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Cell Phones Shown to Negatively Influence Fetal Brains

Mike Barrett
February 8th, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 12:23 pm
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Cell phones – the incredibly convenient device that make our lives infinitely easier. While these phones have created great steps forward in communication, talking on them comes at a price. The massive increase in cellular phone use in our current society has resulted in a large degree of research examining the potential negative health effects they have on human health. Very recent research has shown that microwave radiation emitted by cellular devices negatively influence fetal brains.

The experiment took 32 pregnant rats and divided them into 4 different groups, with one of them receiving no exposure to microwave radiation. The other three groups were exposed to different intensities of microwave radiation from cellular phones, with each of them being subjected for different amounts of time. Group 1 was radiated for 10 minutes each time, group 2 was radiated for 30 minutes, group 3 for 60 minutes, and group 4 not at all. Each of the groups receiving radiation were radiated 3 times a day from the first day of pregnancy then for 20 days thereafter. On day 21, the rats’ brains were tested.

The primary purpose of the study was to evaluate intensity of oxidative stress and the level of neurotransmitters in the brains of pregnant rats exposed to cell phones. The study concluded with:

“Through this study, we concluded that receiving a certain period of microwave radiation from cellular phones during pregnancy has certain harm on fetal rat brains.”

This research comes just before Greek scientists demonstrated how frequency electromagnetic fields, namely cell phones, portable phones, WiFi, and wireless computer equipment alter important protein changes in the brains of animals.

Does this you should stop using cell phones? While it may be challenging to completely abandon your cellphone, it is simple to take some precautionary measures so that the convenience comes at a lesser price. Holding the cell phone further away, not placing it near you while not in use, and talking on it less are all solutions to reduce exposure. The World Health Organization has even found cell phone use to be in the same cancer-causing category as lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform.

With cellphone subscriptions outnumbering the people in the U.S., it is important to take your own measures to reduce EMF exposure.

About Mike Barrett:
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  • Dean

    Is it possible that this could be the link to Autism? Has anyone tried to link the increase of cellphone usage and wifi usage in homes to the increase of Autism?

  • mothman777

    What horrifies me is when I see mothers put their mobiles in a bag just behind the baby's head as they sit in their prams. I have not used mobiles for years, and find my mind is much more sensitive, and also use a Transformer 28 3G in my home to reduce the harmful nature of telephone signals etc., and they do work very well as I find my sensitivity, mood and intellectual function remarkably improved through avoiding electrical pollution this way. Another good idea for those who cannot do without mobiles is to buy a sheath for them that prevents any signal coming in or going out, and just take it out in absolute emergencies, or just use it at pre-agreed times so that both parties can take their mobile phones out at the same time. Similar sheaths are good for your bank cards too as scammers can simply scan all your info as they walk past you and draw money from your account and steal all your personal info.

  • Marilyn Guinn

    I always wonder why it takes scientific study to tell us what common sense dictates. I've never owned a cell phone and threw out the microwave oven when my husband died. Does this make me smarter than you? I don't know but it means I have better horse sense than 99% of the population. You are committing a slow suicide, people!

  • Daniel

    Your baby is doomed anyways. Anyone considering having a child now is living in a fantasy world and will live to see their child die a horrible death in a FEMA camp. Have a nice day.

    • Karina

      Do you enjoy your life in loneliness and misery?

  • aubreyfarmer

    The pharmaceutical, insurance, medical industries are all benefiting from the declining health of the US population. Notice how we no longer have cures, just expensive therapies that deplete your bank account around the time the doctor tells you there is nothing else that can be done for you. Th closer you die to age 62.5 the better. You get to pay Social Security for 40 plus years and the government doesn't have to give you any of it back. Eugenics is alive and well. Bill Gates brags about developing a vaccine to sterilize women. Numerous devices for creating a controlled underclass. Now that technology is reaching the point that the elite can control each and every one of us, it won't be long now until we all get chipped, collared and chemically lobotamized. I don't trust a single person working for the federal government. They would sell their own daughters into the sex slave trade to keep their filthy lucre of a payday. What will be the next "false flag" the corporate fascist implement to stampede the sheep into the next stage of tyranny?

  • Steve Barnett

    Everything new you should stay away from. Plastics containers, teflon, MSG, Trans fat, Aluminum silicate, tin cans, aluminum cans, electrical current, radiation, sodas and refined sugar. All this stuff is bad for us. Cast iron, glass and the way we preserve food is not good. Freezing food makes it last longer, but then requires power plants putting out pollution, when they could grow hemp and solve the energy problem. They know teflon is bad for you, but they are giving the companies till 2015 to quit making the crap. Don't drink out of aluminum cans. If the coating gets damaged you eat it.

  • al

    the article is of a very poor standard