Workout Tips | Learn How to Train Properly

Workout Tips | Learn How to Train Properly
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By: Brad Taylor

Natural SocietyUpon entering any gym you may find that at least a fraction, if not the majority, of it’s inhabitants are unable to workout properly. The issue of exercising incorrectly, if done over a long period of time especially, could result in critical injury. But even while there is so much information available on the subject of exercising correctly, some people still don’t accept any change. Are you training the wrong way, too? Utilize these workout tips while learning what improper training is, and what proper training is.

Learning How to Workout

Some people simply don’t understand how important proper form is when executing an exercise. If you are only able to use five pounds with perfect form, don’t upgrade to 30lbs in hopes of not looking physically weak. Although sacrificing form for increased weight can be turned into a weight lifting technique, you must learn how to execute the technique properly in order to really benefit.

Of course there is not a “perfect form” that can be applied when performing every exercise. In reality, each exercise has a different starting position, follow through, and stopping position. While it is impossible to apply to every exercise, there are a few workout tips worth knowing in order to figure out if you’re working out the wrong way.

Workout Tips

  • Am I swinging back and forth excessively? You shouldn’t be.
  • Am I feeling the contraction (burn) in my targeted muscle group(s)? You should be.
  • Does any part of my body hurt that I’m not working? None should.
  • Is my back straight? Generally, it should be.

Don’t Hold Your Breath (Literally)

This may be the most important tip of all the workout tips to know as a beginner, as not knowing this information could lead to serious problems. In fact, breathing incorrectly could be deadly. In order for your brain to function properly, you need sufficient oxygen intake.. This requirement for oxygen is heightened when exercising, as your body is working extremely hard to expend energy. To breath properly and avoid this mistake, the important overall goal is to make sure you’re taking in air. While weight lifting, inhale while letting the weight down, and exhale as you lift it. For a cardiovascular workout, breath naturally and as fully as possible. Don’t make this deadly mistake.

How Long to Workout

There is a general misconception that if you train for hours at a time, you know how to train. Some people insist on exercising for hours when results could be achieved by working out for under one hour. Decades ago, serious bodybuilders and weight lifters would train for at least 3 hours a day – sometimes twice a day. Since then, there has been a breakthrough in exercise science and there is now compelling information that shows working out for less time could equal more gains. Research also shows that it only takes 15 minutes of exercise daily to increase your lifespan by 3 years.

Mind over Madness

Before you walk into the gym and load up 450 lbs on the bar, think about whether or not you can do it with proper form. Chances are that you can’t, so lower the weight and do it the correct way. While these workout tips will be of great help, don’t forget to learn proper nutrition strategies and optimize food intake for optimum health.