Halting the Obesity Epidemic: Discover the Truth About Weight Loss

Halting the Obesity Epidemic: Discover the Truth About Weight Loss
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By: Brad Taylor

Natural SocietyYou’ve seen a million commercials, heard a million plugs, and have read a billion magazines that all talk about their secret new weight loss cure. The funny thing is that there is no lack of scientific findings in the field of weight loss, rather there is the lack of utilization of this valuable scientific evidence presented to us. There’s nothing new about weight loss, and unless we change the way we are eating, the obesity epidemic will continue.

Stopping the Obesity Epidemic

Why is the U.S. combating this obesity epidemic? It goes much deeper than not having to chase our food if we want to eat.

You may be thinking that is has to do with the increased production of food, and the subsequently increased amount of accessibility. While this certainly has something to do with it, it is not the core component. One of the root causes for the obesity epidemic is additives in food. With the increase of genetically modified foods (GMO foods) on our shelves, paired with monosodium glutamate and other toxic additives in food, it’s no wonder Americans are getting huge! High fructose corn syrup, one of the most frequently used additives in food is often genetically modified. There has been much talk about high fructose corn syrup and it’s link to not only obesity, but a wide array of disease. When the entire body is stressed, multiple conditions will follow.

Monosodium Glutamate, Additives in Food, and Other Toxic Sweeteners

This junk in our food is causing Americans to grow by the second. With countless studies showing the horrible effects on the human body from increased consumption of monosodium glutamate, aspartame, trans fat, and genetically modified food, it’s amazing that anyone continues to consume them. In order to truly begin reclaiming your health and achieve weight loss, you must avoid these additives and know the truth regarding this lesser known cause of the obesity epidemic. Start buying 100 percent organic foods, and reading the labels to ensure that the food you are buying is truly high quality. Remember to also make sure it is a non-GMO product, and make sure to check for high fructose corn syrup. Buying high quality organic is the best option for preventing GMOs in addition to looking for the verified Non-GMO Project seal. Do your own research into the brand and the product’s ingredients.

Other Primary Things to Avoid:

Aspartame – Found to cause tumors in rats, while also being associated with an increased risk of lymphomas, leukemias, and other cancers, aspartame is frequently found in chewing gum and diet sodas.

Trans fat – A well-known toxic fat, trans-fat is prone to turning into a plastic-like substance in the body.

Reclaim your health and enhance your body with nutritionally-powerful foods, and obtain optimum wellness without paying a dime. Don’t participate in the obesity epidemic. Utilize this information and you can potentially change your life for the better. With better physical health comes better living.