Have Trouble Breathing? Treat Asthma Naturally with Khella

girl breathing
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girl breathingAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 12 million people in America suffer from asthma. It results in $56 billion in annual medical costs and the number of sufferers is only growing. If you have asthma, bronchitis or whooping cough, there is great news though – you may not need to rely on pharmaceutical drugs in order to treat your symptoms. You may find relief with using one natural herb – khella.

Khella has been shown to be very effective in opening the lungs, aiding in breathing, and reducing phlegm and mucus that may be causing your cough. Kella also is used to help with inflammation, and cardiovascular issues since its active ingredients seem to relax and widen blood vessels. The herb, otherwise known as Ammi Visnaga or Bishop’s Weed Fruit, is made form a dried fruit.

This awesome fruit-derived herb is from the same family as carrots and parsley. It was even used centuries ago to treat varies medical issues in ancient Egypt, including kidney stones. The same anti-spasmodic properties of Khella that allow kidney and gall stones to pass by easing the smooth muscles of the gallbladder and urinary tract also soothe the small blood vessels of the lungs when an asthma attack is about to strike. The two chemical constituents of Khella that help to ease bronchial stress are khellin and visnagin.

Khella can be taken in tincture form, as a tea, or in herbal capsules found at health food stores. No matter what particular ailment you suffer from – asthma, cardiovascular disease, or overall inflammation, this herb may help to reduce stress on the blood vessels and ease the conditions listed above – though it is still being tested clinically.

Needless to say, khella is just one potential solution to asthma. If you want to know how to prevent asthma further, check out one of our previous posts, which offers some interesting information and numerous other solutions.