Cellphone Subscriptions Outnumber People in US, Radiation Threatens Public Health

Cellphone Subscriptions Outnumber People in US, Radiation Threatens Public Health

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Thanks to major studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), the general public has come to acknowledges the fact that increased cell phone usage is spiking public cancer rates worldwide. Despite this fact, cellphone subscriptions have hit an all-time high. The recent surge of cellphone subscriptions is even further cause for alarm, with many health officials sitting idly by as a radiation-induced health crisis inches closer. In fact cellphone dangers are often joked about in mainstream television shows and movies. The true health risks associated with cellphone radiation, however, are nothing to scoff at.

Those who use frequently use their cell phones without proper protection (a cellphone protector or radiation-defending wireless headset) receive a high concentration of microwaves directly affecting the brain. The radiation not only alters brain function in ways that yield unknown consequence, but it also heats up the brain to unsafe temperatures. Even more concerning is the fact that the younger you are, the more vulnerable you are to this damage. Parents worldwide are purchasing cellphone subscriptions for their children disregarding major studies over cellphone dangers continually emerging in the mainstream media.

Research Shows Cellphone Dangers Associated with Radiation

Numerous studies have detailed the risk cell phones pose to not only brain activity, but reproduction and many other health conditions. Cellphone dangers are highlighted by a number of studies that have garnered explosive attention, but consumers seem to insist on using these radiation-emitting devices. It seems to be an unstated rule; ‘Yes, cellphone radiation causes me harm, but they are necessary in this day and age.’ Do the benefits of cell phone radiation out weigh the risks? Well, if you’re dying from the ‘convenient’ cellphone radiation, you can’t use your cell phone anyway.

higher than the number of U.S. citizens. If that information does not concern you, then you should consider the health of your family. Somehow, we have managed to pay for more cell phones than we can actually use. Thus, the risk of cellphone radiation exposure is very prevalent, and the cellphone dangers that go along with it should be strongly considered by both health officials and the public.