5 Tips to Stay Motivated and Continue Exercising Through Autumn

It can be difficult to stay motivated and workout through cold months. Here are 5 tips to ensure your motivation meter stays on high throughout the year.

Using Rebounding and Exercise to Improve Lymph Flow and Feel Better

If lymph within your body is not flowing properly, you may feel sick and run-down. So what’s the solution? Simple exercise and rebounding should help.

Study: Every Minute of Intense Exercise Reduces Obesity Risk by up to 5%

A recent study found that for every extra daily minute of high intensity exercise, participants reduced their obesity risk by up to 5 percent.

Watermelon Juice Relieves Muscle Soreness, Boosts Athletic Performance

Researchers have found that watermelon juice can actually help hydrate, relieve muscle soreness, and boost your athletic performance.

Walking to Work Could Cut Diabetes Risk by 40% and More

Recent research suggests walking or biking to work could significantly decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure – by up to 40%.

Apples Shown to Boost Muscular Strength, Combat Excess Fat

Research suggests that a powerful compound in the peels of apples could not only help you build stronger muscles, but combat excess body fat at the same time.

Spinach can Help Fine-Tune Physical Fitness, Develop Muscular Strength

Researchers with the Karolinska Institutet of Sweden once again have found that spinach could help develop muscle strength and fitness levels.

Sweating can Actually Fight off Infection and Illness, Researchers Find

A protein found on human skin and activated when we sweat is able to kill harmful microbes and even fight those that are drug-resistant, research found.

Could Exercise Make You Smarter?

Recent research suggests that exercise could improve brain function and memory, and help stave off the cognitive impairment commonly associated with old age.

4 Ways to Increase Nitric Oxide Naturally for a Better Workout, Sex, & Heart Health

There are far safer and natural ways to boost nitric oxide for a better workout, sex, and heart health than to take supplements. Here are 4 ways.

Vitamin C Reduces Duration, Severity of Colds in Athletes

A recent study published in The Cochrane Library offered some insight into how Vitamin C could play an important role in protecting the physically stressed immune systems of endurance athletes.

Exercise Shown to Help Suppress Smoking Cravings

Interestingly, exercise is often touted as a way to reduce nicotine cravings, but it takes a dedicated exercise routine to see the benefits.

How Regular Exercise can Help with Diabetes

Regular exercise could be a natural and effective way to help treat diabetes. A study conducted with diabetic Hispanic men and women undergoing a strength training routine found that within 16 weeks there was dramatic improvement with their sugar control.

Brisk Walking May Help Men With Prostate Cancer, Study Finds

We know walking is good for our health – duh! The benefits of walking are numerous, with the activity helping to extend life, reduce stroke, prevent heart attacks, and improve overall wellness. In addition, a joint study conducted by the University of California at San Francisco and the Harvard School of Public Health reports a connection between brisk walking and a lowered risk of prostate cancer advancement.

15 Minutes Daily Exercise Adds 3 Years to Life, is ‘Bare Minimum for Health’

In our inactive society, most people simply aren’t exercising enough to support their own health. However, contrary to what some people may think, findings show that just 15 minutes of daily exercise can increase life expectancy by 3 years while cutting your risk of “all-cause” death rates by 14%. This is good news for many who claim not to have enough time to exercise.

Research Shows Muscle Building Slashes Diabetes Risk

There is even more good news for those who exercise, and especially for those building muscle mass. Research has indicated that bulking up a bit may help protect against insulin resistance while slashing your risk of developing type-2 diabetes. While pumping iron may not be everyone’s activity of choice, a little strength training goes a long way when it comes to boosting metabolism, building muscle, and increasing overall quality of health.

Balancing Exercises Could End up Saving You Later in Life

Everyone knows that becoming fit and exercising regularly has everlasting positive effects on the body and even the mind. Research has even revealed that just a few minutes of exercise is powerful enough to alter your DNA (in a good way). But one key exercise-related topic no one seems to be talking about is balance – something that gradually diminishes as you age. Being able to balance could save you later in life.