The FTC Strikes on Corrupt Cancer Charities for Fraud

The FTC Strikes on Corrupt Cancer Charities for Fraud

Natural Society previously exposed how the Susan G. Komen foundation has ties to the pharmaceutical industry, and the American Cancer Society hardly helps to find a ‘cure’ for cancer. In addition to these realizations, people should know that cancer charities dupe donors in numerous ways, some of them bordering on fraud.

In recent news, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), along with the Attorneys General in 50 states, filed charges alleging that four different cancer charities had committed fraud. Two of these charities, the Breast Cancer Society and the Children’s Cancer Fund, are two that were accused, and have gone belly-up due to the exposure.

The lawsuit will also ‘outs’ founder James Reynolds Sr. and the Cancer Fund of America who were using approximately 96% of the donations they received on themselves, or to fund ‘private’ fundraisers. Maybe 3% went to helping find a cure or cancer, or to help cancer patients in any way.

It isn’t a surprise to many people that cancer charities are at the top of the criminal circles running the ‘sick-care’ industry in America.

Samuel Epstein, M.D. is among many writers who have exposed the cancer industry for what it really is – a total racket. His book titled National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society: Criminal Indifference to Cancer Prevention and Conflicts of Interest, details the undeniable ties between cancer charities and pharmaceutical companies, and outlines a very clear conflict-of interest.

For instance, those who manufacture cancer drugs subject women to mammography tests which are shown to cause cancer, and even companies who are also responsible for making the pesticides and herbicides which cause cancer are funding many of the cancer charities that unwitting citizens give their money to.

These charities are infiltrated by lobbyists who stall legislation, and keep real cancer solutions from the masses. Meanwhile, Natural Society has reported on hundreds of these natural solutions.

Epstein writes:

“The ACS has consistently rejected or ignored opportunities and requests from Congress, regulatory agencies, unions, environmental and consumer organizations to provide scientific evidence critical to efforts to legislate and occupational, environmental, and personal product carcinogens.”

100 Page Report: Outlines Why American Cancer Society is Total Scam

Organizations like the ACS also spin data to make it look as though conventional cancer treatments like expensive pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, and radiation are working. This, when in fact there are more cancer cases now than 100 years ago. Modest projections show that almost 50% of the population will be diagnosed with some kind of cancer in their lifetimes now.

That’s a lot of gravy train for Big Pharma and their collaborative charities. It also means that alternative or non-conventional cancer care is in the cross-hairs of these dying organizations more than ever.

People are realizing that toxic drugs which poison the body and provide less than ideal long-term survival rates aren’t worth their money – not through inflated insurance premiums, not through payments to doctors and hospitals, and definitely not through donations given to supposed non-profit organizations who are buying fancy parties and big houses for the people who own them.