How Cell Phones are Causing Health Complications, Protect Yourself

How Cell Phones are Causing Health Complications, Protect Yourself

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Experts in EMF and wireless technologies are saying that cell phones and similar devices are capable of causing a number of health defects, including depression, body irregularities, infertility and even damaging your DNA.

A number of foreign countries are attempting to adopt precautionary protocols to limit cell phone use in an attempt to mitigate the number of adverse effects they have on human health. In 2011, the WHO/IARC released a report stating that cell phone radiation may have a carcinogenic effect on humans. In fact, the World Health Organization actually said that cell phones are in the same cancer-causing category as lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform.

Though known, there is a growing contingent of researchers and scientists coming to terms with the fact that cell phone radiation is having a large effect on human health, causing physical deterioration, mental disorders and infertility.

The nature of our society in this day and age leaves little breathing room, however. In a country where cell phone subscriptions actually outnumber the amount of people, you are basically guaranteed to be exposed to cellphone microwaves whenever you enter a social setting. People rationalize that it’s a ‘necessary evil’, and it may be, but the acceptance leads to increased health risk overall. It is for this reason that we recognize the issues and develop a wide-scale solution.

Studies on cellphones indicate that the brain is highly affected by any level of exposure, altering its normal function and causing mental disorders. Younger people are more susceptible to damage from cellphone radiation because their bodies are still underdeveloped.

Research also shows its carcinogenic effect on the body can produce metabolism problems, affect organs, and cause cancer. These devices are also having an impact on our ecosystem, causing the bee population to become confused, disoriented, and soon die from the signals emitted.

Taking steps to avoid exposure to cellphone radiation is important, but it is very hard to completely eliminate the radiation. Simply by talking on your cell phone less will result in less radiation exposure. Even placing your cell phone far away from you instead of in your pocket at all times limits exposure. Although it is a small amount, it is a very simple solution. Another solution for limiting exposure would be to invest in an EMF protector or other similar and very available technologies that reduce exposure.