused all manner of gene mutation in wheat seeds being tested in the 1960's until the desired phenotypes of shorter stalk and greater head yield were achieved. The problem is: what other unseen changes in the biochemistry of the plant also occurred? THAT IS THE HUGE PROBLEM, and what the author of that book actually speaks to. Unnatural proteins that were never part of our planetary existence were created and then foisted on human consumers without safety testing. So, while not gene splicing, given how ubiquitous modern wheat is in today's diets, this has caused huge health problems that I personally witness clinically in patients day in and day out.

      • DrDougND

        And wheat consumption does cause epigenetic changes (changes in gene-expression) if not directly changing genes specifically