NaturalSociety and Message of Natural Health Grows to 200,000 Followers

NaturalSociety and Message of Natural Health Grows to 200,000 Followers
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The world we live in today is much different than the world we once knew even just a few years ago – whether it’s through intellectual changes seen throughout society as a result of an enhanced ability to access life-saving information pertaining to the fundamental challenges of our food supply, or just through grassroots movements that explore topics such as our eroding civil liberties.

We’ve seen a massive uprising against corporations like Monsanto, while at the same time, major attention on solution-based items like the use of organic whole foods in our daily lives.

And it’s all because of a shared drive for answers and solutions.

Fueled by the desire to share with you the latest natural health advancements, key methods of change, and generally inspiring news, NaturalSociety has recently reached over 200,000 followers on our Facebook page — a monument that represents a thirst for natural solutions that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years. And it’s all thanks to you spreading the word and continuing the search for health.

Just three years ago, around the time that we really began communicating with you on ways in which you can reclaim your health naturally, it was quite rare for major grocery chains to advertise ‘non-GMO’ products on their shelves (let alone even acknowledge the existence of GMOs). Even with Whole Foods being pushed towards a GMO-free environment, the temperature of the entire movement was still quite low.

Together, We Stand Millions Strong for Humanity

Enter the massive social media campaigns launched between 2011 and late 2012 against GMO foods and the attempts by Monsanto to dominate the food supply. It was during this time that it really became apparent to the general public that Monsanto was not just genetically altering select crops with zero disregard for health, but was also launching a full-scale assault on the entire agricultural industry.

Natural SocietyWith the massive success of NaturalSociety’s campaign to spread the word on a global scale, we were able to beat out even mainstream media news organizations for one of the most socially shared articles of 2011. The best part? This highly shared article, which at one point was well over 180,000 shares (almost surpassing our total followers now), was about the international resistance to Monsanto! The article, entitled, ‘Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields’, details how Hungary actually went about burning more than 1,000 acres of Monsanto’s GM maize in defiance against their takeover.

What’s more, we are extremely pleased to see other articles sourcing this key article and receiving similarly high share numbers — some in the hundreds of thousands as well (you can see these for yourself by viewing the Google results page for the title’s keywords).

And this is just a small fragment of what has been accomplished over these past few years thanks to you and your support.

We have gone up against not only Monsanto in the past with your support, but major pharmaceutical juggernauts and top politicians as well. It is a powerful testament to note that the message of natural health set forth by NaturalSociety has now reached a powerful milestone of 200,000 followers and is currently on pace to reach an additional hundred thousand in the not-so-distant future. It is essential that we continue to support key organizations that are in support of the effort to naturally revolutionize the health of individuals worldwide.

And most importantly, we thank you for your support in this effort!