Cancer Research Fraud Destroys Mainstream Medical Cancer Industry

Cancer Research Fraud Destroys Mainstream Medical Cancer Industry

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It’s fairly evident that corruption pervades many facets of our society in this day and age, with profits driving major pharmaceutical companies and various political objectives. But just how far does this type of fraud reach? It seems that it extends as far as cancer research, with monetary incentives and smudged scientific results shaking the very foundation of cancer research. Recently, the Mayo Clinic determined that ten years worth of cancer research has been made useless due to such fraud.

The nature of the medical establishment today is unsettling, to say the least. Doctors of all kinds have been trained to prescribe double-edged medical “solutions” to their patients, draining the finances of patients through side-effect ridden pharmaceuticals and invasive surgeries. Mainstream medical science is increasingly being found to be fraudulent, but many still see doctors and medical officials as ‘experts’ that can do no wrong.

The Entire Multi-Billion Dollar Cancer Industry is Based on Fraudulent Cancer Research

Particularly in regards to cancer research, many wealthy and poor individuals alike offer generous donations to cancer research organizations, utterly confident that their actions are the most noble. These individuals think that they are funding the ‘cure’ for cancer, though they are simply funding a multi-billion dollar ‘cancer industry machine’ that will never truly end the disease — it is far too profitable.  Even as they produce results in ‘scientific studies,’ it is extremely important to analyze these studies and what they are accomplishing.

Using the guise of ‘established’ medical science, these widely accepted studies are disseminated through medical journals and accepted as the ultimate authority by many. In the case of professor Sheng Wang of Boston University School of Medicine Cancer Research Center, his cancer research was found to be misconducted, fraudulent, and contain altered results. What is unsettling is the fact that his research had been previously accepted and used as a cornerstone from which to base all subsequent cancer research.

With false foundations, you cannot create a proverbial structure with structure integrity. Even the practice of peer reviewed study is in question, as many drug companies have been found to fabricate their own research and experimental studies in order to produce the desired results needed to sell their products. One such example involves Dr. Scott Reuben, a well-respected anesthesiologist who was the former chief of acute pain of the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield Massachusetts. It later came out that Dr. Reuben fabricated the data for 21 studies, all of which were doctored to deceive consumers into thinking drugs like Vioxx and Celebrex were safe.

Not all studies are fraudulent, but when the motivation for these doctors and professors is fiscal, it turns the current medical paradigm into a war zone. As a consumer, it is important for you to do your own research on the harsh side effects of traditional cancer treatment methods such as chemotherapy. As millions are pumped into the phony cancer industry that thrives on fraudulent research, it is important to remember that free alternative health options do exist. Utilizing natural sweeteners, vitamin D therapy, and eliminating artificial sweeteners are extremely simple ways to effectively prevent cancer and potentially begin reversing it.