Vermont’s Anti-GMO Legal Fund Doubled by NGO

gmo labeling Vermont

gmo labeling VermontThe non-governmental organization, and anti-GMO non-profit,, has doubled Vermont’s legal campaign against the biotech bullies trying to overturn the state’s recent GMO labeling win. The organization made a massive deposit recently to support Vermont’s Food Fight Fund that will legally uphold the democratic decision to force companies to label all genetically modified foods.

Though the coffers of companies like Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and Syngenta are enormous, and they are able to wage multiple legal campaigns in different countries simultaneously, they were recently defeated in a win by a small town called Nitro after residents were poisoned with Agent Orange chemicals. Now, with the help of citizens and anti-GM organizations like, the biotech bullies won’t be able to supercede people’s right to know what is in their food. made a $53,000 contribution. Others who want to see Vermont’s labeling laws stick can make contributions as well. Donations are accepted online here. If you really do want to see Monsanto and its evil companions in the GM wars that have taken over agriculture in this country come to a full stop, then its time to put your money where your mouth is.

Food Fight Fund Vermont states:

“By contributing to the Food Fight Fund, you’re taking a stand to support Vermont’s food labeling laws. You’re joining thousands of others who want to make informed choices about the foods we eat.

While more than 60 countries have laws restricting or requiring labels on foods produced with genetic engineering, Vermont is the first US state to implement this legislation. This makes Vermont a target for legal suit against clear labeling that will bring us down a long and costly road.”

It isn’t just Vermont you are helping when you donate, either. When Monsanto is defeated on any front, it weakens their corporate stranglehold on our food supply. If we all strike quickly and furiously, from as many sides as possible, the company and its agenda will fail.

The Food Fight Fund started from humble beginnings, too. It has grown from a meager $17,000 to fight Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association in court, to more than $100,000. Nearly 80 percent of the 964 people who have donated live outside of Vermont. Everyone understands the significance of a win like this. It sends a very loud message to the corporations who think they can continue to put profits ahead of human health and environmental sustainability.

The fact is, regardless of the various arguments surround GMOs, people have a right to know if food is genetically modified.