Asthma Drugs Kill More than Asthma, FDA Ignores Risk

Asthma Drugs Kill More than Asthma, FDA Ignores Risk
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Following a long line of reports finding pharmaceutical drugs to be deadlier than traffic accidents and many illegal drugs, it has now come out that many asthma drugs are actually killing more patients than asthma itself. It may be hard for you to believe, but many popular asthma drugs like Symbicort, Advair Diskus, Serevent Diskus, Dulera and Foradil actually warn customers on their labels that they cause an increased “risk of death from asthma problems.”

Killing around 4,000 per year conservatively, the asthma drugs are killing more people than the disease itself. It may sound outlandish, but so is the fact that the FDA has known this information for years. Of course the FDA has failed to pull the drugs from the market while doctors are calling for a complete ban of the pharmaceuticals.

Instead of listening to the warnings of many doctors and recalling or even just ending the production of these products, the FDA has simply forced the makers to include heightened warning labels on the drugs while holding several hearings over the possibility of a ban yet following through with nothing.

For an organization that is supposed to protect your health, the FDA seems to be allowing deadly pharmaceuticals to run rampant.

Beyond Asthma Drugs – The Insane History of Pharmaceutical Death Statistics

The history of pharmaceutical-induced fatalities is quite extensive, and truly tragic. Most shocking is the fact that legal drugs like painkillers have actually killed more individuals than illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin combined.

With 3 million deaths from pharmaceuticals and 0 from vitamins over the past 27 years, it is clear that the media campaign intended to demonize high quality organic-based multivitamins and supplements is absolutely ludicrous. Instead, the media should be focused on the needless deaths of many individuals taking deadly legal drugs who unknowingly trust the well-intended advice of their doctor.

Natural Solutions

Looking for how to prevent asthma? As with nearly all other health ailments, you can use natural solutions for treatment and prevention instead of turning to questionable asthma drugs. things like soda, air pollution, and air fresheners all have been pinpointed for causing asthma rates to grow among the population. Chemicals known as phthalates, which is commonly found in plastics worldwide, has also been linked to asthma and allergies.

If you’re wondering how to prevent asthma with dietary changes, here are some tips. One study published in the American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine showed that apples consumption twice a week can reduce asthma risk by about a 1/3. Another study showed that children with mothers who ate apples during pregnancy were less prone to asthma for their first five years after being born.

In addition to apples, you may want to try am herb called khella. Khella has been used to treat many conditions for many, many years. Commonly known to be a solution for kidney stones, this herb also treats asthma by soothing muscle spasms of the bronchial airways.

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