The Truth About ‘Being Positive’ Revealed

The Truth About ‘Being Positive’ Revealed
Personal Development and Motivation

Are you ‘positive’ enough? Millions of people are on a journey to become more positive in their lives, but there’s a deep truth behind the social media-driven push towards positivity that most people aren’t talking about.

Here’s the real truth about ‘being positive’ explained:

Responses to this video on social media:

Deborah D. – ‘Love this video. I understand completely what you’re saying. I consider myself to be a positive person but I also care about life issues. Of course, being positive doesn’t mean you don’t have or share emotions or concerns with others. Being positive comes from within not from external things outside yourself. Thank you. I will continue to follow you.’

Ruthie P. – ‘Awesome post… my ex is a ‘positivity pusher’ … it drives me insane. Great to have some recognition around real emotions and that just because you feel things does not mean you are a negative person. Thanks for posting this.’

Karen L. – ‘I’m a realist. Many people do not understand this concept. You do not know how many times others have tried to divert me off a topic to one that is more to their liking, more ”positive”. Some are straight forward and tell me to focus on how pretty the sunset is or some other thing. It’s not like I am a negative nanny, I observe and comment on reality, the good and not so good. I think that scares people. Your post is spot on.’