Special Message: We Are Reclaiming the Food Supply

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rice fieldAnthony Gucciardi here with a special message from the entire NaturalSociety team as to the power of YOU and how we are paving a true way to food freedom thanks to your activism.

Amid all of the true deception and corruption we face on a daily basis from major corporations like Monsanto and others, to the blatant disregard for public health on behalf of the government organizations tasked to keep our food supply and medical industry safe — there’s no question that we face an astounding number of threatening issues on a daily basis.

Thankfully, however, I am proud to say that it is because of powerful individuals like YOU that we are truly on the right path to reclaiming our food supply and taking back our power as individuals once again.

We have seen it throughout history — a dedicated populace manages to take charge and demand change on a global scale.

We have seen it with the innocent farmers who stand up to Monsanto and win in a court of law. We have seen it with men and women who take their health into their own hands and conquer the brutal disease of cancer. And we have especially seen it over the past few years with activists like you.

Never before could I have dreamed of how many millions we have now reached, touched, and in many cases saved. Never before could I have imagined the emails of fans who are in tears when recapping their escape from the pharmaceutical industry that kept them in perpetual disease.

And now, we are reaching more than ever — all thanks to your support.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the roots of which are based in giving thanks amid any given circumstance, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support over the years. I intend to put forward much more creative power and intellect behind NaturalSociety in the coming months to launch the platform to an entirely new level, and I am excited to help reach millions of future readers who have not yet learned about the content we all have grown to consider common knowledge.

On behalf of the entire NaturalSociety team, from co-founder Mike Barrett to our amazing writers like Elizabeth Renter, Christina Sarich, and Paul Fassa, this is Anthony Gucciardi wishing you all the best to your health and to the future of this planet.

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