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4 Absurdly Simple Ways to Radically Improve Your Health in Under 10 Minutes

Anthony Gucciardi
July 29th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 3:51 pm
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It doesn’t have to be painful to improve your health, nor does it have to take a lot of time. While we could discuss the specifics of optimum health for what would amount to hours upon hours of reading, there are a few core techniques that you can utilize right now to dramatically transform your health — each of which can easily be done in under 10 minutes. Perhaps even more appealing than the time factor is the additional factoid that each of these methods are extremely simple and virtually anyone can utilize them.

If you really adhere to these 4 super simple concepts, you will be ahead of about 98% of the United States (or most any other developed nation) when it comes to living a natural health lifestyle. Here are 4 ways to radically transform and improve your health and wellness in under 10 minutes:

1. Drink the Right Kind of Water

It’s no secret that drinking tap water is a recipe for disease thanks to harsh chemicals and heavy metals, but what are the alternatives? You may be under the impression that super cheap and low quality filtration systems (think Brita counter top filters) are the answer. Ultimately, these plastic system (which may even contain BPA) do not filter most heavy metals or chemicals. And what about bottled water? Well, it turns out that bottled water is simply expensive tap water thanks to an extensive report into the industry.

Instead of wasting time and money on poor quality alternative to tap water, you have a few options:

  • Purchase an atmospheric water generator such as the machines created by the Ecoloblue company (no incentive was given for this recommendation or any other within this article).
  • Retrieve fresh and real spring water from near your home with glass gallon jugs which can be found via the website Find a Spring.
  • Obtain a high quality reverse osmosis water filtration device and add minerals or Himalayan sea salt back into the water after it passes through the filter.

Each of these options are highly effective, and the Find a Spring option is entirely free. Therefore, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be drinking the right kind of water. Even if you don’t want to drive a short distance away from a spring, a reverse osmosis filter can be purchased for a relatively low price. When it comes to seriously feeling better each day and conquering disease, the value of the product ultimately becomes more apparent. All in all, this simple change will take all of 5 seconds to act upon. It takes even less than 5 seconds to type in your zip code on the spring locator site and decide to change your water habits for life.

2. Add Lemon to Your Water Each Morning

It really doesn’t get any easier than this. Now that you’ve secured a proper water source, it’s time to utilize it. Start your morning each day by squeezing either one half or a full lemon into a glass of warm water, placing a slice into the glass itself after you’re done squeezing.

Tied to both fat loss and stress relief, water with lemon is even used in ancient Yogic and Ayurvedic medicine to cleanse the digestive system. In other words, you can improve your digestion naturally throughout the day by using this simple practice.

3. Switch to Organic, Save Money

By simply switching to organic foods (particularly packaged and produce), you’ll be avoiding a massive onslaught of pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified ingredients, and a whole host of damaging chemicals and additives. But what about the price? The main concern listed by consumers when asked why they don’t switch to organic is always price. What myself and others have discovered, such as the major cable network TLC, is that organic food options are actually oftentimes cheaper than conventional alternatives.

That’s right, you can actually save money by switching to healthier organic alternatives. As TLC confirms by launching an investigation into whether or not it’s really more expensive to go organic:

“At a Safeway… a 15- ounce can of O organic black beans costs $1.05. On the same shelf, a 15-ounce can of Bush’s Best black beans will run you $1.39. Down the street at Whole Foods, meanwhile–the store often referred to as ‘Whole Paycheck’ the supermarket-label 365 Organics brand black beans cost a measly 99 cents. Or take pasta… a box of Barilla brand conventional pasta sells for $1.79 at the Safeway. But head over to the Whole Foods, and you can buy a bag of 365 Organic pasta for 50 cents less.”

So not only can you actually save some cash by switching to organic and shopping smart on higher quality options, but it will more importantly drastically improve the health and wellness of yourself and your family. And of course it only takes just a few seconds to make the decision to do so.

4. Do this Outside and Improve Your Health

Take a few moments out of your day and head outside if weather permits. On a particularly warm and sunny day during the summer climate, which many are experiencing right now, set aside even just a few moments to sit directly in the vicinity of the sun’s beams without sunscreen. Roll up your sleeves and pants, or even take off a couple layers of clothing if possible and relax as you generate cancer-crushing vitamin D. It can be a real challenge during even the summer months to get a proper amount of sun if you’re stuck working all day indoors or otherwise, but it’s absolute essential.

To kick things up a notch, you can even add coconut oil to your skin before sunbathing.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Ryan Tucson

    Number 1 can be a little tricky. There are so many brands of bottled and water and even tap water can sometimes be a little contaminated. Having a way to make sure the water you drink is crystal clear would be a very big help.

  • Roland Wahlgren, Phy

    About item (1): You can find out how well an atmospheric water generator would work at various locations — please visit… For answers to some common questions about water-from-air technologies, have a look at

  • Anonymous

    Eat fruit, buy organic, get sunshine, drink clean water…….wow I should get rich running my own health website.

