Texas Pushes for GMO Labeling with Introduction of New Bill

Texas Pushes for GMO Labeling with Introduction of New Bill

State Representative Carol Alvarado from Houston has filed HB 3499, a GMO labeling bill that would require all food sold in Texas to be clearly marked to inform the consumer that they contain genetically modified ingredients.

Texas is a big state, and if this bill were to successfully pass, it could have a profound influence in food manufacturers and biotech interests – putting a much needed damper in their efforts to monopolize our food with toxic crops that have been linked to gut disorders, compromised immunity, organ failure, cancer, and reproductive issues.

In the very least, consumers deserve to know what is in their food – and then by all means if you want to eat a GMO Arctic apple or some genetically modified corn that is full of Bt toxins – have at it – but we want the option to know and say “no thanks!”

This bill would also seriously cramp Monsanto’s style since they like to sell seed to farmers that can’t be replanted each season, and must be repurchased, along with the toxic chemicals they sell to go hand-in-hand with their aptly named Round Up Ready corn, soy, etc. Farmers would save a bundle and be able to plant in ways that are more sustainable for Texas and more nutritious for Texans.

With states like Vermont recently successfully passing mandatory GMO labeling bills, despite the threat of lawsuits from Monsanto and other biotech bullies, Texas could easily pass its own labeling law with support from grassroots initiatives. Be sure to pass the word that Texas wants GMO labeling (and eventually to be GMO-FREE)!

Please also be sure to contact Alvarado and tell her you support her introduction of the bill to label GMOs in Texas!