4 Ways to Increase Nitric Oxide Naturally for a Better Workout, Sex, & Heart Health

lifting dumbbells

lifting dumbbellsThere are all kinds of supplements out there that claim to build muscle faster, with nitric oxide supplements gaining a lot of attention in particular. Men’s fitness magazines are touting nitric oxide supplements as the way to lift heavier and even to prevent erectile dysfunction, and while clinical results are proving that nitric oxide is beneficial, most of these supplements aren’t the safest on the market. Thankfully, there are far safer and natural ways to boost nitric oxide for a better workout, sex, and heart health.

A gas naturally made by the body to aid in neurotransmission, blood vessel dilation, reduction of blood pressure, and yes, keeping the family jewels in working order, nitric oxide does provide numerous benefits.

Without sufficient nitric oxide, we can feel fatigued and worn down. It has the ability to expand blood vessels for better blood flow, which means more oxygen can reach the brain, heart, and other important organs. You can go the supplement route, or you can just boost nitric oxide production in the body naturally.

4 ways to Naturally Boost Nitric Oxide:

  • 1. Eat more Beets, and Beetroot – You can juice beets if you don’t care for raw or cooked beets, but use organic and throw in the roots, fruit, and even the leaves. Beets naturally boost the production of nitric oxide in the body and help to support energy levels, largely due to the large amount of nitrates found within the root vegetable. Beetroot juice also supports immunity and helps to protect against cancer – two of many health benefits of beetroot.
  • 2. Consume Hawthorn Extract – Hawthorn is often used to prevent heart disease because it prevents arterial walls form becoming coated with plaque, acts as a calcium-channel blocker and helps the endothelial cells that line our blood vessels to secrete nitric oxide.
  • 3. Exercise Every Day – When you work harder physically, the heart has to pump harder to supply oxygen to the body. The additional pressure against the arterial walls – from more blood passing through, causes more nitric oxide to be released.
  • 4. Eat more LArginine and L-Citrulline Amino Acids – Nuts and fruits are the best vegetarian sources of these amino acids, but they also exist in meat and dairy. However, the antioxidants in fruits and nuts also protect the nitric oxide that is created by eating these foods. Citrulline is recycled into L-arginine, which then produces more nitric oxide.

While sports companies would have you believe you have to take a fancy supplement to build more muscle, and your doctor will tell you to take pharmaceutical drugs to prevent heart disease, you can just boost your body’s own production of nitric oxide, and enjoy some better sex while you are at it.

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