Surprising Natural Herb Tackles Virulent Cancer Tumors

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bindweedBindweed extract has been shown to be helpful for numerous cancers, including prostate cancer, lung cancer, liver cancers, and more. It is so helpful, in fact, that it completely destroyed ‘virulent’ cancer tumors in laboratory mice.

Also called Convolvulaceaebindweed extract is from the morning glory family which includes over 1600 species of plants. Interestingly, it is often seen as a nuisance, or a weed in many gardens, but it is actually a very effective cancer cure!

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reports that

“Recent in vitro and animal studies show that the water extracts from the plant’s aerial parts, rich in proteoglycans, have anti-angiogenic and immune-stimulating effects. Other studies found that these constituents also increased vasodilation and circulatory function, and lowered blood pressure in animals.”

As quoted directly from the study:

“Water extract from the aerial parts of C. arvensis [Bindweed] is thought to be rich in proteoglycans. It has immunostimulatory effects in animals by increasing total leukocyte and lymphocyte counts as well as increasing serum lysosome activity. The lipophilic glycoside constituents have cytotoxic effects in human tumor cell lines. High molecular weight extract from C. arvensis inhibits tumor growth in a dose-dependent manner probably due to its ability to inhibit growth of blood vessels.

Animal studies show that the tropane alkaloids from C. arvensis have anti-muscarinic activity that slows gastrointestinal motility. This may increase the absorption of toxins leading to intestinal fibrosis gastritis and/or hepatitis.”

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Convolvulus arvensis has also been used medicinally for centuries as a natural laxative and for hypertension. In Chinese Medicine it has been used as a salve for itching, pain and even toothache.

Further, bindweed is great for cleansing the body’s internal systems and even restores chemically-trashed agricultural land by returning the soil to its original fertility. Bindweed is also full of other beneficial plant compounds, including tropine, pseudotropine, aspartic acid, cysteine, alanine and Arginine.

More studies are being conducted on this cancer-preventing plant, but it looks promising as a tumor-busting phytochemical without side effects.