  • Rand

    To improve your health in 10 minutes try the 'Detox Bath'. It is based on an ancestral technique created by Louis Kuhne of Leipzig in the 1880s. It's a very simple method which uses only water and consists in cooling down your groin area while keeping the rest of your body warm. A daily 10 minute Detox Bath will help your body eliminate toxins and excess fat while improving digestion, complexion and sleep.

  • jon

    This list didn't include garlic. Crush a piece of garlic, leave it for 10 minutes (to build up the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, amongst others) then swallow it like a pill with juice or water. Will kill any bugs in your stomach/intestines, will stimulate the metabolism, and will boost your immune system. I have been taking it since January, once or twice a week, and have not gotten sick in any way, shape or form.

    • Anonymous

      like a whole garlic? or a piece of garlic?

      • jennyettie

        A piece of a clove.

  • Donald W.

    Funny this list didn't include:

    1) Take a sauna. (Liquefies fat and flushes the toxins out through your sweat glands.)

    2) Jump on a trampoline. (Gets the lymph moving.)

  • Patriart

    Be careful with "pure natural" springwater. Springs can have high levels of heavy metals. Arsenic is a common contaminant in New England

  • Linder

    I have been exclusively drinking spring water for well over a year and have NOT had one cold or bout of the flu. I live 2miles from a spring found on find a spring. Not everyone lives near this spring and people come from several counties away to fill up their jugs there. My son and I use this water to make tea, coffee, iced tea and use in cooking rice or pasta in. It is tested monthly by the county and so far as I can ascertain has NO bacteria in like well water contains. I have well water in the community I live in and found that if I use my PPM water tester on the tap water after it comes out of the tap it reads say 240. Then after the water sits in a jug for several days it reads 600!!! Obviously bacteria growth at work here. The spring water has no such bacteria growth even in water stored for more than 6 months!!! As for the person above who lives one hour away from a spring – I would seriously consider saving up my gallon or quart jugs and visiting it once a month as the benefits certainly outweigh the small price in gas to pay.

    The spring I use is actually an underground river with clean, great tasting mineral content. Some guys from Cleveland actually came down here, filled up a huge water truck with the water and went back to Cleveland and sold it as mineral water!!!

    To KAT above: If it is on find a spring it should be a public spring available to all.

  • James

    What about well water poured through a Doulton filter?

    • Linder

      I tried filtering my community well water through almost every sort of filter available to no avail. It still contained huge amounts of water softener salt (something I don't need) so I essentially gave up trying to rid my well water of this unnecessary salt. A flowing spring water is "alive" unlike stagnant well water no mater what filter you use.

  • meg

    When I was in Whole Foods last month I asked if their cans had BPA's, the 365 brand. The person at the courtesy desk made some calls and told me that they do. Whole Foods may be less expensive but do you want BPA's in the cans you buy!

  • JayandE

    Rainwater is best collected from a galvanized iron roof and stored in a covered 2000 gallon tank or more when it is self clearing from almost everything. I have drunk it without boiling for more than 40 years, and locals all their lives with many living to 90yrs or more.

    Rainwater is slightly acid and lacks calcium and magnesium that the best municipal water has naturally, so supplement or spread dolomite powder (for soil improvement) in the tank, dolomite is a natural rock that has magnesium and calcium in ideal proportions.

    • Ed

      Galvanized metal is toxic. It is recommended that collecting rainwater NOT be a source of drinking water, especially from galvanized and asphault shingled roofs. Toxic petro-chemicals and metals have a tendency to collect in the human body over the years. Likewise, sodium flouride collects in the pineal gland of the brain and becomes problematic after the age of 40. The same reasoning can be made for roof collected water. I don't advise drinking rainwater, period, because it tends to collect pollutants from the air. The earth filters rainwater as it replenishes aquifiers. If you must drink rainwater, ceramic tiled roofs would be safer than galvanized or asphault roofing. However, it is still not filtered water.

      • oneofU

        And then of course, if they're chemtrailing the heck out of skies over you like they do here……..

  • Keith

    How about collecting rainwater and boiling it. Or is rainwater already too pollluted by the atmosphere?

    • Ed

      With all of the "issues" we face today, including the frequent and undisclosed radioactive releases from nuclear fission plants, chemtrails, pesticides, insecticides, and industrial pollutants, I'd say rainwater is not safe to drink. Boiling it will kill the microbes in rainwater, but won't rid it of toxic chemicals. The rainwater would have to be treated in order to assure safe drinking water. A reverse osmosis system would work well. A Berky filtration system would be helpful except for some water soluable chemicals.

  • Nag Hammadi

    Thirty minutes in the sun with some skin exposed is the recommended.

  • crow

    I have a Brita that does filter the water, somewhat (since there is no spring close by and a reverse osmosis filtration device is not an option, due to lack of funds. However, i do put a slice of lemon in my water and drink and eat mostly organic foods – i do feel better and suggest these simple things so that you can feel better and improve your health.

  • kat

    well..I'm not sure if the spring that is closest to me (hour away..not exactly close) even ALLOWS you to take water from it as you speak of above. they let people swim in it if the spring is doing well but I have never heard of anyone taking the water home to drink.