Revealed: Top 8 Most Unhealthy Dishes of 2012


burgerSometimes popular food seems healthy, but the truth is that food isn’t as healthy as it may seem appetizing. The main reason why America is the home of obesity is largely due to the love of food, especially too much unhealthful food. In this article, we focus on the top 8 unhealthful foods of 2012 in the United States.

1. We start off with Burger King’s Triple Whopper with Cheese.

It consists of roughly 1250 calories, however we as a society have failed to realize the impact of consuming this meal.  The burger has three layers of beef that are dressed with some greens to give a colorful, healthful impression on the consumer. But don’t be deceived; it will do more harm than good despite the lettuce.

2. Qdoba Mexican Grill’s Beef Taco Salad

This salad surprisingly has a whopping 1280 calories, which is almost the same as the burger above. These fast food salads then become as dangerous as anything coming out of the fast food outlet. The only green part of the salad is the lettuce while the rest is comprised of shredded cheese, beef, and so on. Not a salad!

3. Dairy Queen’s Six Piece Chicken Strip Basket

Well this self explanatory dish of chicken strips contains about 1410 calories. Chicken is supposed to be good for you, but this dish poves otherwise. First and foremost having six pieces of chicken in one sitting should spell danger no mater the situation. Then add on some fries and toast and you got yourself a health-bomb.

4. Hardee’s Monster Thickburger

Appropriately termed ‘monster burger’, this hamburger delight contains a whopping 1420 calories. It has two 1/3 pound beef patties that are flanked by strips of bacon together with three slices of cheese and some mayo as a signature. This is a straight up meal that does one thing only: add inches to the waist.

5. Five Guys Burgers and Fries’ Large French fries

These obviously appear like usual fries, but for one reason or another, these fries, along with the butter and the salt, end up granting your body 1464 calories.

6. Ruby Tuesday’s Boston blue Burger

This burger has no bacon or cheese, yet still manages to offer 1466 calories. Surprisingly, it is worse than the above Thick Burger.

7. Carl’s Jr.’s Double Six Dollar Burger

Another combination of beef, cheese ,and bacon, the Double Six Dollar burger manages to hold the label of ‘unhealthiest burger in America’ with a massive 1520 calories and 2760 mg of sodium. Oh, and some onion rings come with that.

8. Nathan’s Famous Fish and Chips

Fish and chips over the years have helped many get through lunch, but this combination contains 1557 calories – although it looks delicious. Despite various dressings this meal is way too deadly to be a part of any diet.

Of course the dangers of these dishes doesn’t only revolve around calories and sodium, many of them are made up of dangerous ingredients. Here are 4 fast food ingredients you’ll always want to avoid.

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